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  3. RLC sure know how to waste time and money. Not be better introducing new couple/s instead of installing more cameras in an apartment that's tedious as hell. Add as many as you want, not going to change how monotonous the current tenant is. Also. Not about time you moved your "Fake" couple on and replaced them with an actual "Real" couple. Most realised they were BS in the first 20mins give or take.
  4. It is okay to be away from the apartment for an extended period of time but they should at least make up for it while home by doing teases, show some skin, nudity and some sex. That is what VHTV is mostly about. A few of the other VHTV apartments are tame but generally don't last. Nicole and Karl do a bit and keep to themselves but do agree that Nina and Kira are not too voyeur friendly and don't do their part to advertise/sell the VHTV voyeur site.
  5. Really surprised at how often people go through life doing stupid shit, making quick no-common-sense decisions, doing idiotic human stunts and human errors every day that can be fatal, hurtful or being close calls. Sure the odd accident does happen (even to me) but damn, these videos are so obvious that humans do their part for population control and maintaining jobs in the health care field (in particular, hospitals) and funeral homes. Pretty soon I will get a phobia - being scared of human interaction - because people can end up hurting you or killing you because of their stupidity or carelessness. While I am at it, extreme sports or fast sporting activities are basically a death wish or desire for broken/mangled body parts. My advice - MASTURBATE AND HAVE SEX - much safer and fun.
  6. Not only bad hair styles....but also having a big problem getting viewers too. They don't stay home long enough for the toast to pop up most of the time, and when home Kira is sleep, I have been waiting over a month for some action and more nudity from Kira. I think they might be in the wrong site or just playing with the clock. VHTV for them is a no no!!! and don't get me wrong I do like them both another reason why I joined VHTV.
  7. Both girls having bad hair days or styles - YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Always enjoyed Kira's boobies.
  8. Nice little shapely ass on this girl - mmmmmmm.
  9. Dam good that he fell to his knees!!!
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