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  2. I guess Ive been wondering why shes been hanging around so much lately.M&A havent had much company in the past that Ive noticed.Why they share the same bed.They spend a fair amount of time together off camera as well.I guess Im wondering what that is all about too.
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  4. Not been talked about and speculations 24/7 doesn't mean they are not liked. I would bet with the tenants on show now if many members subscriptions were ending this month, a good amount wouldn't be renewing.
  5. So is Herman gone or just away for a bit. I don't watch this house, mainly because he gives me the creeps.
  6. One of the girls from this apartment had the most amazing large natural looking breasts. It's not the girl in the last set of pics, I don't think. She was a stunner though.
  7. Not the first time she's fucked about.
  8. That ones is a different one. The people from Spygasm are Wilma&Elvis, Adam&Bella, Aleksa. Here on this one the girls are know for some porno movies done. Leksa (that was indeed also at spygasm - the only one with the same guy) was/is also a porno actress and guess her reference here was through that
  9. Depending on the situation, wouldn't surprise me. Leora especially must be pulling her hair out not being on show. LOL
  10. Ah I see, well maybe some of RLC's castoffs will come over as well. lol
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