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I was wondering what apartment was going to be the first to show up at the Vacation apartment...and it was "B2" and started off the weekly games and entertainment and drinking contest's.   Like most couples Kylie and Rus did start off their first day of giving the viewers a lot of sex...."often more then we well get from B1 or B2."    I still do believe that if it wasn't for the Vacation Apartment B1 and B2 would be even more boring as is and both should be cut lose from the project.  Enjoy your self Russ...at least you well have B1 and B2 ladies to help keep your dick hard most of your stay. LOL   Lets not guess that B1 well have there turn with the new couple next....or Mila!! LOL   "Oh well...That's entertainment."8)

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Ginger's friend must stay on RLC... >:D

22.40pm Rus(big smile) wants to be very early in the evening, to do something with Gigi ...
But what...

00.32am Kylie sends a positive signal to Rus, at least that's what he seems to be (Kylie turns to Rus and smiles,its ok boy,damn look at the Rus SMILE)

1.28am The turning point, Rus will take Gigi and Kylie in his arms (Rus has a big smile, but look at Kylie's face, a great moment)

1.32am Kylie spies on Rus after Gigi is joined Rus in the living room (spying hall version)

1.32am This is the funniest part, we see Kylie's head move, but she does not enter in the living room, and spies while Rus touches Gigi's ass,Gigi will try to go to the bedroom with Rus and Kylie, but Kylie pushes Gigi away and then takes Rus to the bedroom and locks the door.(spying living room version)

https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/26_8?ts=1550106209&from=share                2.03am  The FUCK part...(ass,it seems... >:D )

2.49am THE FINAL
Rus kisses Gigi, touches her buttocks, then goes back to the bedroom to sleep with Kylie (Gigi touches Rus's butt a little)

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