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    First off, a big thank you to @Admin and @StnCld316 for the hard work they put in to salvage the site. It really must have been hours and hours, because I see that not only the gallery is gone, but all over the forum posts have been deleted as well. Both the gallery and the chatbox were the main assets of RLCF. I posted my observations about the chat here in response to another post. In my opinion, that has to be addressed. Without the gallery and with an empty chatbox, RLCF will completely lose its relevance. And that would be a shame, us perverts would be forced to start gathering in the bushes outside someone's window at the risk of being arrested.
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    As you may have noticed RLCF was unavailable for approximately 36 hours. This downtime was the direct result of RLC filing a DMCA complaint against the site. Our host completely disabled the server and initially told me that they wouldn't even allow me to get the files off of it. This would have resulted in a near loss of the site as the only backups that I had on hand were almost a year old. I did have backups running but they were attached to the previous hosting account, and when they disabled the server they disabled my access to the backups as well. After some pleading I was able to get them to allow me 24 hours to move the files off of the old server. So here we are, we are on a new server that is actually much better than the old one. However, I am left with no choice but to ban any RLC content from being uploaded to the site directly. I have removed the gallery feature as it was almost entirely comprised of RLC material. I may re-enable the gallery in the near future but users will not be able to upload any RLC content to it. I hate to have to do this, but as I see it we either lose the whole site or we stop allowing RLC material to be uploaded. That being said, we will still allow embeds and links from other sites, so if you would like to post something here you'll just have to use a third-party host. We will enable direct posting for non-rlc boards in the coming days. As for you premium members I ask that you bear with us. In the near future we will likely add premium member only boards that may have fewer restrictions, but we are still working on a strategy for that. I respectfully ask that you give us a few days to lick our wounds so that we can figure out a strategy to move forward. This all happened very suddenly and I as well as @StnCld316 have spent many hours over the last few days dealing with this, we came VERY close to losing the site entirely. I appreciate your continued support and I hope that you'll stick with us. This change helps to ensure the long term survival of the site, and I think it will work out in the end. And of course, there are no laws against talking about things, so feel free share your comments, thoughts and ideas. Thank You, - A
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    What us older members are saying is for you to look closer at the content being discussed in the chatbox. Compare the subjects or topics being discussed now or has been discussed over the last 6-10 months to that of 1 to 1 and 1/2 years ago. Only a dozen or a bit more than that are frequent chatters now. In the past we had probably over 100 frequent chatters. The old members got fed up with the bullshit chatters or trivial boring topics of discussion. Yes, boring RLC is the main reason for the chatbox to slowly die but the confrontations, useless topics and the decrease in posting images has turned chatters away. You can only complain in so many ways until you say FUCK IT. There is less respect in the chatbox also. The code of conduct should be enforced.
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    I know that, but have you actually looked at the chatbox recently? And I mean really looked at the chatting, not just checking if it was still there and functioning? And looked at it say a year ago? I estimate the number of individual active chatters dropped about 75% since then. Back then you had to be quick to be able to read your own post without having to scroll up for it, and there were people on the chatbox 24/7. Now there are hours on end with no posts at all. What I believe are the reasons for that are in the post I referred to in my initial post here, and several users, myself included, expressed their concerns about the chatbox in numerous posts in the Anger Board. No, the DMCA thing does not affect the chatbox, but the chatbox was pretty much allowed to kill itself in the last couple of months. RLCF had four assets: The gallery: That's gone now. Any attempts of restoring that will put the whole website at risk again. You can't hide behind third party hosts, RLCF will still be publicly facilitating the exchange of copyrighted material. Google the "King Kong defense" and give the guys over at the PirateBay a call how that worked out for them. The chatbox: Not dead yet, but certainly not as alive and kicking as it once was. The forums: Dead since RLC started banning users who posted pictures. The most active threads have nothing to do with RLC, that are the Camarads and the VHTV threads, and a couple more that are just some random joking around. The messenger system: A lot goes on in there, but does that need to be on RLCF? All you need RLCF for is to meet people to have a PM conversation with, once the initial contact is made, you can move that conversation anywhere you like. The reason I brought up the chatbox is because you yourself asked to " share your comments, thoughts and ideas". If we're trying to fix things here, in my opinion we should at least make an effort to fix everything that is still fixable, not patch one thing up, go on our merry ways and in six months sit and wonder where it all went wrong.
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    Nice Drawing, I tought about Leora with her coffe mug!
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    This morning Nicole had her second big seizure. That makes three in total, counting the very minor one she had in the living room Wednesday evening. So far, the only indication RLC has given that they are aware of the situation is they cut this morning's episode from replay. Sofie and Nicole went out this morning, Sofie came back alone 15 minutes later. We can only hope she escorted Nicole downstairs for someone waiting in a car to get her the (medical) attention she needs. This afternoon's UM at B2 could have had something to do with Nicole, but we can't tell for sure. Nothing in her room was touched during the UM. During her first big seizure, she hurt her eye badly. Reportedly, during this morning's seizure she fell out of bed head first, and hurt her face again. On both occasions she was relatively safe in bed when it started. You don't want to think of what can happen if she has one while leaning over the balcony railing, or walking down a flight of stairs. I wasn't Nicole's biggest fan on her first tour, but I'm liking her this time around. I would really like to see a happy, healthy Nicole for a couple more weeks, but I believe at this point she would be better off at home, with friends and family. Not in some apartment far away from home with a bunch of perverts watching her.
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    The latest version of the forum software was released this week, and it has some great new features. I will likely be doing the upgrade in the next couple of weeks. It's a complete version upgrade not just a service pack. One the new features is the ability to create create "clubs" which are essentially private groups. I will provide more details later, but it has a lot of new features that I think will be very beneficial for us.
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    The chat box issue and general lack of traffic are in my opinion the result of poor management on my part. Several months ago (6+), we instituted a policy that restricted the amount of pages that guests could view to 6. At the time this was done to encourage people to register, and to prevent guest from abusing the site. We also regularly had several hundred people on the site at any given time so the loss of some traffic wasn't a huge deal. However, that policy was never reviewed nor was I paying close enough attention to the analytics. I think that this policy turned a lot of people away over time, and didn't give potential new members enough time to get a feel for what we have to offer. Hell, I don't know that I would stick around or revisit a site that forced me to register after only seeing six pages. I have now disabled that policy which will hopefully encourage more people to join and participate.
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    What do you mean empty chat box? There was no action taken against the chat box. The gallery will come back but we won't be allowing direct uploads of RLC content. As to the deleted posts they are being restored we are just removing images that have been uploaded to the server. As for posting pictures, you still have the ability to post content you just need to use a third party host like Postimage.org or Imgur. On a side note, I have removed the guest viewing restrictions from the site; which I think had a very detrimental effect on things. People would come to the site, hit the six page limit and then leave (the analytics data makes this very clear). With the restriction gone hopefully traffic will pick back up.
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    To be BANNED by RLC is one thing, the resolve is easy - You just join again. You lose your 1 , 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. After numerous bans, it can be expensive , as you get no gain apart from the Altruism you may experience to share and generate comments. I was prepared to PAY and join RLC , however I had a permanent Ban imposed. SO- WTF does one do ??. Toss the site and find another ? It is not on my conscious to have POSTED and receive no penalty. RLC should have in place a method to prevent free-loaders Posting. RLC collected my money , willingly, and banned me. I am just getting my money's worth and some ( as THEY Do ) NO one has ever complained about my posts , surely Members saw them , and did not mind, Hell 150 - 200 'looks proves this . Comment unwarranted and inappropriate .
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    I am grieved by the notification of RLCF being targeted with a DMCA order. ( I guess it dispels our thoughts of the two sites being in collaboration , at the present anyway ? ) In other ways I am happy , as this will only strengthen the RLCF Family , and increase the bonds of the "Sharing Network" which is in it"s infancy. The "Network Sharing" is among members who trust each other, to share Pics, Clips and Vids. Without fear of having them "APPEAR" suddenly elsewhere . Hopefully this is a curve for us and will strengthen the true Voyeur bond, United we stand , divided we ????
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    The chatbox and the gallery were always the best assets of RLCF. With the DMCA take-down this week, we lost the gallery. The chat is still there, or what's left of it. It used to be a place for pleasant conversation, some banter, and discussing what happened ON the cameras. But not anymore. Most of the apartments aren't mentioned at all. Interesting stuff happens there, but chatters rather talk about B1/B2 even when the the apartments are empty, than mention the other 17 (!) apartments. The chat is all about guessing what happens outside the B1/B2-apartment, based on bits of conversations that are taken completely out of context, translations of conversations that are incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain false. The times I log on to the chat, all I see is the same bullshit over and over again from a very limited number of users that are completely obsessed, mostly with Gina. If she blows her nose, it must have been because she had been snorting cocaine off camera moments before. If she sits in the corner of the balcony smoking, it must be weed. Whatever she does, a conspiracy theory gets dreamed up around it. We always had a pretty steady crew on the chatbox, ever since I joined over a year and a half ago. Sometimes a user disappeared, sometimes a user joined. In the last few months, all of the old crew has completely vanished from the chat. Now the chat is no longer used by RealLifeCamFANS, but by very few that only take pleasure in letting everybody know how bad things are. They will eventually leave too, once they've figured out that it might be a good idea not to watch RLC if you don't like what you see. Then the chatbox will be empty and all that's left on RLCF is the forums, which have been pretty much dead since RLC started wielding the ban hammer at every picture that got posted in there. RLCF already started digging itself a hole, and if the staff doesn't come up with a vision for the future, will never be able to get out of that hole anymore. And that would be a shame. I always liked it here, I met some good people here, who I enjoyed talking with.
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    I noticed that ass is getting a little meaty, which is the way I like it! I'd be on that constantly!
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    Not to blame all on Gina, but B1 is boring and have been boring for a long time now. Time to get in fresh new faces!
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    If a Third Party Host is used for uploading they have no reason to come after the Reallifecamfan Servers. The DMCA Takedown order will be issued to the Site where they Upload was done from.
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    I have to agree to a certain extent; However, without the authority we were afforded when we were appointed, we have kinda left the discipline to the Administrators. We report, they deal with the non-conformists as they deem necessary. We had the power to use our authority when we saw it necessary and we banned the perpetrators. We, the Moderator Team, have been lax in dealing with those that didn't follow the rules and the rules have been neglected by so many. Moderators included. It's been running fairly smoothly, with the possible exceptions, which have been dealt with by Admin and the Moderators both. Some familiars you don't see anymore for this very reason. WE want everyone to come, converse with one another, share grievances over the tenants and NOT over each other. Far too much of that in the past. We've come a long ways in a short time; weeded out the bad, tried to entertain the good. The sole purpose of RealLifeCam.com is for entertainment only; and the forum, RealLifeCamFan.com is also for entertainment ONLY. We niether gain nor lose anything by being here. Other than time. Remember that, always!
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    Briefly first thanks to Admin and the team for keeping RLCF alive. I have contributed screen grabs from the free cams. I saw this as a way of balancing the details posted by RLC subscribers. My postings had tapered off primarily because there has been little that is interesting and fresh on RLC when I have been viewing. My only comment is that publicly or privately nobody had advised not to upload images other than the risk to me of being totally blocked from viewing RLC. RLC's stance on content from the free cams is of course their choice but actually is publicity, as has been pointed out by numerous people. Only by finding it do people then visit the site and maybe subscribe. When I first found RLCF I did join in the chat room but generally stopped for two reasons. The first was that I felt posting on the fan pages was better because the content was permanent and second it was often difficult too keep track when multi-tasking on email, and other websites. Finally Admin don't be too harsh on yourself about falling traffic to RLCF. First for many it is summer so other activities going on that are not in the depths of winter and second IMO anyway RLC has become less interesting.
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    You do what you can; change what needs changing and stick with what works best. Some are not going to like those changes, but that's a case of Mind over Matter. We don't Mind and they don't Matter! I've always hoped for a more active participation. The freeloaders that come and 'collect' from others hard work doesn't seem fair to them. I've said this from my beginning with RealLifeCamFan.com. Some have been sharing through third party host with videos and pictures through PM. We've done very well staying under the radar.
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    I think the new normal will be that people will make better use of third-party hosts and content will start coming back. However, the content on the third party hosts won't last as long, so you'll have to check back more frequently to catch things before they are taken down. I think we will also see an increase in traffic and hopefully more participation now that the guest view limits are removed. But who knows? I've certainly been wrong before.
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    I will reiterate what @CowArt said and extend my thanks to @Admin and @StnCld316. Having worked in computer groups with large companies for years I understand the total panic when stuff like this happened; although ours were usually of our own making or major equipment failure. It is a cold, cold feeling when you know your customer's data is out there but you can no longer access it. While it is shocking what our Host did, it is probable we should all have seen it coming. In the 18 months I have been on RLC and over a year on RLCF, we have seen numerous other times where RLC jumped in and we found huge numbers of pictures and video clips gone with only links left to where they used to exist. At the same time users who were posting this content were banned by RLC, many in only their first few days on the site. Yet with all that happening and many RLCF users telling others that you will get banned and that RLC will end up getting their stuff removed; many people kept posting this material, most of them being users who were already permanently banned on RLC so they figured they were immune from any retribution. Guess what guys: YOU WERE FUCKING WRONG! And as the last few days have shown, RLC was able to exact retribution and those of you who did, and lets be real here: you really know who you are. put this entire site in jeopardy. Maybe it can be saved, maybe not. The gallery was pretty cool if you wanted to get a perspective of prior life of the long term tenants and apartments but the pictures were a snapshot in time. Posts in the Forums can provide the same insights but using words. So in the long run, with DCMA's lurking over our heads like Damocle's Sword, it would appear verbal accounts will have to suffice. There are still other great things to do in the Forums, such as those who post about a certain event and post a music video or clip which seems appropriate; just ask @ShakaZulu, the king of sound clips. I hope those in power here can come up with a plan, and solicit suggestions from the members, on what RLCF should become after its transformation. There are lots of nice, although somewhat perverted, people on here and it would be a shame to see it all go.
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    Well said Sir Cow! I agree with everything you outlined. To many of us it was no longer worth the grief and aggravation to be on CHAT most of the time. It used to be fun and not so much about the items you mentioned. For the most part I know log on, look to see the current stream of topics and if it looks reasonable I will join in. Most of the time I end up just watching from the background and shake my head in disbelief. I guess we will see how it goes.
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    Kitty's Cuties packed their belongings and left the building. Bye girls, thanks for visiting, and please come again.
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    she will be missed,as she was the only one really worth watching
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    It good to see that Kitty has some nice looking girlfriends, and she and Smith has move up somewhat in their apartment as far as entertainment, I am loving her masturbation sets, I hope the girlfriends won't stop coming over, who knows whats in store for the days to come!
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    She stod there painting while listening to relaxing piano music. Suddenly she got very emotional and started crying. Like she was thinking of someone, or maybe a memory linked to the music she was listening to. She went to the bathroom and stayed awhile before returning and packed away the painting and colors. Maybe she's just a little homesick. Let's hope it's nothing serious.
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    Danaya, baby David, our good ole friend Adele and the baby's godfather.
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    These two are so far out of sync sexually, look at them when he's up for it she isn't, when she's up for he isn't, and when they do get it together she has to do all the work, and he's the one supposedly trying to get fit, so it becomes understandable why she prefers to go for solo satisfaction. For those who probably thought I'd forgotten it's been 32 weekend's without her going for it on a Saturday before today's session, on saying that she has been handicapped having Dick Head at home.
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    she seems a lot happier since its just the two of them again.
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    Sasha in heaven, surrounded by 4 lovely ladies.
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