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  3. Scotsman84

    RLC Sexiest Female.

    Was just to remove what I done so could do another one but right. Aye realised could only do 20 after I had fucked up.
  4. If Kim wouldn't have opened the front door at that exact moment we all would have been none the wiser. Miami would have entered the apartment crying, we wouldn't have know why, and they would most likely still be in the apartment. Good thing that RLC took action right away, the apartment was UM the following day for several hours and Miami & Tony were already half done packing their belongings when the cameras came back online. Sadly, seeing that Miami initiated contact with Tony the following morning (and had sex with him twice) suggests that for Miami this was a normal Tuesday night, apart from the Tony getting thrown around the apartment by Kenny part. Tony seemed to be suffering more from getting his pride hurt than Miami from the beating. I hope Miami has friends or family back home that are aware of this now, and will help her get rid of that @%$#W%.
  5. Up to version 68, you had to give permission to run the Flash plugin once on a website and Chrome would remember that choice. As of version 69 (with the rounder design), by default Chrome will now ask for permission after every restart of the browser. The following will restore Chrome's behavior towards Flash to how it was before, i.e. you don't need to click to enable flash on RLC every time you've restarted your browser. Go to chrome://flags Find the "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" setting and set it to "Disabled" You will be prompted to restart the browser. After that Chrome will remember the Flash permission for RLC (and all other sites).
  6. iloner

    RLC Slow

    Tech department recommends a speed of 5 Mbts or better for comfortable viewing. Where I live I don't have that. I did make the point that even when my connection speeds are slow other sites and most of the cameras still behave acceptably. If it was my speed that causes the extra slowness would not the display on my system of all of the cameras be affected equally? It is the most popular cameras that become impossible to watch. This suggests to me that it is the feed from the most popular cameras at the most popular times that is slow. Tech response suggests one of: I don't understand either the problem or their suggestion properly at times the feed from the most popular cams is slowed by lack of bandwidth but they have not got a solution at the moment they don't give a rat's arse
  7. BlackDahlia47

    Male mastrubation.

    My first time ever catching this site, I saw Alberto playing with himself. Looked like he was filming it up-close with his phone as well. It was very strange. And disturbing. Highly disturbing. I was scarred mentally. He's a strange fellow....
  8. BlackDahlia47

    Quickie Sex.

    Seems lots of the "quickie sex" is all for male pleasure, nothing for female pleasure. What's the deal with Paul? he can receive fellatio, but can't even touch Leona. There was absolutely NOTHING in it for Leona at all. It makes me wonder if they get signaled whenever the camera is actively on them, and they just do a quick show to try to generate subscriptions. It just doesn't seem plausible to me that these acts are even remotely affectionate, and seem more like trivial jobs.
  9. BlackDahlia47


    I'm curious if there ARE rules. Such as...are they told what they should or shouldn't wear? Seems most of the ladies tend to wear minimal. Also...what happens with visitors? Do all visitors have to sign waivers or whatever, acknowledging they will be seen as well? Are there restrictions as to what they can do/show in front of the "free" cameras, or time limits imposed to such things? I'm not sure if anyone here knows the answers to these questions, but I am highly curious. I'm also curious if they will ever open an apartment in the US...
  10. Anita - Bridget - Mary Mary - Bridget - Anita That's how they swapped positions on the bed last night, turn and again; kissing, stroking, Bridget early naked, her pussy swollen red and agape. Bridget fingered their pussies over their pants and Mary seemed to orgasm early, then her pants came off. M and A brought Bridget to orgasm a drizzle of oil and their flat palms on her pussy. Yum! The kissing was very erotic, and B and M got well into it, Anita reluctant at first then succumbing to eat at the love feast. Bridget looked like her dreams had at last come true, with a huge raw lovebite on her neck (I thought from Mary). Was this the damn bursting? All those weeks of fake 'not quite' lovemaking turning into some real lust? Or a bonus-hitting swansong before leaving? I'm hoping they'll do it all over again tonight so we can judge.
  11. Alexa had a long stay, memorable more for frustration than anything else. (Ours - she had the shower head.) She went on near a high, with Amina bringing her off with a little black thing like a finger night before last. (I missed last night - my laptop froze for 2 hours). Even though she found it difficult to let herself go, she showed determination with both Amina and Mila but bottled it before anything too intimate.
  12. That was quick. I realize to hit a woman you have to have a mental problem but,who would mess up a deal as sweet as RLC? Seriously, show up,run around naked,have sex everywhere in the house,eat free food and not pay rent and don't beat your girlfriend .
  13. Sketch


    Getting involved in something like RLC or any other Cam site you need to enjoy attention and ones that don't won't last long. As for views maybe the money is better and why we see a lot more doing what they can to get the views and extra money.
  14. Apartment Topic for Monica & Cody. Link to this Apartment: Please Note: When Uploading any Pictures a Third Party Host Must be Used. For the Time Being Please Do Not Upload Using Attachments.
  15. WhySoSerious?


    Best they could come up with . Not going to see much more from these 3 or any others that have been in that apartment. Yes it might keep some old members happy and attract some new members but more needs to be done to keep other members on board. Agree they need to try other countries but far to lazy and would mean having to do some work. Jmo
  16. CowArt

    RLC Overwiev: How many cameras? I trust you can work out the time-zones yourself, either by the location or the clock in the upper left corner of the RLC streams.
  17. Yesterday
  18. StnCld316

    RLC Sexiest Female.

    The most names you can fit on a Poll is 20.
  19. StnCld316

    RLC Sexiest Female.

    What do you need doing.
  20. Capeguy

    Fan Page for Miami & Tony

    It would appear the heavy hand of RLC management fell after Tony's stupidity the other night. It is the one thing RLC does not tolerate and usually reacts very quickly. Good riddance.
  21. Capeguy

    RLC Overwiev: How many cameras?

    This was done by an RLCF member who pieced the information together as best as they could, with no guarantee it was correct.
  22. Simonspy

    Fan Page for Miami & Tony

    Well they've gone, and kinda suddenly too!
  23. BlackDahlia47

    RLC Overwiev: How many cameras?

    Will this be updated any time soon? the original post shows several people who are no longer part of the RLC, and some of the "new" people who are not listed. I'd like to know locations, for time-zone reasons, please.
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