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  1. Today
  2. Well its not hard to see that he did break his leg, why in he hell would he try that anyway??
  3. More chins than a Chinese phone book lol.
  4. With that belly, was never going end well lol.
  5. Well that was worth the time and effort lol.
  6. Even though Leora has a room mate now, she still manage to give us a nice sexy masturbation show in the bathroom behind closed doors, which makes things more exciting now because she now has to sneak one in ....until Malia decides to open up for the viewers...or just get use to the cams.
  7. "So Miss, can you explain this to us please?" "Just something that happened on the hoof".
  8. Yesterday
  9. I hope she realizes it's not Genetically possible. 🤣
  10. I wonder if his friends had the balls to tell him he hit the wrong guy. 😄
  11. Topic for Elza & Casper. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  12. Topic for Maddie & Jasper. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  13. Another one for the 2020 Archives.
  14. Another one of my favourites gone and I predicted it. 😭
  15. Yep. Total strangers introduced to each other overnight, then told to partake in bizarre, scripted sex bullshit. Probably told 'You did great, we'll keep your number handy'. Masha has most likely forgotten who she is already. But of course enough viewers will have jizzed themselves silly, so the bosses will be toasting another success.
  16. OMG. Look at the state of them. Embarrassment.
  17. Just another helper and earn themselves a little cash. Happens all over the sites. Extra help coming in to help the tenants get views. Nothing to do with voyeurism or being a exhibitionist. Put on sex performances to get views and earn cash.
  18. Aye, but just replaced it with newer version. LOL
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