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G'Day Guys and gals,


I have seen many individual speculation or facts about where the apartments are located.  I realize that there is a privacy issue, but would it be a problem to know the town and country each apartment is in?


I am curious because of the standard of furnishings and layout  The apartments range from rather pokey to luxurious.


From what I have gleaned from this site, the apartments I think I know are:


Leora and Paul - Siberia


Maya and Stepan - ???


Dasha and Demid - ???? (in the same complex as Nellie and Bogdan)


Nina and Kira - ???


Zoya and Lev - Russia?


Carla and Mario -Spain?


Adriana and Daniel - ????


Carina and Sabrina - Italy?


Susan and Hector - ???


Nellie and Bogdan - ????


Masha and Sasha - ????


Danaya, Adele, Aida and Vika - Barcelona, Spain


Kristy and Kamila - Moscow, Russia


Anezka and Karel - Russia???


Love to have some definite replies to these.  Thanks.

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Thank you delta10.


I copied this info from Toolmaker.


Truth be known, Leora and Paul live in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.


   Maya and Stepen, Nina and Kira  live near Moscow.


    Dasha and Demid, Lev and Zoya, Masha and Sasha, Nelly and Bogdan  all live near Saint Petersburg, Russia. If you didn't already notice, many of them are close friends.


    Carla and Mario live near Madrid, Spain.


    Suzan and Hector live in Portugal.


     Carina and Sabrina, and Adriana and Daniel live near Barcelona.


      Ilona and Layla are in Barcelona on visas from Kiev, Russia.


 This information was obtained from pizza boxes and tv advertizings.


Any more information of the players is very well hidden as it should be; we are NOT stalkers; we are voyeurs


. If you find it necessary to know more than the information I've provided, you probably need to find another hobby. We are not here to expose the personal lives of the tenants.

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The above information ain't correct.. Nina & Kira is GMT + 3 while Maya & Stepan is GMT + 7 M & S live north east Russia which is very far from Moscow.. 

You can't base where they live by the GMT; we've already established the time zones are incorrect. THE information given here has been verified and accepted.

  HollywoodMogul was one that painstakingly worked to find the tenants actual apartment locals from tv and pizza delivery; WE also used of all things the ways they dressed when they left the apartment then went to google weather and found that their dress accurately match the conditions..


    I WHOLEHEATEDLY invite you to do your own research, back it up with the facts we've shared then we can all rest assured your comments are warranted.

        UNTIL THEN, please do not contradict these findings!!

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To verify a little of this: recently Adriana and Daniel had an out-of-town guest. He took out his phone and recorded a video greeting for the folks back home, and he said (in Spanish),

"Hello, and greetings from Barcelona."

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