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    The Girl fell over because she can't believe one of the Barca Girls finally licked each other out.
  3. Rob1

    Leora's Fist Visitor

    Yeah i would say The Dog but i can't see it turning up by it's self lol
  4. I saw that and laughed as well. The really funny thing is that the dog is female.
  5. Leora finally positioned herself on the sofa so that we could see the screen of her phone as she was having face time with a guy who appeared to be naked.. It was clearly not Paul.
  6. The dog turning up all by itself. Now that would be impressive. The cushions/pillows won't know what hit them lol.
  7. It is now 6am Wednesday morning and it appears that Leora is searching her apartment looking for the origin of a strange sound. Whoever put their own camera and/or bugging device in her new place, you've been busted lol
  8. Today
  9. Poor Leora all-Alone is used to the solitary life of Siberia but I'm hoping she will soon be having a visitor or two.
  10. First time I get to look at VHtv for days and this news greets me. I am a very happy bunny! 😍
  11. First day on the job and probably his last - unless he is in the union. Perhaps promoted to a managerial position since he appears sufficiently qualified.
  12. Barca girls at their finest. Could be one of the many reasons that the girls report back in with bruises to the chatters/grandparents who have guardianship of the girls while they are away from their parents.
  13. I know what I would use for dental floss - her string bikini or whatever you call it. Pussy and ass flavored dental floss - sure would be big sellers, in my opinion. My dental hygienist and dentist would be happy that I floss more often - lol.
  14. She should just do a world tour and rent out her body for a few hours or for the day. I would give her a couple of bucks (talking dollars, not young bucks - lol).
  15. Nicole, Barca girl from RLC is currently on VHTV as Nicole & Karl. Pamela & Joseph were with Camarads previously (I think using different names). Guitar man was on VHTV - he interacted on Chatbox and appeared as guest in Dasha & Demid's apartment. There has been some transfer of other tenants between voyeur sites. Probably needing a roof over their head or continuously searching for income from the only way they know how - voyeur sites and/or camming.
  16. With her eyes closed she is imagining that she is licking some guys cock (preferably mine).
  17. Seeing those lips wrapped around that banana or anything stokes the imagination as to where I want them lips strategically placed lol.
  18. So are we to wait for the Barca chatters and banter shit to stop first and then take this opportunity to participate in normal and funny discussions. Then in the early morning (my zone time) when those Barca chatters decide to step in to the chatbox we cordially jump back out to give them their chatbox back. I DON'T FUCKIN' THINK SO!!!!!!!! FUCK THAT!!!!!! They come first and we come second. Like management and employees/union - them and us mentality. RLCF has allowed the Barca chatters to own the Chatbox. As BTR use to say - "Simple".
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