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1 hour ago, vortios said:

Although my opinion does not have much value, since I am not a habitual spectator of that floor, if I would contribute my bit, in case someone at RLC is lit the candle and something of what you write take it in consideration to improve that floor.

First of all, to say that not everything is negative, in very few visits to that house, since some topless I have been able to appreciate lately, although the girls, are still uncomfortable showing their bodies to other roommates.
That from my point of view, I find it ridiculous on an adult entertainment page. But it is still my opinion and I understand that other viewers, like to pay to see girls who do not undress, but that is a matter of taste.

Then we have the girls who do not seem to stop leaving the project, even though it's an internal issue of RLC, and that's not what I'm going to do, if I'd like to reflect ... They bring something positive to the house, the girls' already seems to have abandoned the project? For your comments, it seems that they do not contribute much,, so perhaps, RLC should make you look.

As for putting gay girls in the house ... and I'm starting to love shows between girls ... and that's definitely the reason why I'm in RLC, but I admit, it would have many disadvantages, if the other two girls, do not enter the game girl / girl, and so I get the impression, R2 did not have it to be competition of the houses of Barcelona, or even to what at first could have been K & K ( that really never was).
Perhaps, and it is all supposition, RLC wanted to have another floor as 3K, but has not yet found the right girls.
It is true that the easiest exit and would gain in visits and popularity, would be that in the house there were girls like Belle, Anita, etc ... who play games with girls in such a natural way, that many people confuse what it's just a show, with the intimate life of these girls, but as I say, it's just an opinion, and I do not want anyone to be upset by my words.

Finally, thank you for your reading, and say, I hope for the good of the visitors of R2, that RLC of a little change to that house. And if they do shows among the girls, they will count on my presence, for sure!

Being part of RLC I'm sure at least most expect to see them undress without them hiding all the time.... Much rather have lesbian girls than girls that probably have never touched never mind lick another females pussy, and clearly are doing it for views, extra money or whatever else they get. Give credit to some that actually are starting to realise most are just "shows" and If they were not getting extra incentive probably wouldn't do it.

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1 hour ago, One Eyed Willie said:

Al ser parte de RLC estoy seguro de que al menos la mayoría espera verlos desnudarse sin que se escondan todo el tiempo ... Más bien tienen chicas lesbianas que chicas que probablemente nunca se han tocado. No importa lamer el coño de otra mujer, y claramente lo están haciendo. para obtener vistas, dinero extra o lo que sea que obtengan. Dar crédito a algunos que en realidad están comenzando a darse cuenta de que la mayoría son solo "shows" y que si no estuvieran recibiendo un incentivo extra probablemente no lo harían.

I do not want to be negative, but I think that although late, people understand that this is what it is, but it does not take away a bit of interest and that the show they offer can be good or regular ... sometimes not it reaches even that level, but I will refrain from adjecting it.

I think that inside everything, there may be limits, such as that it should not be logical and normal, that a girl who enters a program like this, after weeks, still covers her breasts ... or that other girls, as is the In the case of R2, we see them, day by day, as dressed as they were in RLC. Personally I do not share that way of acting before the cameras of those girls.

As for girls games, I have nothing to object, but I know it's just my desire or pleasure when it comes to watching a show.

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