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    • Should have tied up the straw/whisk end of the broom to about 1 to 1-1/2 diameter and then shove it up his ass. Then untie the string so it opens up inside his ass and then pull it out slowly or fast to see how he likes it. Too cruel? Sure would be funny.


    • Actually nice to see couples being adventurous and doing different sexual things since this is a porn site. Watching a guy take it up the ass with a strapon dildo by the girl or with a real live cock sure beats fake lesbians. I guess this is a sign that my voyeur needs has increased from just watching women or normal sex. Watching a guy's facial expressions or pain or smiling as he gets fucked good and hard up the poop shoot is part of being a voyeur for educational purposes only - lol. Even watching guys doing 69 or more is okay to watch. Hey, 2 or more people (couples, males only or females only or bisexuals) having fun together is better than all the tv shows or movies or news or whatever else that promotes abuse, violence, murder, terrorism, discrimination or belittling others or even putting up with arrogant rich people. Nothing better than good fun sex whether you are watching it or doing it yourself. From the first site of a girl to the final eruption of an orgasm is the full movie for a committed voyeur. Small teases (clothed, half naked or totally naked) are great but seeing the beginning to the end is the dream and hopes of a voyeur. So if I see something that excites me (whatever it is) I will watch it. Voyeur-house.tv does have that while RLC is like watching paint dry. In terms of sex, I really like the phrase "friends with benefits" since it can be so much fun and a great way to pass the time.

    • Just had a daft idiot knock on my door and the

      first thing he asked was, "Do you live here?"

      So I told him, "No, I just like burgling people's houses in my boxer shorts."



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