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  2. Gia & Mike

    he gets the cake,we get to watch him have his cake and eat it
  3. Gia & Mike

    damn right on both counts
  4. Gia & Mike

    and mike is the lucky man getting it,but hey still nice to watch though
  5. Gia & Mike

    Gia in that position - she is just asking for it

    There are some Tenants where their stays are very short lived.
  7. Have You Ever.........?

    No. But have been when sitting having a drink with friends. Have you ever used or had a strap-on used on you?
  8. Today
  9. This Or That Game

    Snakes. Walk on fire or walk on broken glass?
  10. need a laugh when rlc is dead

    Will remember that next time I am late for meeting boyfriend.

    HERE HERE !!! All tenants (male and female) should be required to perform this on a regular basis. Saw Desiree do the naked cleaning once and she danced with the broom/mop in hand - that was amazing to watch.

    i remember the cleaning ninja on casahot.i like watching the ladies clean naked,all that bending and stretching exposes the parts all voyeurs would like to reach

    One time I saw Minnie looking at the mess for a while with her hands on her hips and just decided it would be easier to turn the lights off and go to bed. Go figure. Still believe in naked housecleaning yourself or hire naked housecleaners. It seems that camarads requires all tenants to do their own cleaning. RLC and VHTV CasaHot supply cleaners.

    true say but the apartment could have done with a servere tidy upespecially as the other tennants are always cleaning

    Too bad because they were new, looked real even though she cammed and she was worth watching.
  16. who is the girl on the right with leora

    Possibly her sister
  17. Gia & Mike

    indeed straight up
  18. Gia & Mike

    Things are looking up - lol.
  19. Lara & Ivy

  20. Gia & Mike

    i tooo would be grinning if i walked into the bathroom and saw her bent over like that.i would be pointing straight up and wanting to go straight up

    no idea what happend there but after one time action that was it,
  22. Gia & Mike

    Well H-E-L-L-O-O-O Gia. Nice to see you. You are looking just fine. We will talk face to face later - right now I would rather talk to your ass since it is my favorite subject as you probably already know. Yeah, I can be such an ass myself sometimes - LOL. Gia, you made me smile from ear to ear.
  23. Mika & Layne

    That living room and bedroom ae in a disgusting state when they leave they will have to bring in the fumigators i reckon to delouse it.
  24. bottled water here in Jacksonville. there water gets a weird chemical taste.. not chlorine, but something else. i drink bottles spring water
  25. Girls sharing a bed.

    especially siblings. Now Lia and Mia are fine as hell, but you really cannot expect much out of them putting them together. I was actually shocked one of them allowed a roommate to go down on her with her sister present. but that was one event in 2 tenures.
  26. Nicole & Arthur

  27. Adults Only.

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