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  2. A beautiful session! It gave me a wonderful dream last night; a threesome with Leora and Paul. I got the hind part. Thanks, again, Leora! ☾♡☽
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  4. For a young man Eric seems to be pretty bored of pussy already,im getting older now but man i'm sure i'd have trouble keeping my hands off of young Julia's pussy.
  5. Otra ausencia de la misma chica. Después de otra noche, y he perdido la cuenta de cuántas van, el protagonista de B1, conocida como Gina, ofrece a los suscriptores de RLC, otras 15 horas de ausencia ... me dijeron en el momento, que yo creo que es incorrecto, pero que es aún más negativa por parte de RLC, lo que permite que este tipo de actitudes. No sé lo que piensa, que siguen pagando, pero me pregunto, si se va a permitir que estas mismas chicas que vienen a Barcelona. ¿Van a ser diferente? Porque lo que se está permitiendo a esta chica, no se va a permitir a los demás? Lo que me lleva a pensar ... entonces, cada vez menos tendremos la presencia de las niñas dentro de la casa ... Por supuesto! Cómo pueden hacer lo que quieran! Personalmente, no he visto en RLC, y me parece una falta de consideración para el pago de los clientes. Esta burla se debe cortar. No creo que le da mucha publicidad positiva a RLC, lo que es más, la gente está cada vez más cabreado, no con la chica, que los clientes de pago, sólo tienen la esperanza de que ella va a salir de la casa pronto, pero con RLC , ya que es el que no está pensando en sus clientes, y el próximo mes, continuará exigiendo un pago a sus abonados. ¿Cómo se RLC justificar estas ausencias de 15 y más horas?
  6. Layla is a keeper. Love this girl. In my eyes, she is the perfect package. She has her priorities set right - always take care of your man even if he is busy - he will love you for this - and he will return the favors. Obviously she has a horny side to her. Wish I was beside her, inside her and enjoying her backside. What a cutie.
  7. Plank, you voyeur pervert, you must have been standing beside me and seen the same FUCKED UP action. You described it much better than me. The ASSHOLE should be long gone but the girl (she looked pretty damn cute) seemed to be too aggressive also. The girl having sex was nice to watch. These sites don't give any history or info about tenants/guests to really follow what goes on within the apartment. I do know a fight when I see it. Hate to say it but the culture of some countries seems to be more disrespectful to each other or they have an increased frequency of alcohol related issues.
  8. Shaka Love Your Honesty. Lol
  9. Part 2, The Bad & the Ugly. (see dougiestyle's comments above) So V H have two new apartments. Teya,Eva & Mark who I have not seen yet. And Chloe & James. Last night/early this morning depending on where you are, Chloe & James had a couple over, playing strip cards of some sort & drinking steadily. Everything was fine, other than the female guest cheating when she lost a hand and didn't remove her bra, damn it ! James lost the game and was naked at the end. They all seemed to be packing up for the night and sorting out who was sleeping where in their tiny apartment. I don't know where their friends went to, but Chloe & James decided to have sex there & then. Just as they finished,the male guest walks back into the room trying to find various bits of his personal property. He then starts shouting the odds at C & J, his 'girl-friend' comes into the room and all hell kicks off. He's getting physical with her,she's slapping him hard across the face,and this went on for a while getting louder & more physical. C&J weren't getting involved. Until, out of camera shot,you could hear the girl-friend screaming. Chloe ran to her aid, she return to the room visibly upset & said something to James along the lines of, 'have a word', or 'get him out of here' etc. I don't know how it resolved because by that point I'd had enough of what was a nice evening ruined by an asshole who can't handle his booze. This morning the asshole is still there, the girlfriend is not, and if she has any sense she will stay away from this asshole!
  10. This post is entitled,The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Part 1, The Good. Question: What is better than a couple playing a game of GTA V together? Answer: When Layla is playing with you,while you are playing GTA V. This all escalated quickly,and when they had finished their adult games, they went back to GTA V. You gotta love this couple!
  11. I do like her boss..
  12. I'm happy with the Chubby sister . Stepan can screw her while Maya watches and plays with her self . Then the female visitors arrive , get naked and ....... well finish the scenario in print or your own mind lol
  13. I love Adriana. A shame that does not have many fans and do not put any photos of her here SUna vez estuvo bastante abierta, pero ahora reservada. Hay algunas fotos y videos de ella en la galería Javierhe once was quite open , but now reserved. There are some Pics and Vids of her in the Gallery Javier
  14. ShaKa , that is a perfect observation. Masha was not the centre of attention. Perhaps she will let Sasha take her anal cherry , in preparation for the next romp. New tits did nothing for her, also I note Sasha may actually have a longer dick than TK, TK is just thicker .
  15. There is NO Botox in Belle's lips - she was just born with Duck Lips , simple answer. Mind you a bit of botox downstairs wouldn't hurt.
  16. There is NO Botox in Belle's lips - she was just born with Duck Lips , simple answer. Mind you a bit of botox downstairs wouldn't hurt.
  17. Sounds HOT T bird !! Hopefully somebody got vid capture
  18. Knows how to cook....conservative on her underwear......but is she good when it's play time ?? Nice titties !!! Wonder if her cooch is shaved
  19. I'd be rubbing more than my fingers down her back and buns !!!!
  20. After watching a couple arguing and fighting in the Chloe and James apartment (Voyeur-House) a few minutes ago now Lilly and Gabriel are arguing about something. He had his head on her lap and then tried to get close and hold her but she pushed him away in a rough way. They talked in a quiet tone. They both looked pretty distraught as they were talking and kept looking at or trying to avoid showing anything to the cams. By the body language and tone of discussion I get the impression that somewhere along the line he fucked up (maybe something to do with a girl that stayed the night?). Love Lilly's big natural tits. Nothing like real life voyeur drama (read my post in the voyeur-house forum).
  21. Well, just watched a couple in the Chloe and James apartment arguing which included pushing and shoving, slaps and arm tussling plus things thrown. Watched as the other couple did absolutely nothing to settle things down. Just kept going on and on. The escalation finally involved the other couple with yelling and crying. These owners of all these voyeur sites do a damn piss poor job of monitoring their sites and tenants for bad behavior especially with the amount of money they take in. Nobody minding the fucking store. How sad. Maybe real life is too real and a fake voyeur site is better. NOT!!! Owners need to be more involved with their business and screen possible tenants better with a trial period off cam to see how they interact and what kind of life they really live. There should be zero tolerance for bad behavior and the apartment being shut down immediately at any sign of rules being broken. Why is it after the fact. Owners - time to get real and get off your damn ass. Don't you even care about people's safety or your own liabilities - FFS!!!. Sooner or later - someone will get seriously hurt (physically, mentally or emotionally) and the site will be liable. Case in point - the Vanessa and Marketa apartment of RLC.
  23. sure consensual..I didnt see the events and the only comments were about how many guys she screwed..I didnt see anything about being forced..
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