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loosen things up

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First of all the girl who had the most active sex life "Nicole" has no sex life anymore since Estelle is with her. She now leaves to see Miguel or Fernando however you call him.

Irma starts doing things under cover.

Nora only does things with Kiko and besides that interrupts all temptations from Irma to get closer to any girl, besides that I think that Irma is even not be but it would be fun to watch.

KK appartement there is nothing happening anymore.

So besides Masha & Sasha numerous performance there is nothing to watch anymore

This really slows any desire to renew the subscription.g

In the KK appartement only Kristy is doing some undercover masturbation watching a pornmovie on the mobile, but thats about everything for our eyes.

I think it needs some rapide  restructuring, some calls to the girls to make sure they know why they are their. Otherwise you might loose a lot of subscribers. Don't forget 45€ or USD is quiet some money for a lot of people.


I don't mean that you should turn the appartements into a pornshow, There are other sites for this, just a little bit of more fun and satisfaction through watching would be great.


Best Regards



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Can I be so bold to ask how long you have been a RLC subscriber?

You make it sound like it was all action all the time and suddenly everything grinded to a halt. It's in the nature of a voyeur website, there are slow days, weeks even, and then all of a sudden there's so much going on it's impossible to keep track offthings.

I'm nowhere near a RLC veteran myself, I've been here for a bit over a year, and in that year we had longer streaks with less action. You're mainly referring to KKH and the Barca-apts. There was never much real action in those to begin with, just teasing and the anticipation of "what if...?" and "will they...?".

Just hang in there, and report back when we hit a real dry spell. ;)

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