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  2. Leora Fan Page

    She needs to get off her lazy ass and get working just as much as he does.
  3. Seriously, whats with the oddball pets?

    The pets are sane compared to the tenants.
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  5. Fan Page Kamila

    It seems that in the last 2 months she has been showing less energy then her room mates "Kristy and Kaley."
  6. Leora Fan Page

    I see Dick Head's of work again today, I wonder how long he can get away with taking time off work just for a few graze's on his hands, there again if he tries as he's well practiced at being a lazy arse, with Monday to Thursday next week National Holiday's in Russia, two weeks of work can't be bad. I must try that with my employer, Oh shit I can't I've retired
  7. Leora Fan Page

    From what I can see Leora and Maya are on indefinite contracts, so it would be quite difficult to get them out especially as they are the only one's that have been around so long
  8. there are what three rabbits now? 3-4 Mr Bigglesworth cats... a room full of rats. what gives? is it common to have a weird animal as a pet in Europe?
  9. Porn Gifs.

  10. Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    As they come up to the 1st month anniversary, i think what has surprised most is the sheer lack of, well, anything of interest really. Ok, no one i'm sure expected them to be rampant swingers every week, and yes, Dick has been unwell. But, they do appear, to me, as if they simply aren't interested at all. We all know why they were given this place, you don't have to think hard about that, but what's been in return for those who subscribe? I haven't watched much at all, but i can see from the chatbox and elsewhere that the general feeling is one of disappointment and boredom. Is this the one apartment which (so far) promised so much but gave so little?
  11. Fan Page Kamila

    Shes boring beyond words attractive but so what!! so many girls MUCH sexier and hotter..
  12. Looks as though Blair has some weekend company.......maybe a boyfriend. Seems everyone gets to bring in a man every now and then. What changes RLC has made in the last few months!!!! I have to admit "these are some very nice pretty girls" but most of their men look as if they could be their father's. I guess Rosemary and Serena well be next to bring in a guy.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    These three "Masha, Dasha and Sasha are just as you see them "full of shit".....LOL
  15. No Glove, No Love.

  16. No Glove, No Love.

  17. No Glove, No Love.

  18. No Glove, No Love.

  19. No Glove, No Love.

  20. The Chat Room!!

    A lot changes in 2.5 years
  21. any feedback on sasha fucking dasha

    Rather him doing them than me thanks
  22. Fan Page Kamila

    Sounds like nothing has changed with Kami then
  23. Best Penis

    Happy with mine but agree Bogdan wasn't last when cocks were giving out.
  24. Artists/Bands A - Z

  25. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    Ah, Bach!
  26. Hi. Nice avatar

    1. Alittle


      Thank you! 

    2. Scotsman84


      Bum is not bad either ;) 

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