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There seems to be some confusion as to where Darcie & Stiffy's apartment has gone and why. Even VHtv themselves seem bemused?
Late last night I dropped in there to see Katrin hanging about. For some reason she doesn't want to go home to her own apartment.
The usual reason for that, is you know that someone is going to call that you don't want to see & you probably owe them money! 😂
Meanwhile there was a bedroom full of sleeping bodies,three drunk guys either in the lounge/kitchen. Or they were in the one cam guest room taking it in turns with some curvy woman.
All three of them were too drunk to get it up. Grubby,nasty & sordid sprung to mind.
Darcie & Stiffy were in the loggia chain smoking and talking,then hiding in the wardrobe.
A very pissed off looking Darcie seemed bemused as to why she was a stranger in her own apartment.


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Why do the wrong people keep leaving the project? I wish Darcie all the best for everything she does. Cracking girl.

Meanwhile Stiffy......

Tried it with this one.


And this one.


And failed due to Floppy Dick Syndrome.

Numb nuts can't perform as the reality of what he has just lost dawns on him ! 🔔🔚

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