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5 hours ago, iloner said:



Nora's here, and so's our Irma,

neither of them still a learner.

The girls apartments' getting better;

our Cocks harder, their pussies wetter.

We all of us have favourite bits;

mine, so you know,  are Mich's tits.

Mich the one, if you've forgotten,

 applying oil to Nicole's bottom.

 Nicole is often really horny,

 with Spanish guys she gets quite porny.

It's just a guess, but it's a pearl,

 secretly she wants girl girl;

  and another guess, don't call me snitch,

 the girl she really wants is Mich.


In B2 are dildos waiting,

one for each girl to help with bating,

(But Dany's in her room  alone

hour upon hour upon the phone).

Karrol's puss, we think, is hoping

for Dany's fingers to come groping;

waiting for that ebb and flow

when fingers stray where fingers go:

 the harder that her nipples get

 she hopes that Dany's getting wet.

Now in the bath D is ecstatic;

Karol finds her tits pneumatic!


 That Kristy tries can't be denied,

 by girly boys unsatisfied:

Julia Angel waits in the wings

for when the pendulum  her way swings.

She's sure her Kristy isn't dumb

 she knows she wants to make her come.

And though Kami is  often bare

sad to say she is rarely there:

perhaps she's looking out for Heidi,

who is clearly playing hidey hidey.


Though the  gold of candles flutters

it means the picture stops and stutters,

 and Mich's bloke, we needn't say,

was always in the bloody way.

All  these girls, in skimpy raiment,

delight us with their entertainment.

And still the problem really thorny,

are they genuinely horny?

Or do they the Mickey take

and  all that lust  is only fake?

Who cares? Now Nora's come the fun looks rich.

You see, she isn't such a bitch!












Overall I like this and it must have taken a while to compose.


As to the last line I comment when she is no longer a tenant ............

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55 minutes ago, Hans46458 said:

So I'm one of those noobs that have never seen Nora before . . .
...You make it sound like this site started out only to show people doing their daily business.
...Do you mean it was different before?

Yes, it was different before. The tenants had plenty of sex, even in the free rooms, but they also interacted with each other as "normal, real life couples. It was a slice of life, where you got to know them for their projects, their talents, their choice of friends and visitors, their pets, and their eating habits. (Hence, you'll run across jokes about "Soup" when Nora is referenced. N&K ate a lot of soup. And they also enjoyed wine in moderation, and watched good movies).

The Barc 1 & 2 and K&K apartments was a concession to the sex tease thing; they play to the cameras unlike the earlier tenants. Watching them only for tits and ass is a not the original mission statement for RLC: that can be seen just about anywhere on the net for free. They distinguished themselves in the beginning by trying to show only every-day normal young couples.

Nora was the only model/actress/dancer in those days, but she and Kiko operated like a normal non-theatrical couple when at home, didn't play to the cameras, and didn't tease. She was, however, quite a doll in the dance room (practicing and giving lessons to others) and she and Kiko were excellent lovers in the bedroom.

Maya & Stepen were once very sexually active, you might note if you can look at the archives.

Then RLC got bigger and decided to expand their market share by roping in the wannabe fashion models. It changed its mission statement. I have no problem with that. Times change. So has CC & RLCF. I just prefered the older RLC because it allowed you to get to know the tenants personalities. The Barc girls come and go so fast they're like one-night stands and you never know them as anything other than tits and ass.

Nora has sadly implemented the new RLC corporate stance; therefore newbies don't know who she really was, and what she's become. And I pretty much don't recognize her old personality anymore, either.

My loyalty to the Queen remains, even if based solely in the past.



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Looks like Nora is already making this more boring. All of B1 went visiting B2 but Nora and Irma left after just a short while.
It seems pretty boring at B2 tonight but I don't think they even stayed long enough to figure out if it was going to be fun.
Jessica and Nicole is still there and Denaya and Karol doesn't really look willing to party.

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You wouldn't think it has been 2 years since Nora was last on rlc being she is such a leader you would of thought she come back sooner lol. But her having the babies probably delayed the return i am pretty sure she had babies?.

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Hi Nora, welcome back, you are one of the legends, show these newbies what is done correctly.  I have a request, do not straighten you hair, looks great as if you showered a towel dried and comb it.  It comes out thick and beautiful.


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I don't believe that she had any babies, or that she is actually 27  or 24 or that it's her birthday. But I'm really big on speculation about the RLC house of smoke & mirrors. We have little data with which to reach conclusions and must therefore suffer the uncertainty of speculation. We shall see what her role is now on RLC--- she is definitely the Queen of mystery. Her actions have become unfathomable, in a calculated sort of way. Maybe. Or maybe not. 

I don't suspect that she'll be the Mother Superior in this apartment; I think she will assume a different role. But certainly, as far as the entertainment and modeling business in Barcelona, she is the mentor for these girls.






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From the Chat Room Nora and Irma went out then separately I presume Nicole too leaving Jess alone to do her cam show for a while. She stopped and had lunch then was on her bed. Irma and Nora return with shopping bags and Jess came down.I had just sat down so good timing.

I guess Nora has realised she has no option but to up her game clothing wise in the apartment. She has bought a negligee similar to the one Lima had and came down wearing it with nothing else. Irma then appeared in her purchase. Jess must have felt overdressed and sad that it is her time of the month. As I type she is in the shower, I wonder what she will come down wearing in a while.

10ed66.jpg       2b0c5f.jpg             380b2a.jpg

46cdd2.jpg                    5a020b.jpg                   6498bc.jpg



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Well it all came to nothing. Nora and Irma ate their meals than sat for a while watching TV from a laptop. Irma looked bored and went up first then Nora a while later. Will Nora become as carefree about flashing the pussy as Irma and Lima?

Nora and Irma then had a shared bath which must have been at least an hour. Jess meanwhile was camming again. All three came down for a short time but are now in their rooms. Irma and Nora look ready for sleep while Jess might be camming again.

Nicole came back with Fernando plus a guitar and amp. They are now under the covers but are their thoughts something other than sleep ?


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