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On ‎2015‎-‎12‎-‎19 at 1:55 PM, hamibrit said:

Some images of the new girl, and the now "old-timer".

(Image Content No Longer Available)


EDIT: I replaced the images with links to them... maybe that works.

EDIT2: that didn't work, let's see with links to the pages... what is going on?

It is working now. Thanks..

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I most certainly have hopes for Anna.  Long legs, tall, slender build, nice tits and over all, nice looking girl.  But not so nice that I would think she would be a model.  Another asset, she has been sitting on the couch with Irma having a good chat AND drinking wine.  Irma and Anna seem to be doing just fine and I for one would like to see them get a bit tipsy and get friendly.  Maybe even get Ilona interested.  Oops, that last thought is really stretching it.... ^-^

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Hotwal you the best.  Irma and Ilona bathed tonight in the near nude.  After watching Anna and Irma enjoying each others company this evening I am hoping that a shared shower with Anna and either of the other two is in the offing.  This Anna blew me away when I saw her and Irma in the kitchen, Anna looks to be a full head taller.  Loving this girl.  Noticed her crossing herself and a brief prayer (?) before lights out.  Guessing that isn't going to slow things down as she knows all about the cams.  Yeppers, me thinks RLC just might have installed a proper crew this time.  ALL three !!!      :rolleyes:

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