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  2. Site news and updates will be published here from now on.
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  4. That only happens when Stella is around!!! LOL
  5. Couldn't agree more. If it was not for World Outside, need a laugh and a few other interesting and enjoyable topics wouldn't waste my time with RLCF. RLC is a lost cause and don't see it improving anytime soon.
  6. Would happily do the same if had any hair left.
  7. Save these two anymore embarrassment and throw them out.
  8. Over performs no matter what she's doing. Her and others seem to think they need to do it so they make it look more entertaining, but in reality just makes them look rather pitiful. You might say they have watched too much American porn.
  9. RLCF is more entertaining than RLC or any of the other sites on offer. Even if it is reading the hilarious chat and fan pages.
  10. The likes of RLC and VHTV are in a state of being lost and personally don't know what they are doing or how to improve. Both bringing back favourites to keep at least some happy and keep them subscribing. Personally both need revamp.
  11. Guaranteed will be a lot more showing up for their performance. The occasional Chaturbate shows. Nothing that hasn't been done over and over. No bad tits though. LOL
  12. 2 guys and 4 girls. According to my calculations - one too many guys. I guess if the Barca girls and most RLC female tenants are referred to as "models" then all the VHTV female tenants and cameo female guests should be referred to as "performing artists".
  13. Back again with another Big apartment full with orgies and cam shows no doubt.
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