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Max 2017

RLC girls take notes

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I have been around the block a few times & seen many wonderous things, but tonight was great to witness.
A girls night in with Nina,Serena,Edda, a blonde-ish friend, and a dark sultry friend.Which saw an underwear fashion show by Serena, A game of Twister in underwear and lap dances given by Serena.
She gave a dance to the blonde-ish friend but she got embarrassed, so Edda took her place. Eventually the two friends took the hint and went home.
Nina,Edda & Serena had a nice shower with each other and then moved to the bedroom. The bed had various toy's,paddles,dildos,ball gag, y'know the usual. :rolleyes:
What followed was an hour & a quarter of pure lust with all three girls getting into it and into pleasuring each other.
At the end they all toasted each other on a great night. Nina sleeping on the LR couch, Serena & Edda sharing Nina & Alan's bed.
Do yourself a favour, get a subscription!

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Yep Plank must admit the subscription is almost worth it for this one apartment especially now Serena is there long may it continue, haing said that i am desperately waiting to see Serena actually get fucked lol as she is one gorgeous bird.

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