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Melissa & Sergio

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M & S often entertain a couple who have got into some of the games,but the girl is very aware of the cams and always backs out when stuff starts to get heated.

This night they entertained a different couple. The game of Ivo's strip cards got going.Once all the clothes had gone,the dares stepped up a notch.

I think that M & S were testing to see if this couple would bail? They didn't.




Mel's turn. Wasn't long before guest couple joined in the fun.






Mel finishes first.


Don't think she liked that?



Guest couple aren't far behind them.


I think she has broke her 'personal best time' ?


I think this was gust girls first mouthful? Mel applauds.


Woot ! Go Me !


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S & M are back in their new place. They had a housewarming party with D & D and friends. It all ended up in a same room session in the bedroom.

Serg was getting distracted watching the other girls,Mel having to bring his attention back to the job he was doing on her .🤣




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I see that Alexandra, (Darcie & Stiffy's friend) seems to have moved in. This will already be proving very good for viewing figures.

There was a great evening's entertainment with new couple. And after the preliminary card games that went on for what seemed like days,the action got started in the bedroom with A assisting M & S as the guests went at it. A had a nibble on Mel and the guest girl.The guest guy got to have a go at A. There has clearly been a line drawn from Mel that Serg is not going to go there,although A pushed her luck at times. Everything will be fine unless that line gets crossed & when it does look out.

A meanwhile has gone through a few guys in as many days. And as I write this, the massage session in the bedroom seems to be going that way again with a different guy.

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Another shag-athon going on at Mel's.
I like this new girl friend who has been around for the past few days!
I think we all know why Alexandra likes this new guy.
Sheesh,with a dick that big he should join the fire dept! 🤣






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