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  2. wow.... what a fuck session was that. that was the best hard fucking I have ever seen at RLC. He is a undisputed king of RLC now. and what a girl she is. she moans so loudly
  3. Eyenthesky , the above was my Quote from ADMIN , sorry I did not make this so clear , I was quoting
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  5. LOL, I need to get in on that bottled imagination. Gina got her bruise falling her drunk ass off the stairs a couple of days ago, I doubt a cult had something to do with that.
  6. "H"Today 7:11 PM "@D" thanks. Have you seen that mark on Helens right bum cheek? It is exactly the same as Gina's. A birthmark of some sort or a secret cult??? LOL.... Seems a few think just because these ladies happen to get a bruise on the same asscheek they be sisters or now belong to a cult......LOL... Best add Anna to that list of cult members...cause she be haven a bruise there If I could bottle up you alls imagination, I'd be one hell of a rich
  7. This time, Sofie wasn`t interrupted as she laid on her bed, casually caressing her boobs. She then pulled the covers over her waist and began to masturbate for the next ten minutes. She certainly had some satisfaction since I could hear her mewling over the music. It started 00:09 Barca time, in case anyone's interested.
  8. love her ,, hope she stay's here ,
  9. After being barged in on by Nicole two nights in a row while she was doing the pre-bate slow caressing of her body, this morning, while Nicole was still sleeping, Sofie had an intense bate, right after the lovely balcony scene @zzakary described above. Still used her tent, but it's foundations are starting to crumble. There were two short but sweet glimpses of her buzzy little friend at work. (For the people with replay: Camera 11, 07:10:06 and 07:12:19)
  10. Three things are important in life: -Loving Sofie more than all the other girls -Be romantic -Possess RLC Replay Five magical minutes on the balcony with Sofie At 6:49:24 am Sofie arrives on the balcony Beautiful light, cloudy sky, some birds crossing the sky I thought for a moment that Sofie was going to fly But no, she only spread her arms, making a few flapping wings She was completely naked so beautiful in this morning light I stayed there, looking at her with ecstatic eyes All his movements were so sensual, her hair fluttering in the wind Her gaze turned towards the horizon, she had life before her Knowing you Sofie even through my screen is a privilege I could have watched it for hours, but it will only last five minutes Five minutes of Sunday happiness
  11. I was quietly installing in my old sofie pardon me sofa in red leather my black labrador was sleeping deeply I had just received the latest scenario of RLC I had my throat dry I did not know why Or if I knew very well why last night I had made this dream I made love like a lunatic to my wife Nicole whereas the mother of this one had come to visit us and was in our room just beside and what could interrupt us at any moment what a weird dream In the afternoon I had bought a pack of beer here that would do the trick to desiccate the throat I began to read the script nothing very exciting then reading it made more interesting The woman was in her room a music emanated from this strange orange object but this music was very relaxing This sumptuous woman with long hair and endless legs was in front of her mirror first began by making a big braid with her hair and then massaging lightly the oil-coated body and she took a lot of fun I felt my throat more dry than the desert This fuckin beer makes me crazy or unless it is something else but I liked this feeling She sat on the edge of the bed while letting her long, slender hands wander over her body and then stood on the side of her bed to check her messages In the blink of an eye the woman lay on her bed with her legs stretched a little apart and then continued to caress her whole body with cream for her beautiful skin but what she liked most was the tip of Her little tits delicious Suddenly she put her head back, arched slightly, it was warm in this room and not only because of the temperature I said to myself i hope she does not cover the body with her sheets For a moment I thought I was still dreaming but not the strange dream of last night not that it was much more pleasant I vibrated like the vibrator that it was bought my Spanish friend two days ago I was like a madman I dared not imagine the continuation The music swirled in my head with my eyes wide open Was it a dream or reality Then suddenly the shock I could not believe there was a dull thud of door that opens I did not even want to know who was behind because it could be the devil To bring me straight to hell The drama tearing me away from my kid's dream The reality of the scenario that RLC had sent me twisted with pain When I recovered my spirits I was in a rage of rage I bust all my beer My beer was disgusting I took my phone I wanted to talk to the big boss of RLC the big fat one and only with his red shirt that takes his bath in the others rather than to wash quietly at his house When I got on the phone I did not even say hello how are you? No I screamed to him IT IS OUT OF QUESTION THAT I PRODUCE THAT SHIT RATHER DIE IN HELL THAN PRODUCE THAT
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  13. Thanks toolmaker123--Would have liked a more specific understandable answer like--They hate Vampires, But yours will do ---LOL.---
  14. CamCaps has been targetted in the past as well. It appears they go after those most vulnerable at the time. Who ca say for sure what their motivation is.
  15. I'm happy for you sofie you are a friend but unfortunately this girl is nicole. I like nicole but as a fan of RLC only That woman is so dangerous Nicole is a slow poison I love seeing you alone dancing with this incredible nightclothe or even without Be careful of you do not let yourself be tempted anyway I trust you You are the most beautiful woman and far from RLC land Nicole is a bit jealous of you and would like to own you as a guru Be strong does not let you dominate And do not forget that you can count on me Remove these sheets that separates us from the happiness I waited a long time for a woman such as you to appear on my RLC screen and finally you are there Thank you to the great boss of RLC who I know now take a shower in the apartment of Taya and Will (please boss dont eat so much) Sofie you're my dream and I do not want to wake up
  16. Desiree continues to make us go wild with her fat ass and luscious breasts. She is simply amazing!
  17. Question for Admin---Why us and Cam Caps was left alone, What is the difference in the sites that RLCF was the target of RLC,s ire.---?
  18. RLC Videos are all over many tube sites. RLC has an impossible task at getting each and every one of them. Tube Sites also get DMCA Takedown Notices but most of them just remove the link change the name of the Title and place it back on the Server again. It's just a continuous circle. I don't exactly know how much RLC pays the DMCA to Issue Removal Notices but the process is not cheap. I always classify it as Free Advertising but RLC (Tech Fashions Inc.) just doesn't see it the same way.
  19. Love that girl.......
  20. That's why so much of videos wind up on the TubeSites. RLC would have a very difficult time shutting one of them down, because of the amount of traffic they generate. Wait long enougn and all the video caps will make their way to an openly free downloadable site. And imagine being a player on rlc and finding your nekkid ass out for all the world to see and nothing they can do to remove themselves.
  21. Friday evening was party time at B1. For some reason, Sofie was either not invited or chose not to attend since Lola and Anna were there while Nicole was MIA. As usual, lots of food and booze and everyone seemed to have a good time, Meanwhile........Over at B2, Sofie was languishing on the sofa watching television while her open alluring white peignoir draped her bodacious frame. As she watched the screen, she casually caressed her body and nipples. After about half an hour, she got up and walked around B2, frequently walking into a light so that we could get a hint of her body under the peignoir. At one point, she was in the kitchen getting something from a drawer, bending over with the housecoat falling open,giving us a close-up view of her unfettered breasts and nether lips. She also walked out onto the balcony in the nude before returning to the living room where she danced to the music. Final score: B1 with the party:- ho-hum. B2 with Sofie in all her glory:- WOW!
  22. If a Third Party Host is used for uploading they have no reason to come after the Reallifecamfan Servers. The DMCA Takedown order will be issued to the Site where they Upload was done from.
  23. Pictures in the gallery, administrators posting videos hosted on third party websites. RLCF has made up it's mind, the only way to keep traffic going is the public exchange of copyrighted material, and of course this game is all about page views and google rankings... Is there a way to backup a PM of have it sent to your email? I have a couple with ton if information in it I really would hate losing when the site gets taken down again.
  24. check volga there is a beauty session going on with all the girls.they all making themselves look nice for the new cams
  25. It appears that voyeur-villa finally improved their cam quality issues. The picture is a lot clearer and could be new cams because they seem to have a slightly wide angle lens plus some cam positions are changed. Looks good so far.
  26. Stesha is being a Good Girl in the Morning
  27. Sofie was wonderful last night with her dancing, first in an open robe, later completely naked. She's an amazing girl, how she gracefully glides through the apartment in those long transparent robes. The dancing was totally her, not wild and naked jumping around, but slow, soft and sensual.
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