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RLC's A-holes put snails in what is for me the most beautiful apartment RLC after B4
In France, we eat them, RLC,put them in one of their finest apartment
"Be Kind Rewind"
Also 4  real voyeur apt
1-Burn the bedroom curtain(4 a new start)
2-Put cam near the telescope window(weed allowed)
3-Balcony cam in the guestroom(with sound at minimum coverage 4 mood)
4-Cam in the restroom and permanent light(coverage or persuader ceiling cam,pee&poo only in there not 2 serve 4 hidding)
5-Sound in the hall(stop these shit with no-sound room)
6-Place mirrors, and optimize the furniture, and stop the towel racks that block the vision of the cameras (towels on the right of the cam 6)
7-Re-installed cams in the "chillout room", I'm sure you can do better
Will* showed you the way, and you took the wrong path
I love you RLC's A-holes 
P E A C E... 8)

*but of course Taya 2... 

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Looks like Yulia and Ivan has had visiting company most of the day.....all five two ladies and three guys have spent the rest of the evening in the guest room sucking on the water pipe....maybe the room has enough smoke in it to start up some touching or more....I would be surprised if it did happen.8)

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