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    In the past few months, it is apparent Members are becoming too Critical and Disrespectful to RLC Tenants. Comments being made lower the standard of RLCF and this reflects on all Members here. Banter is acceptable if appropriate , but Tenants are NOT Whores, Hoes or any other derogatory terms being used. Please THINK before commenting and phrase comments with respect . In the past, We have expected Members to treat each other with veneration and this seems to be adhered to. It was stated long ago the Tenants are open to any critic, comment good or bad , or distasteful post. Obviously, this ruling is obsolete and archaic . Please help to maintain the the reputable standard of our site - RLCF Thanks Fellas - texl01 Chat Moderator.
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    Wow some of you really do think you are the Dog's Bollocks. Disrespect some of you show to others is Fucked Up. Just because you are older doesn't mean you know everything.
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    Please review the camera feed from the evening of the 20th. for possible events of assault and noq-consenual sex. There were several instances at a party ther there where five men in the apartment tried to force themselves on the ladies attending. There were multiple occasions where the girls said no to sexual advances from the men and were rebuffed, and some instances where the free movement of girls in the apartment was restricted by the same men. Further, all of the girls appeared to be intoxicated and at times unaware of what was happening, or powerless to stop them. This theme has been a constant at this apartment since it’s inception, and I do not believe it is the kind of content that either RLC or their customers desire to be presented. An apartment advertised as occupied by two ladies has in fact been inhabited by a pack of at least five unruly drunken adolescent boys. Please consider evicting the current occupants before more serious incidents occur, with possibly serious criminal charges attached to them.
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    This is the problem of joining immature young boys and idiots in an apartment, alcohol does the rest and if above the owner of the house vanessa is an irresponsible happen these things .. The first responsible are those guys who have no education and do not know how to treat a woman, maybe no one taught them that education and someone should let you know even if it is bad ways ... but for my vanessa is also responsible for everything was Out of control ... that girl is very immature, selfish and irresponsible and can not have so many people in charge in her apartment ... this was seen coming since they opened the apartment for vanessa..this girl is problematic And one more thing, I know that the guys and girls in that apartment know that a lot of people see them and try to give some hot show ... but when they are so young it is seen that they have no limits ... it is my opinion they are Too young in that apartment and too immature to give this responsibility to them
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    I have sat on my hands for three days about this, I’ve tried to ignore it but I feel compelled to speak out now. Yes it’s about Masha & Sasha again, because I feel that are certain members of this forum that are being incredibly rude and disrespectful towards them, and for me it has to stop for the good of the forum. When I joined this forum there were rules about the conduct, behaviour and language of members toward one and other in the Chatbox. But also when talking about the Tenants. I have seen members of this forum silenced and/or banned for derogatory comments or language aimed towards the Tenants, especially the girls. For the past three days there has been an almost constant barrage of abuse aimed at Masha & Sasha. Again the subject of TK is brought up with monotonous regularity, even though the man has not been at M & S’s since January. There was a gathering of friends at M & S place last night, I will admit that I did not see the party and arrived as everything was winding down. But I was reading the comments on the Chatbox, they repulsed me. The general acceptance seemed to be that it was only a matter of time before Masha f**ked everyone in the room, and that Sasha was trying to get off with one of the female guests. And it would probably all end up in a gang-bang. Despite there being no evidence of any such intentions the various members continued with their outrageous comments, referring to Masha as a ‘Hoe’. They used this sort of terminology even though there was a female member in the Chatbox at the time. That, Sasha is a broken man, he cannot satisfy Masha anymore ever since TK etc etc There’s no point in me repeating the rest of it, you have heard these comments before, it’s difficult not to, as they are repeated on a daily basis. There 19 are apartments containing 43 tenants not including family, friends or pets yet there are certain members who only watch M & S to pick up on every nuance so they can weave it into their own narrative. I have an interest in Masha & Sasha, same as I have an interest in quite a few of the other tenants, I am not a Masha & Sasha uber-fan, although it might seem that way. But these certain members are fixated with this couple. They like the spread their toxic bilge and infect as many people as possible, the same little clique that feed each other in a self-perpetuating shit storm. And what have Admin or the Mods done about this situation that is turning members like me away from this forum….fuck all! This situation needs to be addressed as soon as possible, because at the moment this forum is heading at great speed towards the buffers.
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    Let me start by saying that it was not my intention to single out the Mods for any undue criticism,I appreciate the work our Mods do, I have always had a good relationship with them,probably not anymore. I have been a Mod so I appreciate what a thankless task it can be. But moreover I was having a pop at the forums membership in general for letting this place descend into such levels. We were always better than that. The chatbox used to police itself when there were no Mods around. But I think that people have lost faith in the system. In that what will really happen if you report someone,probably nothing except leading to bad feeling.Certainly from personal experience one individual made some despicable accusations against me,I reported it & nothing happened,the accuser is still a member of this site. The Mods need to have the power to reinforce the rules,otherwise what is the point in doing the job if you are expected to have all the answers and non of the powers? When i was a Mod I worked on an American Football mode,4 downs.1st a friendly warning,2nd a strong warning,3rd a final warning ( + a time out), 4th it's time to punt....boot you're out of here. This was manageable with the ability to silence that person for a period of 6/12hours (the time-out) or a permanent-ban. It worked, unless someone was a complete idiot. (trolls,spammers etc) I also appreciate the work that StnCld316 does, he had to step into some big shoes at short notice.I also appreciate that his loyalties lay with CC and his time is spread thin trying to look after both places. Which is why our Mods need more powers. But more important is the behaviour of ourselves,there are some people that need to look in the mirror & question their own behaviours, some of it bordering on socio-pathic. Are you happy that decent members of this forum do not want to come here anymore because of you? Special notice should be given to our Mod Texl. A good guy who by his own admission has not been around as often as he would like.Quite a few of us know that he has had major problems with his PC and couldn't get on-line.I for one appreciate Texl's style of friendly management and there is no way he should shoulder any blame for the state of this place,it's the memberships fault. If Admin or the Mods or members are pissed off at my comments,and want me out, then I will fall on my sword and leave this forum for good.But at least now we are having a debate about our forum, and what is good for it in the long run.
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    Goodbye, my loves. Have a safe flight home, stay beautiful and vibrant. I hope you had as much fun here as I had watching you. You two are superstars and I hope to see you again sometime soon. С тяжелым сердцем мы должны отпустить наших Ангелов, чтобы они могли летать. Пока мы не встретимся снова с моими прекрасными Ангелами.
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    Given Vanessa's track record with RLC, I was surprised that she was given an apartment but RLC seems to be having difficulty in find new talent these days. By Friday evening, I had my doubts about V&M. Far too much casual sex, even for my liberal views. Saturday evening was just a night of debauchery. Too much liquor, too many guys, too many girls who were under the influence of too much Jagermeister and lack of common sense. A disaster in the making. If the owner of the building gets notified by the police, there's a good chance that RLC will get its lease terminated. As far as Vanessa and Marketa are concerned....you blew it, in more ways than one.
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    Well, really what matters is no longer what we think, that are no longer opinions, more or less founded, and all respectable. Now the case is in the hands of the police, Actually we do not know for sure, because of the presence of the police in this house (we all assume that reason, but in reality, no one could bet their salary for a month for that to be the reality). From my experience as a lawyer, and some colleagues in the profession who are here, I hope you will think like me, in real life, for less, a man is accused of sexual assault or attempted rape. Those are bigger words, it's not a game. And I repeat, I can not assure you that the police visit is for that reason. I do not know how Czech justice will act, nor what kind of lawyers can have RLC in that country. But for now, I think things will change, because I think that the police, the first thing to do, will be to ask for all the charges, as well as all the contracts they have for these people to be inside the house ... The investigation is not simple, it is more, it depends on which justice can touch you, could even reach a precautionary suspension of the transmission from that house. I say, and this is for people who do not understand laws, and wants to know what consequences it can bring.
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    See some of the bullshitters were in the other day chatting the same shit they were last year, and as usual when asked if they had any Proof either changed the subject or acted like a little Bitches. Good to see some things never change. Note to Newbies. Don't believe everything you Read.
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    So Eric & Layla's friends came over again,this time the cute girl friend was a lot more daring than she usually is,normally she wears a track suit. Nice evening had by all,the girl friend didn't look bothered when Eric started to get a little lewd with Layla. Meanwhile her boyfriend was more interested in watching video's, although she did drop enough hints. Eventually everyone started settling down for the night,except the boy friend who carried on watching the laptop. The girl friend was getting frustrated by him & went to sleep. Meanwhile Eric & Layla had a very nice session of quiet,discreet,'let's pretend we're asleep' sex only feet away from the oblivious video-boy.
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    I've seen some things on the cameras that make me wonder as well, but that was a while ago. What bothers me it that in the last (three?) months, the go-to explanation for everything that happens in or outside the apartment is that the girls are selling their bodies to the highest bidder. I am certainly not getting too attached to the tenants, but I find it very offensive and insulting to be calling some of the girls prostitutes without a shred of evidence. That's just plain rude. Maybe the girls are out a bit to much for some peoples taste, but that's no reason to lash out at them like that. I don't mind opposing views, I like a good discussion as much as the next guy. And yes, I enjoy watching the girls, and express that by posting things like "Look at Rosie's bum ", of "Oh wow, Gina is flashing the kitty ". When things are boring I will also admit that, we don't have to avoid negative post all together, when it's not good, it's not good, and I don't mind other people posting that things are boring this particular night, or that girl such and such did something stupid, but I have a major issue with people (this is not directed at you @ed2, by the way) spamming the chatbox with literally hundreds (!) of posts (and another estimated 300 in the CamCaps forums) with their crusade against RLC, how it's a ripoff, how the girls are not doing what they are paid for, being out all the time. If your really dislike RLC that much stop sending them your money, get another hobby, and let the rest of us enjoy RLC and have a pleasant conversation. I have no interest in wading through a ton of post of someone "defending the rights of the RLC customers". I am a customer, and I can take care of myself, thank you very much. That's okay, we all have different expectations, but they need to be realistic, otherwise you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I won't call myself a veteran, I've been around for close to a year and a half, some users way longer than that, but the Barcelona apartments (well, there was only one at first) have always been like this, with the exceptions you mentioned. If it's not to your liking, fine, there are plenty of other apartments. The "vacation" apartments are different from the rest of RLC. The girls are only there for a short while, go out to enjoy the city (and right they are) and show on the cameras what they are comfortable with. For some girls that is more than for other girls. Some will bend themselves over backwards trying to avoid as much nudity as possible on the cameras, others retreive the Pink Tarzan from their drawer and take it for a spin. And once in a while they have some activity which seems orchestrated, but the way I see it, they're at least making an effort to entertain the viewers for a night. Yes, it might be repetitive, but there's only so many things you can come up with (bodypaint, massages, shared baths, you name it). I'd rather watch some orchestrated activity with interaction between the girls, than all girls in their own rooms glued to their phones. I am very easily entertained. I watch seven girls in their lingerie or less on my screen, and I am entertained, anything more I consider a bonus. I'm on RLC just for the boobs and bums, and on RLCF for a nice conversation about said boobs and bums. I welcome your opinions, and your English seems just fine to me. Then again, it's not my native language as well, it happens to all of us that something we tried our hardest to post in correct English misses some nuance.
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    Most of the time it's what most of you idiots " Think " is going on in RLC that's the Problem. Few of you need to change the Record and if you don't have PROOF keep your fucking mouth shut.
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    If the chat is Just Crap and the same shit you have heard a million times better just not to bother. Personally it ain't worth my time or energy.
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    Couple photos of Jasmin sunbathing in her bedroom yesterday.
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    Camarads have a new couple, Lilly & Gabriel. Buxom brunette entertaining her guy.
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    Above I said that 'why not?' girl should. Well she did!. She does c2c shows, I don't know what site,but I would like to. Every so often she would go off to the side room and do a dildo show. I don't know her name but I know she speaks English,she's a Gemini, and she calls her boobs Hansel & Gretel! Very sociable & fun in her chat interactions. Camarads should sign her up & give her an apartment!
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    Let me begin by thanking each one of the forum members that have eloquently voiced concerns about the conduct and behaviors of those making the chat room a place for voicing opinions, both about the tenants of RealLifeCam.com and the contributing members of the forum, RealLifeCamFan.com. We never intended to reprimand those that commented negatively towards the "PLAYERS" of the apartments. They make the bed, they lie in it. We have, over time, had to reprimand some members, (many have asked to be removed, been removed, or just no longer participate within this forum and also, a sister forum.) They took the negative comments about the dwellers of RLC personally. Like the tenants and players cared about being defended. Something is mental here. The Moderators do the best we can with the powers afforded by the Administrator. Over the few months, as many as 6 or 8, the moderators haven't been given authority to ban members for derogatory comments, particularly those made against other members of the forum. That being said, the Owner/Administrator of RealLifeCamFan.com makes an appearance now about as frequently as Haley's Comet. The only authority the chat moderators have now is to label the offender as a Spammer, which disallows them the opportunities to post comments. Then an Administrator (StnCld316) 'notices' the spam label and bans the IP Address. Over time, the Moderators (ME) have been very lax in handling members that no longer follow the Code Of Conduct; If you notice, it never, if ever is referred to the newbies as a condition to join the forum. Admin was asked to make reading and following the rules upon sign up with RealLifeCamFan.com. Since they, (he) never made this a policy, I never broached the subject with him again. Here's hoping he will read our posts and continue where the upgrade changes left off. ********************This has been beaten like a dead horse, but here it is again.**************************** RealLifeCam.com is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! There is no lasting benefit from watching people go about their every day lives, (sic), The members of this or any other forum on the internet that make these Voyeur sites anything more than what they are, need professional help, not offered here. Plank, put your sword back in it's scabbard; there'll be no falling today!
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    There are certain times when Mods are not available to Monitor the Chat as they have regular jobs that they must to tend to. If you come across a certain situation in the Chat where someone's abusing the Rules the best thing to do is get a Screenshot and Forward it by PM to one of the Mods or Myself then the situation can be dealt with when one of us are available.
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    Goodbye Lia & Mia, have a safe trip home. I am really gonna miss you two, you were a joy to watch. Beautiful ladies, and everything in twofold (some things even in fourfold). Thank you for sharing a bit of your lives with us, and bringing sunshine to ours. The best of luck in your future adventures, and don't be a stranger, feel free to drop in anytime you want.
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    Hi [email protected] Sorry, I know I'm one of those negative posters. I'm sorry I've been one of those who ruin the good atmosphere. I'm guilty, but feel sorry. Don't take it too hard. Hope you'll come to the chat more often again CowArt, you're a nice guy. I've read this thread, and I'll tell you what I'm thinking: 1. On the matter of accusations of prostitution. I'm pretty sure Lima was. She had some very explicite phone calls in english on cam. I've seen things from others too, but nothing so explicite, so it remains assumptions on my part. I wouldn't bee surprised if several of the girls are in that kind of business though, but I think no less of them for that. My question, why do some members get offended to read such things about the girls? I see that many accusations are only unbacked insults, but I also see unconditionally defend of the girls' dignity. Don't get too attatched to the tenants, and let critique offend you. We pay to watch them. RLC isn't exactly sunday school either! 2. On the matter of complaining. I take self critique for always sounding negative, I also will try to bee more positive. When that is said, I think I'm of a different opinion than you @CowArt. I never wanted to join a fan club where you only read comments like "X is spreading her legs" or "I think Y looks so lovely". I wanted a place to hear, share and discuss thoughts and theories about RLC and what we opserve. As voyeurs we notice details in the tenants' life, most often it is nothing, but we deduct and make us up a picture of what is going on. I want to share and discuss this. Even if I think a theory is stupid, it gives me some perspective. I thank @texl01 and @toolmaker123 for not give warnings or even ban people only for dissagreeing, like I've both wittnessed and experienced at CC. 3. On the matter of expectations. I admitt to not beeing easily satisfied. I want real life. It can bee boring, but I accept that. I love n&k, and Adriana or Maya can bee great too, I never complained about that. I like the concept of girls apartments, but disslike RLC's chose of casting. When the girls of Barcelona do endless tease shows, hide to masturbate, and the action there is is too obviosly orchestrated, I complain. I can find still pictures of naked bodies or staged porn elsewhere, the internet is full of it, when I come to RLC I expect something more realistic. I like Heidi, and Barca were great with girls like Nicole, and also Lima if I remember correctly. P.S. This is just my opinions, I don't want to sound hard on anyone, but my english is not the best, so I can fail to express my nuances.
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    I think that the issues that you have raised here, frustrating though they are, can only be viewed as frustrating and nothing more. The two biggest gripes over the past few months have been that most of the girls don't show/perform enough and they go out too much. Obviously one can relate to the other because IF they are getting " satisfaction " outside the apartments, they are not going to need it inside. Unfortunately, the problem with complaining about this is that the simple response would be that it is not stated anywhere that any actions of a sexual nature are guaranteed, or even possible. This is an expectation based on occasional previous events. None of the girls, past, present or future do anything that they are not comfortable doing, and rightly so. As I have said, the regular absences from the apartments can be particularly frustrating and they happen more now than ever before. When it was Lola, Megan and Amy when I first joined, I can't remember them ever being out in the evenings, but even Lola is at it now. However, bearing in mind that these are girls, primarily in their twenties, living rent free in a big city, with nothing to do, I am surprised that they don't go out even more than they do. In regard to the laundry room in b1, I agree that there shouldn't be a blind spot in a voyeur project which presents itself as it does but, if this room is being used for partaking in suspicious substances, as has been suggested, we should think about why they feel it necessary to have to hide away when doing so. We, as voyeurs, expect to be able to watch these girls 24/7 going about their daily lives. The key word here is " watch ". We are not their keepers and should not expect to judge their actions. We are now seeing the result of the reaction by many to the previous use of substances - which IS a part of many people's lives - partly in these secret actions and more-so in the scaled down versions of the party nights. The bottom line is that the best action from the back end of last year would not have happened without stimulants so, as far as I'm concerned, if that's what they want to use the b1 laundry room for, carry on.
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    With half the chatters at the moment I am wondering if RLC is feeding them a different set of streams than me...
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    I have never seen a woman with that type of artificial enhancement that I consider an improvement and I know that many people agree. Some guys only care about size but many of us appreciate beauty and it is unfortunate that women destroy their natural beauty to satisfy the outspoken guys. Those of us that appreciate the natural woman are less outspoken but I wish women were to hear more from those of us that appreciate their natural body before they get the operation.
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    A bit of encouragement to Sweet Rosie in regards to her roommates:
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