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Unless Mike is out of work I can't see him staying for 90 days at the vacation apartment.  He and Blair does seem to be a bit more mature then Rus and Kylie.  While the 4 drunks from B2 well continue to come with a case of alcohol from time to time acting like bar sluts they aren't really doing a good job of keeping viewers.  I do believe if Blair and Mike want to have a decent party they should try and visit the more mature group at the GP apartment..."at least they wouldn't get as drunk and pass out like the 4 drunks at B2...then again may be they should just leave Gina and Jaya at the nearest bar in town." LOL  I do have to say that the B2 drunks are very comical "funny" once drunk....their whole demeanor changes from women to S%&@s. LOL    Good luck doing your stay Mike!!8)  "Like always Gina wins four more bottles of booze for the team." LOL:lol:

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