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It's going to be interesting to see how RLF manages to keep bringing Leora back. She is the Queen of RLC (I have no idea why.) Today I came onto RLC before work. The top two thumbs were of Leora in bed, the third was Holly and the fourth, Leora's kitchen cam. I can understand watching her in bed but watching an empty kitchen? The replay thumbs were dominated by her sitting on a table talking to someone online? Really? I admit, it's nice to see her talking to people, it's nice to see her doing so while flashing a bit of tit. It's like she's having a normal coversation with someone while, unbeknown to them, she's flashing us? I can see how that works for some. She is clearly an asset RLC can't afford to lose. Her visa will run out soon, how will RFLC get around that. RLC, if you're listening, BARCELONA! 

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