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  2. A legend in her own lunchtime.
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  4. Maybe in her own mind. 🀣
  5. Stella should have her own apartment. She is stunningly gorgeous.
  6. I have always thought that if they put more effort into recruiting true extreme exhibitionists and here I'm using Leora as an example again, mostly because she fits the bill so well, the end product would work for both the voyeur and the ones who just like it for the porn aspect. To my mind it seems like they are recruiting too many people that are in it for the free ride and have no real interest in showing off. Another couple comes to mind, Nelly and Bogdan, I truly believe they enjoyed being watched as much a we enjoyed viewing them, and as a couple they excelled at showing off, both making love and just sitting around the house. Catering I'm sure to both types of viewer. VHTV has a lot of the free ride types, women that lay with their legs open to the camera with their hand hovering somewhere near but probably never touching anything, casually watching TV or some show on their phones. that makes them some money I guess, but doesn't cater very well to ether voyeur or pornaphile. If they were actually turned on and came to orgasm in a realistic fashion it could please everyone. So I'm thinking better selective recruitment would go a long way to improve all the sites.
  7. I've a feeling Masha sees herself as a Star.....
  8. Chipping in, i'm sure that any extra cash incentive was the catalyst for the emergence of 'shows'. Makes perfect sense of course, but it only leads (and indeed did lead) to people putting on regular shows - Too many for some. This led to the lack of any reality, thus resulting in many calls of fakery. I left because i wasn't prepared to hand over more money to watch pre-arranged shows. That is not voyeurism. However, i cannot blame them for doing it - Because, of course, you give someone an offer for bonuses in exchange for having fun, not surprisingly they accept! And if the site was returned to the old, what you say 'True' voyeur, then i guess that many would leave because of boredom. So it depends of who runs which site. I'm sure someone would be happy to run a site that is old style, but a lot won't. At the moment, i'm pretty sure that an old style site wouldn't shift many viewers from rlc to there, but it still could attract its own audience. But like any business, they don't want to wait and see, the modern (if you will) style of voyeur hits the ground running, guarantees more views right from the off. So guess which one they go for!
  9. dont think so,as she took mr smalls dick as well
  10. Stella is back! One of the sexiest and most beautiful woman ever to grace RLC. She is without Leo? Great to see you back Stella!
  11. Carmen was pretty drunk I think, I hope she didn't hurt herself jamming that bottle up her vag 😯
  12. These two and another girl were house sitting at Lisa and Grants a few weeks ago. I'm thinking they have a polyamorous relationship, I could be wrong but that would be an interesting turn of events. I would really like to know the story behind Monsoons tattooed face. Not judging just curious. Anyway the girls are very attractive, very nice to see them here.
  13. Thank you Rhodie for your response. I don't have a RLC subscription, at least not anymore. I have a VHTV subscription though. But that wasn't the point of the post. I'm just trying to get people talking about how it could be improved if they were calling the shots. Hoping that the management of the various sites might have someone reading this and perhaps take something from it, in short I'm looking for your input. Really not trying to start more arguing, just some constructive conversation. TLDR: Do you think giving the participants incentives for page views is ruining true voyeurism and should be changed? If so how?
  14. Topic for Monsoon & Marley. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartmentο»Ώ.
  15. It was posted 3 or 4 months back that Dasha & Sasha was going to leave. Whether they come back remains a Mystery. If it was me I'd say fuck RLC and move on to the next chapter of life. After all RLC has never made anyone a Star.
  16. Quite the big dick on this guy. There is no voyeur house logo on this camera.
  17. Yesterday
  18. That's quite an essay to address. Firstly, Leora was one of the first on RLC and she learnt the game pretty fast. Good on her. As new places came online she had to up her game and she did so. Many still think she's the queen of RLC? I have no idea about the finances of the couples places are, but the finances of the Barca places are well known. Standard fee plus bonuses based on viewership. I'm not sure how that will work after the purge but, there is an incentive to preform! There are a lot of angry people on RLCF. The reasons are multiple and varied. Much of the bitterness seems to come from those who don't subscribe and are upset that they can't get what most of us pay for? Cry me a river! As for the Barca ladies, this is a job. They basically have three months to get their bonuses make as much money as they can in order to get an invite back. You get some who go all out for the bonuses, then you get those like Karina and the other one, who do fuck all for two months then, have a brief flurry at the end hoping it will fool us all. With Sophie there, you're going to see a lot of "mock-turbation" and, if you haven't seen her before, you'll get lesson in cock-teasing.
  19. she got some long legs.in heels well over 6ft tall
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