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    • Hats off to Kim for cheering up the beautiful Amina last night.    Ami needs to know she is loved, and she'll ensure we voyeurs get good watching in return.

      Amanda did her best to chivvy up Dalia, but there is not much you can do with a block of wood.     Slowly slowly I guess - I think she wants to join in the fun but someone needs to jump her.

      A bit of fun with all four naked girls in the bath, pretending that Kim and Dalia were pussy-licking Ami and Amanda - and then Ami called for Alice to come in to the bathroom.    She  wasn't fazed, but didn't jump in with them either.    Shame.

      Kim stayed, and there was fun with Ami's new horseshoe shaped dildo, initially under the covers and then Kim threw them off.    Our thanks to Kenny for loaning us his plaything for the night.            

      This girl must be ensuring she gets a repeat visit.    Yes, please.    (But without hubby).

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    • See the source image