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M ischievous Megan's maybe matured?

E xciting evocation of earlier era.

G irl graceful,

A rtful attractiveness,

N imble naughty nice NOW!


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Megan had all three girls eating our of her hand last night as she demonstrated the wonder wand, bringing Elly to a lovely orgasm.

 Artificial situation of course, but I loved it compared to the fake fooling going on in Mary's room.

Remarkably this may well be the same wand she used for the very first time the night Rebecca licked her pussy (it did seem then that was Megan's very first time being eaten out) and Belle finished her off, all the while fending off Leathery Lola's  unwanted interference.  

That night she could barely bear to touch Rebecca's luscious tits!   Last night she was using Elly's tits as a prop in her (I assume) pay per view phone filming.

What a motivator the profit motif is.    What a difference in attitude.   The schoolgirl became the teacher.

Dare we hope she can soon persuade the 3 girls eating out of her hand  to be eating her out?


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