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  2. Topic for Kisa & Zack. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment
  3. It Figures. I watched this girl for a couple of days to grab some images. Then the day I am not watching she decides to Masturbate instead of light rubbing and smelling her fingers.
  4. It's unfortunate that Ginger was placed in an apartment where the other ladies aren't into other ladies. This was apparent early on so I don't know why RLC didn't change things? Send Ginger to GP and, perhaps, Diane to B1? Ginger and Mila would have been fun. I see Mila is packing so, opportunity lost. Maybe next time? RLC, wake up!
  5. Leora is hot, but, she's mostly about "showtime". It's a bit new to me as "showtime" always used to start just when I had to leave for work. She seems to have changed her schedule so, now I catch a bit of it. I don't know if there is or, ever will be a balance? There are some members who like watching normal life, boring as it may be. Most are here to see sex. If they don't perform, it's a case of get them out of there? Personally, I like watching Gina and the twins. Sexually, they do little, but, I don't really care? They're fun.
  6. Yes. sex in a swimmingpool?
  7. CowArt, thanks for the update. You would actually think that this is something RLC would put in a Newsletter, if they produced Newsletters and longer. That way long term RLC subscribers would be able to go back and reference old vids they had made.
  8. Wow..You people just bitch about everything don't you?
  9. A few of the male RLC tenants deserve it up the poop shoot. Any volunteers - lol.
  10. This guy has 2 or more left feet. He should stick to playing with the balls between his useless legs.
  11. If that ever happened in RLC the Topic would go crazy if some guy reared another guy.
  12. Gotta love a team player - lol. Gotta see this happen in one of the RLC apartments so that it would light up the chat room chatter - haha. Maybe the RLC fake lesbians should use strapon dildos on each other. Oh wait, they can't because then they won't be fake lesbians anymore - lol.
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  14. Imagine having to walk down the Streets looking like that.
  15. Topic for Agatha & Steven. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment
  16. Must be getting desperate with the latest addition.
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