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On 10.11.2017 at 12:51 AM, dougiestyle4u said:

Most of us logged in on the "night crew" but also anytime during the day since it was a fun place to connect with others. Some are still here but limited participation (chatbox or forum posts or acknowledge "like/react" button), some only log in to check out the happenings in RLCF (I'm talking to you Blaster and others - lol), some have disappeared, some have switched over to CC and some still do participate almost daily in the chatbox. One of our mods, toolmaker123, hasn't been on since July 27 (Texas was hit by a hurricane so we wonder if he was affected) and another mod, texl01, is on occasionally.

Just by reading comments about any topic relating to the chatbox you pretty well can guess who use to frequently "chat" regularly and if you put the cursor over their name their profile pops up showing when they joined. Too many great chatters to mention in fear of forgetting some (time does affect our memory but if we are able to reconnect again it would be like yesterday - I think - lol). The chatbox allowed members from different time zones to chat when RLC tenants were sleeping, doing nothing exciting or when our own personal work commitments or family duties limited RLC viewing but enabled fun participation within the "RLCF family of friends". 

Please join in then, I joined one year ago, so maybe no veteran, but I too think it was much livelier then!

I completely agree that it is too much B1&B2, it seems certan members only watch them. Also, a few only talks about Leora. I think if there were more people on board, we'd get more subjects too. I'd love to discuss other topics, I also very much enjoy the discussions that are not about RLC at all, on the chat.

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