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  3. Not only have they added cameras, but they've dropped one of the two freebies, not that it was positioned to show much, anyway.
  4. The number #1 priority as always!!!!! "The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls....The Barcelona Girls!!!" To their fans in the Chat Room..."do you know any other thing to talk about so others can join in......"Hot Dam"...LOL
  5. Over exaggerated masturbating and performing to the cams must be the way to keep yourself on the show and be rewarded with new cameras. More unbelievable choices made by RLC.
  6. I agree. The thumbs are basically a maketing tool. Many I time have I seen the thumbs and got excited that something good has happened. I paid my £10 for replay (in the old days) and dicovered nothing happened. I don't care much for social media but, occasionally I get curious. Of the three people I know on Instagram, they always seem to be patying all over the world. Bali, Croatia etc. I know reallity will be very different but, hell, they've been surfing in Bali, something I dream about!
  7. Have added 5 to Masha's dull apartment as well.
  8. The thumbs are a load of nonsense and never have been accurate. Wouldn't believe what any of these girls say they make or what members think they do. Unless they post on social media what extravagant lifestyles they have, even that is questionable.
  9. I think most of us abandoned the fallacy of RLC being reality a long time ago. Going by the thumbs, most are here to see sex, nudity or any part of Leora's place, whether she's there or not? Her empty kitchen gets more views than many appartments! As dougiestyle4u said, it's not unique to RLC. Like any business, you follow the money. After the purge, it's understandable that RLC are struggling. I still think, given the circumstances, they're doing OK? I agree that the incentive based plan is flawed. It leads to the simulated shit, something that has paid for Sofie and others to travel the world despite having no conceivable job or source of income? She and others live a life many if us can only dream about. Who are the suckers?
  10. I agree with your thoughts, and things are not going to improve especially in the Chat Room as long as they keep giving a 24 hour min by min play of what these girls and what they are doing on the inside and out side of the apartments and their personal life...."it takes away the real voyeurism it self of the site."...why do we need to know what they are saying, where they where they might be going and what they might be thinking every min of the day? If RLC should ever get a house full of all english speaking tenants some in the Chat Room well be lost for sure. I do think that some old members drop by here and there, but never log in or sign up any more....."why would they want too....its easier to just read the min by min discussions......"Discussion can be great...if your allowed to use your on opinion and thoughts with out being question or corrected for your own thinking's and fantasizing all the time, even Rome got tired of the same dictator "Caesar."
  11. Rudi

    Films A - Z

    Rebel Without a Cause
  12. Now that Piper and Taylor has been giving the viewers some great lesbian action, I think that RLC should consider on giving them their own permanent apartment. Doing their stay if it haven't happened by now its not going to happen "I don't think there's going to be any real sexual action between them and Nelly or Bogdan...just a bunch of immature phony play time to keep the viewers on edge....surly Piper and Taylor can do much better in an apartment alone, or with others who are on their level.
  13. Nice photos, "but right now they are a waste of space and viewing time"....sure its nice to leave the apartment for a stroll in the park or an over night dip in a club...but what about the viewers that you and your partner signed up to entertain. Unless they start to put more energy into their stay I well continue to say that they are not VHTV material.
  14. Super collections. thanks for posting.
  15. Happy to know that they are VHTV
  16. Yup, totally agree with you. Adding money incentives to perform above and beyond has ruined it. RLC and other voyeur sites have become too commercialized and presented more as entertainment. Similar businesses that have gone that route are "old time wrestling" to "wrestling entertainment or WWE", sports leagues like NFL, NHL, NBA and others plus singers & musicians. All are paid millions by contracts and endorsements. Most musical artists of today don't even compare to the great ones of 30, 40 or more years ago. Instruments hide their shitty voices now. Many, many old members have disappeared (don't blame them) but I think way more have dropped out over the last six to nine months. Really sad. In my opinion, the amount of members logging in each day is declining at a fast pace and BOTH the chat room and forums are getting less and less attention. Few of us try to add posts daily but it is hard to maintain any interest since RLC is brutal and VHTV is too pornish. When I want porn I search for it elsewhere (not VHTV). I want the voyeur tease - dammit. Why continue to post stuff if only a few members log in daily. Actually not many posting anything anymore. RLCF has most of their eggs in one basket (RLC) so RLC is the main culprit or lifeline for RLCF. Obviously members got tired of waiting for RLC to improve so they don't bother logging in to RLCF.
  17. Personally money one of the main reasons these sites have gone they way they have. Getting extra incentives makes them over perform, put on shows and do what they can to make the grade. More your standard porn watchers rather than voyeurs subscribing. Forums are losing more and more members for that exact reason. Sure you and other long term members will have noticed the change in members and ones that were once regulars have noticed the change and no longer interested.
  18. That's what we are talking about. The original RLC was as real as could be. Very little phony shows or forced sex or attempts to entice viewers. Real tenants were offered up and that's it, that's all. You really felt like a voyeur or peeping Tom, Dick or Harriet. You even hesitated to watch because part of you thought it was not right or you were invading their privacy which got you vibrating with excitement and your heart was pumping in hopes that you might catch some skin or a subtle but good tease. It was "the bomb" (awesome site).
  19. Were clearly not a member when the site first started and before the money show apartments were brought into play. The voyeur aspect is not even worth discussing, but couples being "Real" and living routine lives was on view. Most of the BS now is just staged porn, your lucky if you even get that.
  20. Another Camera House Pornshow. Nothing you haven't seen before. Always a meal and drink, game of cards, maybe twister, then depending on how many break away to groups. Couples most of the time stick with their partners, while the singles have their own camera sex show. Read them like a book.
  21. There was NEVER anything 'real' about any of this; never. It has always been and will always be about the money. From all the places I have seen the only one which might be close to real is Nelly and Bogdan.
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