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    • 15 hours ago, bigmac18 said:

      Makes me wonder though... If one were one of the girls, would you want to participate on the forum?

      Very interesting query, something I'm sure all of us have thought about from time to time.  

      Our chat box friends who are obsessed with B1, B2, B3, B4, etc etc, have mentioned before that the residents watch RLC and even read RLCF.  I have no concrete evidence of this, but I do not doubt nor question what seasoned members state.  I trust them at their word, after all, they see much more than I do.  Plus it would make no sense NOT to observe or peruse a supposed "project" that they are a part of.  (you all know my theory on what the 'project' really is).  

      However, to respond to the specific question, if it were ME being broadcast across the Matrix for all to see, then YES, I would want to not only view, but also participate in the forums - under a pseudo, of course.  Viewing me would be quite boring - you would get 20 hours of my cats sleeping - and the other 4 hours is me eating, pissing, and sleeping.  Not very exciting.  Nonetheless I bet I would have at least ONE voyeur watching LOL.  

      Doe is quite aware of RLC and RLCF.  Doe has no problems with RLC.  I'm pretty sure Doe watches RLC and participates in RLCF under a certain pseudo.  Chicago my ass.  

      How about the rest of you?  Comfortable with broadcasting your life to the world and having people comment?  

    • If you only allowed Hero/Paid members to use the chat would be even more dead than it is already. Doesn't bother me but would maybe give others a chance to voice their opinions without being disregarded. 

    • 28 minutes ago, charlietheangel said:

      Military???     I am

      Former.  USAF.  Prior to BRAC.  

      Thank you for your service to our country.