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    I see that bloody creep George is round at Edda's apartment already, fucking slimeball.
  3. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  4. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  5. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  6. Today

    Must have been some fart.. lol

    Yeah noticed Nina wearing one yesterday... lol

    I see Edda & Joe have an apartment now and the cams look very sharp and clear so should be good..............I hope. Lets hope she invites Serena round to play. Very nice apartment too.

    What the fuck is going on at Nina & Alans place for gods sake with wearing thes bloody face masks

    Yeah i saw that i was pissing myself at his attempts yet she was so calm and appeared so understanding. Whether it was a therapy session but how he ever gets it in Zoi beats me lol

    Personally if you like masturbating VHTV is better than RLC.

    Why is it then that so many others seem to arrive and leave within weeks if there is a lease agreement? The sooner they get rid of this Stacey,Xenia,Gary & Dora apartment the better it is a real embarrassment would have thought they would have paid them to leave lol.

    They would leave once the lease period of apt ends.

    Thought so. Why would she want that mess anywhere near her?? lol

    Yes.He also kissed Clara.The problem for Tim is, he couldn't get it up when he had a chance to fuck Clara in his apartment some days ago.
  18. Fan Page Tereza

    Tereza was not there for B1 or RLC she was there to party and hang out with whom ever, it really made her look like an ally cat. I think who ever sent her to RLC was just looking at her beauty and she does have the looks but that didn't help her with building B1 back up, with her beauty she did to much faking when in the house that she didn't have too, I don't think she had any idea of what she was getting into when she came to B1. If she ever came back it would be nice to know "so that I won't have paid to waste my money" again with her. Tereza you have a safe trip back home, I am sure your well rested from your stay at B1.
  19. Fan Page Zlata

    Been away a bit. Back to the most boring B2 ever. Money for old rope. B1 a bit more interesting.


    there are thousands of websites out there that may cater for khazi stuff.but not here
  22. Boyfriends.

    Why would you get involved in RLC if you are bothered/worried about what they will think. Just stupid if your not even going to do anything.
  23. Fan Page Tereza

    Bye Tereza. You were enjoyable to watch lol

    Haven't seen much of this couple but I don't think the big guy is Tim. Tim is a lot bigger and I mostly see him naked so with clothes on I don't know - lol.

    Is that Tim at Clara and Stas?

    Hey buddy - I think you"re shit out of luck here.

    Always one weirdo. lol
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