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  2. Yes, we call it Girls Palace but there have been several men living there off and on for the past few months so we should probably change the name! But welcome. Looking forward to your stay Elly.
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  4. Looks like sexy Adri has another visiting guest!!! "and may I add she is very sexy" WOW!! I wonder how long she is going to be around?
  5. Seems Candy is living up to her name "very sweet and sexy looking"...I was hoping she would soon open her wings and start having fun once her boyfriend left.
  6. Welcome to the House many here call GP, Elly! I hope you have a great time in Barcelona.
  7. Robwin

    Clara & Stas

    Don't understand why Stella comes there every so often unless she gets a special payment for performing in front of the cams. It's not as though she is meeting someone for an afternoon of passion. However I do enjoy seeing her and she has a lovely body and pussy.
  8. bigmac18

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    So... When will RLC realise that N&K are out of town...?
  9. One Eyed Willie

    need a laugh when rlc is dead

    Send her my way when finished lol
  10. Camgem

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Masha and Dasha is playing that game again..Is the winnner going to have sex with Sasha? Or is it just in My fantasy ....
  11. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    Part 2 of 2. I think the next few pics will explain why I have a thing for Stella.A goddess. After a short break,she went back at it again & again.If she was 'acting' then she deserves a BAFTA & an Oscar.( & I don't mean Cleo's friend. ) It sure looked & sounded genuine to me.
  12. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    Sexy Stella's Sunday afternoon stimulation session. Part 1 of 2. I've broken this down to two parts, to be honest it could have been a four part epic. There will be those who will argue that this was staged,pre-planned,fake,a deliberate cam show, but I don't care! It's not as though C & S will be short of viewers. Over an hour and a half of session that had me transfixed,but that isn't news as I've always had a bit of a thing for Stella. Some of us had hoped that Stella & her bloke Tony would take their friendship with Clara & Stas to the next level,but for whatever reason that hasn't happened,yet. It has come so damn close a few times,but has never got over the line, so to speak. I bet we can all speculate as to why not. But anyway back to the action. Stella turned up to 'look after' the apartment whilst C & S went out. As soon as they left the building Stella got naked & went to work with her pink toy. And just when you thought she had finished,she go again....& again.
  13. Plank

    Cleo & Axel

    The maids/birds had to have a shower at some point and your humble VHtv correspondent just happened to be there. Brunette first. Here's blondie!
  14. Plank

    Kristin & Steve

    Whoever this friend is of Kristin & Steve's ,can she come back and visit again soon please?
  15. Bandit

    Guys staying over

    I'm sure like others couldn't care less and have bigger problems they (RLC) as there site is going down hill and need to choose the tenants better as most are completely useless.
  16. Please remember to only post positive comments  welcome elly to the apartment.
  17. Now that Mila doesn't have Serena in her shadows I think she well be able to open up a bit more, I just watched her give a very sexy and open and up-close masturbation set...I must say with the music in the background "it was nice to view"..LOL I am hoping she won't stop giving the viewers her sexy pleasures anytime soon.
  18. Just because some of you don't like it doesn't mean others do, why should they stop it just because some people don't like it and bombard them with emails about it. For all we know for every one person that doesn't, there could be 10 that do. No rule saying they can't have guys/boyfriends stay over.
  19. Bandit

    Fan Page Emily

    Emily is hot but once again another poor choice made by RLC. You are suppose to learn from your mistakes not keep making them.
  20. Bandit

    One - Liner.

    There's no "I" in "team" but there are 5 in "individual brilliance". She's single if her man can't beat you up. My girlfriend tried to make me have sex on the hood of her Honda Civic. I refused. If I'm going to have sex, it's on my own Accord. The biggest difference between men and women is what comes to mind when the word 'Facial' is used.
  21. Bandit

    The One Word Song Game.

    Demons - Fatboy Slim
  22. Bandit

    The One Word Song Game.

    Fire - Ferry Corsten
  23. Bandit

    The One Word Song Game.

    Scum - Depeche Mode
  24. Bandit

    The One Word Song Game.

    Truth - Chiddy Bang
  25. Bandit

    Artists/Bands A - Z

    Chiddy Bang
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