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Now back from the party at B2, Frank and Jenn still seem to still be somewhat intoxicated from drinking,  but seems to be able to have a very late or early dinner with Leo and Stella...I am glad to see that..."at one point Jenn had started to get a little wild in front of Leo...I guess having the tape still on her breast she wasn't able to show much."  Stella who seems to give both Frank and Jenn advise but have to be care full..seeing that she herself wasn't always on her best behavior in the pass...and one may want to take a look at old comments."...although I think she is trying to slow her roll some what.  I just wish she wouldn't trust every so call friend with her man, Leo, Serafima and Maluma are RLC's under cover watch dogs and directors....constantly checking their cell phones for comments weather positive or negative doesn't help neither of them either, all that does is makes them paranoid with the cams.  Surly they well end the night on the balcony riding high!! LOL8)

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Jenn + Frank personal statistics
only the Serafima virus stats do better
I could have even counted Leia+Erin but mostly Oksi
but the result would have been the same 0
Let's salute Amira(paradoxically the first from B1 to get out), who has at least wanked Frank during few sec before that Jenn stops everything, importantly, we saw it on the screen
who would have thought that this particular scene with Amira, Karina, Jenn and Frank at the beginning,in the bedroom of Amira at B1,for those who seen it,would be the better moment of this couple,and that everything that would follow,would be worse than this sequence

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Jenn and Frank your classes are over,  you seem to have been the pond's for B1's people when all else failed.  If any one of you return...please come back with out the other.  I hope you finally find your true fantasy.  Thanks for the scripted shows and I hope you both have a safe trip back at home.8)

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