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    • A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until it he's topping 100mph. He eventually realizes he can't escape and finally pulls over.

      The cop approaches the car and says, "It's been a long day and my shift is almost over, if you can give me a good excuse for your behaviour, I'll let you go." The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, "My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to give her back!"


      Monica, naked, waits in her room;

      Hopes for a knock on her door.

      Cool, in see-through negligee,

      Sofie ponders her game.

      Only Jas, the ice-maiden, isn't afraid.

      Rose has arrived - tonight she'll get laid.

    • Perfect example of how easy it is to make yourself more popular. :D