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  2. Posted 3 hours ago · Report post choose your favourite butt.i am going to be greed and ave da lottt Can't blame you. Who in their right mind would refuse any one of these girls. I will take one of each and enjoy my buffet - " CRUNCH 'EM, MUNCH 'EM eat 'em by the bunch'em! And no cracks dieters, you know no diet works without 'em". GOTTA LOVE A SQUATTING ASS especially when it is over my face
  3. Stn Cld316 , I realise it's Italian , but in some light the red is more orange, so to please both Irish and Italian they both got a mention lol
  4. It's an Italian Flag. The Apartment is in Italy.
  5. American Flag ? Why, for the same reason they have an Irish or is it Italian flag, on the wall above the table if you haven't noticed it - This question is very intriguing to me, but don't ask me 'WHY' ? Simple answer to why they have an American is "42"
  6. y
  7. Haven't the faintest idea why they have one.
  8. Bobbil and Marga, I can certainly agree with that sentiment. Love and sex are a great combination!
  9. choose your favourite butt.i am going to be greed and ave da lottt
  10. i like everything about her from the neck down not trying to be mean or anything
  11. Yesterday
  12. i think there are in brazil,accoring to the website
  13. CORRECTAMUNDO !!! - I believe this is Spanish. She does have a solid shaped butt
  14. your logic is correct she has a nice voice too..time to invent interactive tv and reach in and carress that butt of hers
  15. All these pics are supporting evidence of why I love women's asses - always did and always will. Just fucking ASStounding. The girl with glasses at CasaHot is quite sexy. Fuck - all the girls are adorable.
  16. this bird has a great arse
  17. Love and Sex are an excellent combination!
  18. i dont know...i think boths lol
  19. Is it the Love Apartment or the sex gym? I'm not sure!
  20. The love apartment...
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