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    • On 6/21/2019 at 8:01 AM, RUBBERMAN said:

      I am hoping that they "DO" start getting more viewers now that RLC has lost most of there more interesting apartments for those who joined as a voyeur, and yes they are real life day to day people with out scripts.  As far as anything sexual, Martina and Alberto well like others tenants may start to have more sex in the apartment for viewers....I do think that this visiting friend may have been just a close relative....surly like the others 7 apartments, they may have gotten the word to step up things to keep whats left of its viewers too.  Some members in the pass have commented at times that they was boring, but now these viewers have no choice seeing that its only 8 apartments now.8)

      I guess Ive been wondering why shes been hanging around so much lately.M&A havent had much company in the past that Ive noticed.Why they share the same bed.They spend a fair amount of time together off camera as well.I guess Im wondering what that is all about too.

    • 13 hours ago, Johnny said:

      Just shows how good the "show" Apartments really are. Both the forum and chat are like a morgue. Guess the ones that have gone were more liked than most thought. 

      Not been talked about and speculations 24/7 doesn't mean they are not liked. I would bet with the tenants on show now if many members subscriptions were ending this month, a good amount wouldn't be renewing. 

    • So is Herman gone or just away for a bit. I don't watch this house, mainly because he gives me the creeps.

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