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  2. Linda & Carrie

    Two is company, three is a crowd but can be fun if you want it to be.
  3. Empty Chatbox.

    Well I'm sure it couldn't of been more dead and boring than it is these days.
  4. Mika & Layne

    Don't see what it has to to with Layne anyway as he is a married man with child on the way and he was fucking redhead in his own bed some weeks ago which is pretty despicable but then again are there any on here with any morals lol.
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  6. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Yes I to am getting pissed off with occupants altering cams and now what do we have......Fucking flashing fairy lights which completely fuck up the cam image being streamed making it unwatchable. Think it may be time to cancel membership until after Christmas when hopefully all these fucking lights will disappear. I am also getting pissed off with many of them taking to altering the view of the cams and hanging curtains etc which obstruct the free viewers and also fucking with pants on etc etc as you say they know what they are getting into so if they don't want to show anything then get the fuck out. Nothing is free these days so no show no free apartment.
  7. Mika & Layne

    Dark haired guy & Red-ish girl went at it in the bedroom last night,Layne was in the LR. So he obviously knows it's going on. In which case ignore my post above, just me talking shite....again!
  8. Films A - Z

    Interview with the Vampire.
  9. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Thanks for the info. There was more than booze going on last night ! I like Serena, but as I said, it really is shitty behaviour when the participants start playing these sort of games. If someone is going to be spooked by the camera's then they need to go somewhere else for their party. (see rlc barca etc.....ooh he didn't go there did he?..... Yes I damn well did! ) But my poor identification of the guy last night was probably due to me not being able to see very well. I rest my case m'laud!
  10. Double Letter Game.

  11. Fan Page Angie

    OK--I have been watching this apartment for a while. I like it--Sonya and Glasha have been working at home, And I saw a nice shower from Angie.-- Girls not sitting on their ass on their Phones.. Ok--Angie--I like her a lot, Not just cause she has a great body. She has a plan, Guessing it is singing. Needs some work I admit--But I have never seen any one on RLC work that hard in front of us. I wish her the best of luck.--
  12. Sports Teams A - Z

    Edmonton Oilers.
  13. Double Letter Game.

  14. Films A - Z

    Helter Skelter
  15. Sports Teams A - Z

    Denver Broncos
  16. Famous Name Game.

    Fred MacMurray
  17. Last Letters Game.

  18. Between Beatrice and Neia, one has to be sexual frustrated by now, seeing that either has done any masturbation or had sex in the presents of the viewers, seeing that they have become very good friends, I wouldn't expect any kind of real lesbian sex between the two. The only one in the apartment who is getting her sexual desires met has to be Renata, when she is gone over night to spend with her boyfriend "not fair to the others" with her special privileges. Victoria has been acting out her masturbation set's under covers and after 3 weeks she has finally accepted the cams. I wonder why RLC puts two in a room when neither are going to give the viewers nothing but scripted plays once a week. hope fully Beatrice and Neia well give us more and not two days before its time for them to leave.
  19. Fan Page Angie

    Looks like Angie is house sitting again today, Glasha and Sonya had their turn yesterday, and I sure its giving Glasha and Sonya some time to spend with their tail wagging studs. I wonder how long are they going to keep this up "most likely as long as they can get away with it" and RLC don't notice. Angie must be getting bored today, she goes from room to room singing as though she is giving us a tour of the apartment "like we need another one" I figure after about another three or more weeks these young ladies well realize what there purpose there are, or are we viewers being taken on another "its not working ride." Surely Glasha and Sonya well be home later tonight for some rest, t.v time shower and go to bed, and then it well be Angie's turn again.
  20. Nina & Alan & Serena

    And the other guy who got rejected will visit soon !!
  21. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Hey Plank..good summary.Here's some addons.The guy from last night was not sergei (the guy who fucked serena some days ago) He looked similar but was a different guy.Serena told them about the plan to have sex on the couch.The guy was ok with it but the girl got scared of cams.She wanted to get out.Serena finally decided to put on the lights and told them that the cams wont catch much.If she had not decided to put on the lights,the 'event' would have never occurred.hence,the blinking lights.The girl drank a lot due to anxiety. It was good though,overall.
  22. Lara & Ivy

  23. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Interesting night at the apartment. Nina & Alan go over to Edda & Joe's,while Serena entertains a couple. The guy we have seen before, he was the one who smashed the bejasus out of Serena a few weeks ago. Although this time he had brought a girl-friend with him. What followed was a night of threesome sex,you name the position they probably did it! There were a lot of toilet breaks, with all three of them going at the same time. They all seemed to have a great time,Serena certainly did, although the action became a little chaotic towards the end. Running out of steam or did those toilet breaks take their toll? I have however one complaint. And it is relevant for VHtv, RLC, Camarads and V V. Tis the season for twinkly & flashing little lights,available in various colours from your local stockists. However, these lights cause serious issues for the camera's. For instance the first part of this evenings entertainment in the LR was only watchable from miles away on Cam 2, a free cam. Meanwhile, the better view would have been from Cam 1. You know the ones we pay for, rendered practically unwatchable because of the lights.( & Cam 3) Now I have long had a theory that certain members of Vhtv, who will remain nameless, have been using lights to obscure the camera's for a long time. It is downright shitty behaviour on their part. If you want to obscure the cameras with lights,curtains,clothes,deliberately move them, or in the worst case, switch them off. Then what the flying f**k are you doing on a Voyeur site???? VHtv, RLC, Camarads and V V need to warn their participants about this issue as soon as possible before all the festive lights & decorations go up. If we can't see,we don't pay !
  24. Lara & Ivy

    Nice catch!
  25. This Or That Game

    Love. Home or away for Christmas?
  26. Last Letters Game.

  27. Famous Name Game.

    Laurence Fishburne
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