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    Zoya Fan Page

    zoya is leaving I'm going to miss seeing her jilling off I'm going to miss seeing taboo well here same pic for you guys enjoy them good bye zoya p.s. here same of taboo also
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    Fan Page Renata

    YUP , and Tourette’s Syndrome is the one who started it all by judging Renata... And unfortunately the other 2 slobs followed her suite and now Renata has been alienated... Don't blame her at all for leaving everyday now....why should she stay there and have to fake liking them.... Just Sayin...
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    RLC girls take notes

    I have been around the block a few times & seen many wonderous things, but tonight was great to witness. A girls night in with Nina,Serena,Edda, a blonde-ish friend, and a dark sultry friend.Which saw an underwear fashion show by Serena, A game of Twister in underwear and lap dances given by Serena. She gave a dance to the blonde-ish friend but she got embarrassed, so Edda took her place. Eventually the two friends took the hint and went home. Nina,Edda & Serena had a nice shower with each other and then moved to the bedroom. The bed had various toy's,paddles,dildos,ball gag, y'know the usual. What followed was an hour & a quarter of pure lust with all three girls getting into it and into pleasuring each other. At the end they all toasted each other on a great night. Nina sleeping on the LR couch, Serena & Edda sharing Nina & Alan's bed. Do yourself a favour, get a subscription!
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    Max 2017


    Some of you are like a group of woman.. Like to see what some of your partner's thought about what some of you say about the girls especially.
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    New pole for Linda.

    we all would love to see linda use that pole
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    RULE # 1 - No rules to adhere to. Do whatever the fuck you want while subscribers handsomely compensate your stay in the free apartment with expenses paid and all the other benefits provided (sshhh - we won't elaborate in writing about all the other free perks you will receive). RULE # 2 - refer to RULE # 1 above RULE # 3 - refer to RULE # 1 and RULE # 2 above RULE # 4 - refer to RULE # 1, RULE # 2 and RULE # 3 above RULE # 5 - refer to RULE # 1, RULE # 2, RULE # 3 and RULE # 4 above RULE # 6 - refer to RULE # 1, RULE #2, RULE # 3, RULE # 4 and RULE # 5 above RULE # 7 - if you read the rules up to this point - congratulations you more than qualify to be our next tenant to tease and taunt all our paid subscribers (also known as "suckers") and free cammers (also known as " cheap bastards"). All that we ask is that you strictly follow all the rules that you just read. Now please sign here _____________________ (tenant applicant - also known as "part-time cam participant")
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    2nd shout box needed urgently

    100% agree with you and ADMIN is trying to search out a new type of Chatbox that will be much better than what we currently have which will hopefully have more features available. It does surprise me that older aged members have fallen into the trap with respect to making up stories about the girls, curious about where the apartment is and what the girls do when they leave the apartment or hiding from the cams (such as "up on a roof " or "playing hide and seek" or "blocking the cam trick" or "girls moving too fast which fucks up and freezes the cam video" or other intentional acts to prevent viewing by the cams). It has gotten so bad that ALL the expert chatters even know what the girls are thinking or what horny thoughts the girls are having or what STD diseases the girls might have or why are some girls dress the way they do or what serious health issues she may have or what their boyfriend is thinking or what their parent's visit was all about or what they were even saying (now some of these chatters are translation experts) or why a girl shaved another girl's pussy or what were they watching on their phones/laptop or what illegal drugs they were using or how they try to get others drunk to take advantage of another girl or how awesome the undercover masturbation was just by the slight movement of the blanket or why one girl is pissed off at another or why one girl is being avoided or why guys are at the apartment (oh yeah, they must work for RLC) or how the tenant got upset after reading RLCF/CC comments about them or many other stupid comments and ideas. Now imagine if these members could interact with the tenants. Would they conduct themselves in this same "stalker type" behavior and ask the girls all the disparaging stupid negative questions and be ignorant and disrespectful to them? I think not but the chatbox has gotten childish, immature or into a gossip type format which doesn't provide anything informative, truthful or even remotely being a positive complement to the RLC voyeur site. All these chatters forgot what a VOYEUR site is all about and sad to say are a major problem for RLCF and a big distraction for members that want to fully participate in the chatbox and forums. These chatters either have blinders on (can't see how pathetic they are) or their true colors/personality has popped it's ugly head (got nothing to do with their cock but rather their twisted thinking head). I am only saying what I believe most RLCF members are upset about. The Chatbox needs a major overhaul NOW!!! Can't blame RLCF members giving up since this has been allowed to drag on for so long. In my opinion, Camcaps(CC) is tough to navigate throughout their site and much different than RLCF. CC members rarely use the chatbox but post comments within individual apartments instead. RLCF appears to be fading fast and even some mods rarely show up now (only StnCld316 and occasionally texl01).
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    Get Rid Of B1 and B2

    yeah lets get rid of b1 and b2 so the chat box can stop talking about b1 and b2 all they do in the chat box is make shit up or they think they know what goes on in both apartments or saying that this girl is jealous of the others wtf hay guys do you know what you call people who say the same thing over and over again you call them insane http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=insanity
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    Mature couple or single Lady.

    There was a man from Nantucket Whos cock was so big he could suck it He said with a grin, as he wiped of his chin If my ear was a cunt I could fuck it.
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    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Bunny Wants Pussy
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    what does bi and b2 stand for?

    Bollocks 1 & Bollocks 2 lol
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    Fan page Sofie

    Now that Sofie has gone the ship has began to sink, Sofie was good for B2, nothing fake always herself and kept the viewers coming back for more, she always gave us a show at least 3 or 4 times a week, I believe because of the great comments she was getting, she might have been getting a few bad ones from one or two of the girls "Just my thoughts and opinion" and she may have been ready to go. I was so hoping that she stayed and moved into the big room. Sofie was not one of the girls who stayed out 6 nights a week and stayed in only when its was that time of the month, and she mostly stayed to herself. Good job Sofie, I hope you return again.
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    Fan page Sofie

    Sadly, Sofie has left B2. She was definitely the one who kept B2 alive. I will miss her since she provided us with so much during her stay. I wish her well in all of her future endeavours. Hopefully, she will return to RLC.
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    Fan Page Sher

    From saturday morning.
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    Fan Page Polya

    bye poyla have fun back at home and don't come
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    Fan Page Kaley

    Watched her take a bath the other night.......nice Bod.... Small tits thou... Still wouldn't kick her outta bed for eating crackers.......lol
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    Fan Page Tereza

    The lovely Tereza (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    Site Outage

    The site was down for about 36 hours (maybe 48) because the SSL certificate was expired. I was traveling at the time and I was unable to update the certificate. However, the certificate has now been renewed and all is well. Thank You,
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    Voyeur Villa

    Wonder if these girls can concentrate on their exercises while having their pussy and asshole licked. Women say they are great at multitasking so I am offering to do the licking but only if they keep exercising. Ok - I lied - I will offer to lick their pussies and assholes period - lol.
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    Voyeur Villa

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    Raja raju


    Thanks to you cyberleader
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    In weightlifting terms this is called the clean and jerk - she cleans her pussy while I jerk off - LMFAO
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    When it comes to Alan & Serena's relationship,I think that Nina had set some ground rules. I get the impression that it's like the shop sign's, 'look but don't touch'! In Alan's case when it comes to Serena it's.'touch but don't lick or fuck'. Alan has spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment within an inch of it's life & cooking. There are a beautiful bunch of roses on the dining table. Can we assume that Nina is set to return? Let me give you some advice lad. Change the bed sheets! As for the couple that were there yesterday,apparently they are called Edda & Joe and they are known to VH aficionados. For me Edda can return anytime she likes! They had a nice session on the LR couch, spoilt for me by Joe grabbing her head and forcing some deep throat action. Maybe it's a generational thing, all this aggressive sex stuff. Ropes,bondage,slapping & anal etc,maybe it's because their generation have grown up with porn available to them 24/7 on their smart phones, therefore these sorts of behaviours have become normalised? I don't know? Don't get me wrong, a woman who can perform deep throat stuff is to be applauded. But I really don't like seeing women being forced and gagging. And if there are guy's out there who don't understand the point I'm making, try this. Go to the shops get yourself a 6-8 inch salami/chorizo sausage and try sticking it all the way down your throat repeatedly and see how you get on.
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    Gia looks so adorable in this position. Can't decide if she has the look of a contented girl or a sex crazed nympho. Either way she is cute and enticing to be with. Mike you are a lucky bastard to have a sexy horny girl.
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    Gia knows how to do it - naked housework. Hey, I might even help her to do some housework instead of jerking off to this view. For me sex would be the follow-up to this type of teasing. That ass wants me bad - I can tell.
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    Fan page Sofie

    Since she wasn't an official tenant, I won't create a fan page for her, but I feel Irina deserves some attention. Sofie brought her to the apartment last Sunday, they arrived at 20:26. Today at 17:41, Irina left with her suitcase. Pretty much the moment she set foot in the apartment, she adapted to the undies-only dresscode, and didn't try very hard to hide in the showers. Thank you for sharing a week with us Irina, you are smoking hot, and seem like a fun girl. I hope to see you again on our cameras.
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    StnCld316 great captures of Catlyn. My first reaction "Oh My!!!!". Hard to believe but I was speechless. You didn't leave much for my imagination which is a good thing because the real deal is the best. This girl sure worked her pussy with 2 toys (and not the type you buy at Toys 'R' Us - lol). Now StnCld316 let me commend you for the prize pic of Catlyn in the ultimate doggie style position. I think the neighbors thought a wild animal was creeping about but it was just me letting out a loud R-R-R-R-R-R-R!!!! I would love to pound her pussy (and butthole if she is up to it) so hard and with every deep thrust her head would bounce off the headboard of the bed. It looks soft so she wouldn't get a head banging headache but it sure would be funny as hell. If a girl really wants to get to know me all she has to do is assume this position and I'm "good to go" - hey, I am easy to get along with - just a horny fuck - plus it don't take much persuading since my cock has the final say -LMFAO.
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    Fan Page Kaley

    That's quite alright by me.
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    Voyeur Villa

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    I have to agree. So many times you log in to catch up and get the same 4 or 5 conspiracy theorists discussing what the girls are up to outside of the apartments; they are hookers, they are dealing drugs, they are escorts going to hotels with their regular clients, etc. Yet there are other things going on: we get to see Nelly pop up at Nelly's; we have seen Dasha at Nelly's, Masha's and even at her old place with Eva. Martina was certainly the talk of the town when her parents were there and Marga was translating (that was hilarious). While they are on vacation Lana and Robert's has been quit the place. But sometimes you get on and are drowned out by the other chatters and they want nothing to do with you; and if you disagree with them you get shouted down. I do not necessarily want a separate chat; I want to be able to discuss the apartments, what is going on in various parts of the world and chill out. I agree with @alittle, who still has the best avatar going, that B1/B2 cannot be the only place of interest. That is why so many logon and sit in the background.