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  2. That's where a Stand Your Ground aw comes in handy. Once the Abuse gets out of hand a little Lead between the eyes fixes the issue.
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  4. Asia looks to be another Julia regarding sex. Has no interest whatsoever and just doing it for the sake of it. Whatever their game is, they have caused a stir in RLCF world.
  5. Have better and more interesting things to do.
  6. thats me I intuit the idea that they have known each other for only weeks and have joined forces to pass the time in the best way and that the entire apt is related to the stock market, upward actions As a lover of the absurd and romantic conspiracy, it is the only thing we have among with other things. There must be something else, no? can not be all so cynical and simple, there must be something more and this is the brightness that can not control those who control everything . this apt in a certain way is a practical example of this.
  7. No, many women are that way. They get in abusive relationships and get convinced problems are their fault . How many times have we seen a women beaten they scream at the cops for arresting the douche .It's a brainwashing game these asshole use to keep them around. Sadly,many do not end well or continue on.
  8. With three failed fake shows under their belt "Mike, Blair and Loraine", You would think that this Father, wife daughter sexual act would have stopped by now....but for some reason they keep doing the same bull shit week after week. Loraine who's room mates are most likely laughing at them from time to should as least tell all three of them that their so called incest show is boring, Loraine is not going to suck Mike's dick and surly not going to eat any of Blair's pussy, she hardly touches her own pussy. I guess Amalia and Chris are scheduled to go on in a few days with others, and that might turn up the heat a bit depending on what Pam has Chris do. Mike, Blair and lost in the woods Loraine give it up and stop wasting the viewers money.....in other words go home!!
  9. Should have some kind of deal, especially if you only watch a small majority of the apartments offered. Shouldn't have to pay for shit you are not watching.
  10. Looks like Nina and Kira has made it back home after a short vacation away from the cams...."I am glad to see that"....I still stay these two and a few other local apartment are worth my money now that RLC has basically gone full Porn with its VIP apartments. With these two and like a few others its real life....nothing make believe and not a dam thing scripted...."all true sex, and nothing brought off the streets to gain viewers."
  11. I do believe that Loraine has welcome out her stay!!! and I look forward to her leaving SOON!!! She and her two friends Blair and Mike does get the reward for being the most boring Trio to have entered the project. A long with there silly show and tell dress up shows...these three reminds me of three kids playing house every week...lol...the good thing about there game is "they have played the same game since day one....you would have to be really slow not to know how it ends," most want to know what was there real purpose of staying so long. Now I see that Ariela is starting to keep her head up Loraine and Blairs ass as well...."surely there plenty for Ariela to do around the GP besides rub down Blairs ass and wait for MIke to get a hard on. Suggestion for RLC..."is to try not to keep the bull shit around so long and get back to the basic's of a real voyeur site again."
  12. Amira is actually in her room but she is so hygienically tidy you may be forgiven for thinking she is not there at all. Much like the impression she created on her last tour.
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