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  2. Leora Fan Page

    She can pretty much do away with Paul now. No more worrying about stepping, sitting, or laying in boogers.
  3. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    God would be bored and confused like the rest of us lol
  4. Today
  5. Open letter to the lady members

    I would guess they are bored of the speculating and obsessive weirdos and not interested either.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    I had a chance to look in on Nina and Kira....and Kira is looking VERY sexy tonight.
  8. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    I guess the cams are slow....Amina is at B1 controlling everyone and the party... if you watch closely she sneaks out of sight here and there...I guess getting orders by cell phone. Her stud Nil has gone to bed.
  9. Artists/Bands A - Z

    Frankie Beverly And Maze
  10. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    To answer myself - guess it's just another girl-party at GP
  11. Artists/Bands A - Z

    Ella Fitzgerald
  12. Famous Name Game.

    Frank Sinatra
  13. Fan Page Angie

    Lets hope not as no man is worth crying over.
  14. Fan Page Angie

    All I can say is grab you a drink and roll up one..."here we go AGAIN" so hold on for yet another ride..LOL
  15. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    being called moron by hypocrits is self-revealing and rather a praise...
  16. Fan Page Angie

    I see the big dude is back watching tv with all the girls. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I remember, he is one of Angie's friends? And I've seen how she secretly been staring at him when he's there. His last few visits tho, it seems he's been connecting more and more with Glasha and she acts like she doesn't mind at all. And looking at them now, he is relaxing in her lap while watching a movie. Could this be the reason for Angie's crying yesterday and why she came home before the other girls? She "lost" him to Glasha? Just a theory in my head, I can't prove anything
  17. 8 girls in the kitchen atm! lol And it's good to see Tiana there as well, sitting by the table with the others
  18. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    There is a saying "That if you stop feeding the cats, then one day they well go away"......
  19. I want to say that Belle is gearing up for at party for B1, but I think not.... seems that Amina has taken charge of everything and the girls too. I would think that "Belle" who has been there the longest...would have some kind of seniority. I guess Amina does have special privileges and a V.I.P card set up with either Nora or RLC.....she has taken over B1 and B3...LOL
  20. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    I see Amina is back at GP making dinner, and it looks like she just came out of the shower. Nil is home alone. Did they have a fight or something I missed? And there's a blonde girl at GP I haven't seen before, is she from B2?
  21. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    Both are still young and immature and RLC shouldn't have brought them back. Domestic Abuse BS! Another moron.
  22. Maya Fan Page

    Hello. Nice to see Maya happy again and yes should be offered new Apartment.
  23. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    First post so Hello. I do agree that its getting very boring and they are making fools of themselves and viewers but do think it will happen just god only knows. JMO
  24. Fan Page Naomi

    Did anyone see the session between Sophie and Naomi yesterday afternoon? Albeit not overly passionate there was a good deal of kissing and pussy rubbing and they both seemed to enjoy it. I believe (hope) that Naomi is slowly warming to Sophie's advances.
  25. The Seduction Of Nica

    Hi Shaka, I think the love between Amina and Nil is too strong to allow for a 3some. And Nica will refuse anyway. And while Nil is there Amina will not be horny enough to cajole Nica into something that is tempting to her but she wants to resist. Hopefully we will continue to get show play between Nica and Amina, but only when Nil leaves might we get anything real. Meanwhile Amina is cleverly boosting viewings by making all things seem possible. Whether this is enough to justify leaving Nica's room empty at GP I am doubtful.
  26. Fan Page Monica

    I didn't pay much attention to Monica in her first weeks (in my defense, the Twins were still on RLC then), but once I discovered her, it turned out she's an absolute delight. Beautiful girl, horny little devil, seems very friendly, and last night I learned she has a great sense of humor. I don't know what the setup was exactly, but it seemed like Naomi got in contact with some guy on a dating site and he wanted to skip the dating part and move straight to the "come over and have sex" bit. Since Naomi's English is poor at best, she handed her phone to Monica who did a very good job at taking the piss out of him. Well done Monica, I really enjoyed that.
  27. Poor Tiana. Still keeping to her room alone. Its over a week now. I want to give her a hug and say the others aren't so scary - its mostly just pretence. They want to talk to you. Lets hope we see Rose and/or Jas make some approaches to her before the weekend to dig her out of her room..
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