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    • 16 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

      Gotta keep your tool in prime shape. If you don't use it - you lose it. 



      Screenshot (4024).png

      Screenshot (4026).png

      Another Peter Pumper.   :D

    • Looks as though Mary is looking and feeling much better then she did last night.  I am sure she and the others had a good day out side of the apartment today thanks to RLC and others...but why leave Chiara all alone?..B1 has been empty before for a few house!!  I do feel that by the end of the week things well pick up again for some.8)

    • Wonder if RLCF Admin fixed this issue.

      Perhaps someone is willing to give this a try even if using face covering or no head shots in order to keep some privacy (your user name maintains your privacy anyways, in most cases). The chat room and forum posts are slowing down significantly and maybe RLCF members can liven things up with actual "real life" performances or at least a bit of nudity as a real voyeur tease. Any 'voyeur cam' wannabees out there? It just takes one person to start this and more than likely others will follow. By doing a broadcast it might help bring out the pervert in you and all of us voyeurs - lol. All the old and new "real life" voyeur sites are stale and missing out on something - and that is you. So help us by being the first of many RLCF broadcasters. Okay, okay - I am just bored of the same crappy shit lately and looking for something different, better and stimulating or erotic or whatever.