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  2. A beautiful and exciting night - whether they have actually found love or it just looked like it. The gentle fondling of each other's breasts. Stella pulling Gina's face towards her. Kisses, and more kisses. Gina wanting to be loved but embarrassed. Her giggles sounded like she thought 'at last'. I hoped this was more than drunken fumbling. I'm sure it was on Stella's part - but will Gina regret things when she sobers up? Briefly Gina climbed on top and sex was possible - but after all those shots both girls were too fragile to move around energetically.. Last night the fire that has smoked for weeks showed its first flame.
  3. Nothing better than seeing bend over babes because the view is so captivating and pretty much in your face. Kinda like a game-changer - you wanna put that ass and pussy to good use right then and there - UUURRRRRHHHHH!!! Yes Plank I am very disappointed that Zoe has left the building. She will be deeply missed and was a great benefit to voyeur-villa. Her big boobs were so easy on the eyes plus she was so comfortable in front of the cams while being realistic with her housework and even with the sexual games/activities. I wish her well with her personal issues and thank her for her giving of herself to all viewers of voyeur-villa. I believe she is the one who got me interested in voyeur-villa in the first place. Good memories and mammaries. Seems like a lot of girl movement/changes with current/new apartments but hard to know or match names to the girls. Since RLC is basically RIP (resting in peace - them lazy good for nothing sleepy heads) I will check out these girls more often. I agree with you Plank that the tenants in most of the voyeur-villa apartments do interact much better together when they have group parties which makes it fun to watch. Thanks Plank and cyberleader for all the pics - they help me follow the apartments but also are good for voyeur-villa by showing others how good this site has become over time. Voyeur-house is getting good (hit and miss still with some apartments) and camarads is still in it's early stages.
  4. I thought the forum was free? I was unaware of there being a fee.
  5. Part 2,And the Bad News Zoe returns to Tver to finish packing & get changed ready for her travels giving us ( dougiestyle4you ) one last ogle at her great body. The final goodbye's with Zoe & Iris were heart-breaking. Both girls visibly upset, both sobbing as they hugged.Genuinely distraught at separating. Unlike what we have seen at Barca when you'd be lucky if they can bothered to get out of bed to say a quick goodbye. And there for me is the difference between V V & RLC. I can count on one hand the RLC tenants that I could care about,or even enjoy watching. I am genuinely interested in these characters on V V. RLC could learn something here.
  6. First thing first, I think the girl above is Mona, I could be wrong? I am falling hopelessly in love lust with her! Part 1 The Good News. So what interesting stuff has happened at RLC today? Meanwhile at V V, Tver have a leaving do for the lovely Zoe. The crews from Tver,Tula & Inna & Greg from Dubna were present,leaving Marna & bloke home alone to fluctuate between making out & arguing ? None of the GreenWood lot were present again? Zoe leaves for personal reasons. She will be missed, especially by dougiestyle4you. (don't shoot the messenger) At Volga the girls Mona & Anna prepare food & get ready for Bobbi & Nina's 1st night in the apartment dressed as bunny girls.....why works for me! The do at Tver breaks up & everyone goes home. Tula's Jackie & Phil engage in a quicky before the new crew from Volga join them for drinks? The Volga crew return home for more drinks & dancing.Mona retires to bed,Nina & Anna discuss nipples. Nina & Bobbi go to bed and have adult fun time. Leaving Anna dancing around the living room on her own. Mona has got some moves,possibly trained? The same can not be said of Anna, but full marks for effort though.
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  8. Like Zoya but if she wanted near me she would have to get Power washed to an inch of her life. Hopefully one day she will wake up and smell the coffee
  9. Well, we got our answer just now, 11.15 LT pm. Angie just bated - a quick one for her - naked on top of her bed, her pussy pointed straight towards the closed door behind which, in the next room, only twenty feet away, Belle and Rose lay on the settee bored. I find it sad that Angie would rather her finger than the warmth of Rose's curvy flesh. Frustrating for all of us.
  10. so much for Masha being happy with her tit size, eh?
  11. I've heard many girls think sperm is a good facial
  12. sadly TBird I don't think it will happen - much as I would love it to. One twin does seem a little interested in some girlie larks - don't know which is which so lets call her Mia - She would be more likely to score with Rosemary The mystery is how come delightful Gina, who is so lively and full of fun and energy, has managed for over two months never paying longer than 30 seconds worth of attention to her neglected pussy No mystery really - my first wife was exactly the same - except for the lively and fun parts
  13. She does nothing without a financial incentive At least this time we've had a good look at that slit Just as I suspected its actually a coin slot
  14. One or two girls have pulled back the hood to expose the parts that need lubricating Squeezed their hooters Given the bumpers a lick Even used a dipstick
  15. like the artistic flair when it comes to cleaning
  16. RLC need to get yourself some of these made up.. lol
  17. Milk.. lol
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