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  3. Ever notice that Leora takes her sweet ass time getting dressed after her shower? And a sweet fucking ass that is!!! I am not complaining. She sure knows how to put on a lengthy show for the cameras and hard not to watch - damn. It is as if she has a butt cam following her. She really knows how to milk it by knowing how to position herself for optimum viewing with the cam locations. Such a fucking tease - and it works. Now she is on her knees wiggling that ass in my face - she definitely knows how to hurt a guy. Gotta admit - she is damn fucking good at what she does - I hate her - LMFAO.
  4. If she had to pay for the Water Consumption she likely would not be doing that type of thing. But since she doesn't have to pay, it likely doesn't matter to her how much she uses.
  5. Haha, I know. I watched that one and they moved to the bedroom once started heat up. I just tuned in and those guests just had another sexy time just now. I discovered the RealLifeCam about 10 days ago, and only witnessed only 4 fuck sessions, and 3 of them were from this guest couple. Who are they? Why do they go there to fuck?
  6. can i start at Leora's place, stop by Anabel, THEN come for Nora and Irma?
  7. Dearm land
  8. Dayana has nice lags nice ass too
  9. hi all nicechumley here 1 jess 2 nic 3 karol 4 irma 5 danya then i would call leora to cum over
  10. I didn't say that at all! But that is what is going to happen Very very unlikely, however Nicole showed pictures of the girl who is coming and told her what she is like. Karol said that she found her very interesting, and very beautiful. She is 28 years old
  11. Hans (on D's page) got me thinking a bit more about Danaya and Karol. I'm not sure I can make sense of the way they are with each other. Translation says Karol prefers girls to blokes, and Dany regularly hits on girls but says she has never had sex with a girl. Maybe they are working to an RLC script - but I never like to give that idea too much credence because we have never had any evidence of such things. My view - if they really want each other they only have to reach out and touch - at the same time of course!
  12. Hi Hans46458, It is hard to fathom out who wants who between Karol and Danaya - each blows hot and cold. I got on site at midnight LT hoping for a further episode in their own (non)sexual soap opera and find all three girls fast asleep in their own beds. I doubt K and D plan to be up early in the morning to see Mich off so perhaps I just missed the fun. Does Nicole deserve the big bedroom? - I think she does. Not only for her tireless work with Fernando and her pink friend, but I'm hoping she will bring a girlfriend with her just as horny as she is. Might she give another girl a try - I hope she might! Then afterwards perhaps they'll share Fernando, or get his cousins to visit. Just possibly Karol has set her sights on Nic, and so now is stopping Dany sealing the deal, as you say above. What I am sure of is she will work hard and entertain us. I'm sending you a PM as well.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Great screen grabs delta10 illustrate your argument very well. I agree with you about Jess. And think all the more of her for doing a good job for herself and for us. And I agree there is something brewing between her and Irma. I'm beginning to wonder whether Ilona has decided not to return and so Jess is being cast as the new Ilona .......... Sob sob
  15. Well said!
  16. Dear Michelle, We are very sad to see you go, I hope the time in the house has been good and enjoyable. you gave us some great shows, this is not goodbye but see you soon on myfreecams. Bye and safe travels Avrildollx XOXOXOXO
  17. LOL but there are other uses of the same pills, like, when the period is disordered...
  18. it would explain the yoga as well low impact and stretching
  19. Vanessa is on the couch rubbing her clit and thomas walked away....
  20. You say Nicole deserves the bigger room in a different appartment then her own? I don't know if I agree. Nicole does not seem to be into girls, the closest I have seen her to some girl/girl action is the massage in B1. If she is going to share a bedroom with a friend it's less likely there will as much sex or pink friend action? Then again I hope I'm wrong and that both she and her friend will do some good shows in Michelles bedroom.
  21. Uhm.."Dany" has been on Karol the whole time touching her and generally being playful but Karol doesn't want to now for some reason. Just last night they sat in the livingroom sofa Dany started touching Karols boobs outside her clothes and it ended with Karol sitting on a chair at the other table. Tonight Karol went to bed early not saying a word to Dany. I don't think Dany is the one not sealing the deal with Karol it is Karol stopping her. I don't understand why you talking like Karol is more willing then Dany because that does not seem to be the case.
  22. Hi Iloner, Indeed Jess seems always happy to listen and learn. In addition, particularly while Nora is there, she doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardise a return to RLC. Ultimately we know her priority is getting as much money in the bank as she can. Last Friday when Danaya and Karol visited showed how she can mentally separate work and fun. While things still seem cool between her and Nicole she had no qualms getting hands on when the situation arose. N.B. The last two grabs are copied to illustrate the text. Irma too is mature and will not rush or pressurise risking in getting blocked so will take things gently. Still to be established is on camera how far Irma will go with another girl. When they had the 3 way massage was the mood just not there that night, was it Nicole and Fernando coming back that spoilt things or did Nora end up using her toy herself because neither Irma or Jess wanted to do it for her? While not serious earlier they were close on the sofa.
  23. I saw both of them up there once briefly the other day. They both disappeared from the camera after stepping up. Assumed they have something up there. Maybe enjoying the view.
  24. Say no more.. nudge nudge.. wink wink... no what I mean... are you married... your wife does she go... is she a bit of a goer phwoooaaaar
  25. Scotsman - do you remember this ?
  26. Dog needs her own channel.
  27. Man i don't think anything would have jumped started Lara.
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