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  2. They can't operate for free. It cost lots of money to make those type of sites functional.
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  4. Come to think of it - I believe RLC owners and the cast of characters/misfits/tenants belong in this "Funny Fails" topic - LMFAO.
  5. I sit here alternating between smh and wtf. Surely Malia was told, and probably signed agreements and releases, that the apartment had cameras streaming live to the Internet 24/7. Even if it weren't explicitly spelled out to her, there had to be some indication(s) that sex of some kind was, if not expected, encouraged. I've often thought Leora would probably enjoy a female sex partner, possibly more than a male, if her response to Paul was any indication. So WTF, RLC? Trying to turn Leora's place into another lingerie tease bimbo place for all the old farts who are emotionally stuck at 12 or 13? smh
  6. Amazing how many people are so fucked up in the head. No thinking needed, just do whatever and wait for the "fail" to happen. No need to worry about getting brain damage because it is obvious that they are born with it.
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  8. Let me explain something. Word VOAYEUR (VOAYEURISM) means that you are looking something , sex or naked peopple and thats means it is (FREE) no pay , no money no tokens. This site voyeurhouse.com. is not realy voyeur because you must pay to watch voyeur people. That is nonsence bulushit. How do I know that, simply. Word voyayeur means that you are (PEEPING TOM) and everyting it'free. Owner of voayeurhouse.com just wants to grab money anyhow thats all he wants, he dont care about people in this we can call reality. I saw some og the contract and i can say it is shameless how much je paid thst people it is misery. It is a shame to voyeurhouse.com we call that site voyeur site. I am psychologist and thets how i know about all that stuff.
  9. Well its not hard to see that he did break his leg, why in he hell would he try that anyway??
  10. More chins than a Chinese phone book lol.
  11. With that belly, was never going end well lol.
  12. Well that was worth the time and effort lol.
  13. Even though Leora has a room mate now, she still manage to give us a nice sexy masturbation show in the bathroom behind closed doors, which makes things more exciting now because she now has to sneak one in ....until Malia decides to open up for the viewers...or just get use to the cams.
  14. "So Miss, can you explain this to us please?" "Just something that happened on the hoof".
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  16. I hope she realizes it's not Genetically possible. 🤣
  17. I wonder if his friends had the balls to tell him he hit the wrong guy. 😄
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