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    And now an artistic study in Voyeurism, entitled 'The Glass of Milk'.
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    I have also discovered that Topless Yoga does not hurt. Namaste!
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    So a quiet afternoon,the girls sitting around,Jess exercising, turned into an impromptu dance party. Move over Jess, Irma has moved on. Note the last few pics.
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    Thanks for the nice caps, @Landais I'm adding a few as well.
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    So it looks like I am not the only one having impure thoughts about cake!?
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    The twins cooking a little earlier in identical tops and slightly different knickers. I'm sure Irma will find out if the zips work or are just trim, right now she is at B2. Good to see them each with a decent healthy plateful, the second plate was off camera, as some on RLC are rarely seen with a decent meal.
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    Still can't tell the twins apart, and I really don't care as long as they stay together lol. Went for Mia's section just because she has lesser posts than Lia. They've been up and down most of the evening - playing around in their room, and then playing music and dance in LR. Looking cute and sexy in their bathing suits. I also think they stepped out for a short while, 'cause suddenly they were nowhere to be found (or blind spot in apt? I never saw them leave - correct me pls) Anyway, they started playing cards and the loser had to dance topless on the couch. It didn't take long before the other twin joined in. They gave us a nice 10 minutes of topless dancing - what a show As many of the other "models" I've seen in Barca apts, they can't really dance but have learnt a few moves they repeat over and over. And I find it quite sexy and entertaining. Enjoy the grabs, I'm sure alot of other members will post as well.
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    Looks like Nina & Doe Eye's are going out somewhere nice. Kira (Cinderella) looks as though she is the designated driver. I think that Nina looks stunning!
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    No answer I still put the "smiling cat" ( in French ; il se fend la poire ) :
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    And some others : (the 3 last are not mine)
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    I read some people saying (Curious, Carl ...) Stella didn't show nudity and I must react to this ;
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    Whether you choose to believe what the girls talk about is one thing, but assuming you do, from their conversations we can ascertain the following: Alex is a long-time friend of Irma. He pays for her Gym subscription, and to go for nice meals, and in return she sends him dirty pictures and stories about her life. Irma spoke to the other girls about him a long time before he first made an appearance on cam He is absolutely in love with her, but Irma told the other girls she has never had sex with him and has no interest in doing so He has a tiny penis Irma described the size by holding her finger and thumb close together. She has seen it in the swingers club Irma's mother knows him, so he may be a friend of the family. She spoke about him whilst on the phone with her mother a couple of days ago. Whether her mother knows about the details of their relationship is not known He didn't pay to be at the party on Valentines, Irma invited him Like I said, whether you choose to believe that is true, but those are details which have been spoken about
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    More JASMIN........ Man she is so gorgeous
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    Ok, for those of you who missed the bukkakke party at B1 tonight - here's a capture I named "Twins covered in sperm". Just kidding of course, but funny as hell lol
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    Welcome back to Musicians Corner with Plank. Today we have a study in Sound. Notice how Anabel is practicing in the kitchen. This is not so she can keep an eye on her cooking. It is so she hear the violin's sound reflecting off the highly polished surfaces. It is the musicians equivalent of singing in the shower. The sound will be more 'alive' than in a normal room that has carpets,curtains & upholstered furniture etc, where the sound will be duller.
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    These two have way more energy o burn then Irma and Stella........lol
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    Again today airing the kitty although that long top / short dress covers it. My kind of girl not wasting the budget on fancy undies .
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    So good to see Stella and Irma back together!
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    Lia naked downstairs https://mab.to/tswsrpEM8
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    A translation of the final conversation leading up to the fight, kindly provided by Yury at CC "Apparently the quarrel began somewhat earlier. In the kitchen Nicole puts spoons and forks in the drawer. Estelle shouted to her from the corridor that Nicole should not make so much noise. She enters the kitchen and asks Nicole, 'Do you really need to put away spoons and forks at a time when everyone is asleep?' Estelle says that Nicole prevents people from sleeping. Estelle talks loudly and is behaving rather aggressively. Nicole asks Estelle not to shout Estelle says, that she will write right now to "our friend" [mot likely meaning the Emperor] that Nicole disturbs the girls when trying to sleep. Nicole says that Estelle can write to anyone whom she wants. Nicole says that she is tired of Estelle. Girls continue to argue. Nicole says that Estelle behaves aggressively. Estelle insists that Nicole prevents the girls sleeping. She says that Nicole should go to bed and calls her hysterical. Nicole asks Estelle to leave the kitchen, she can close the door and then in the apartment they will not hear the sounds of the kitchen. Nicole shows Estelle an obscene gesture. Nicole says that Estelle had sent her on the dick [a Russian insult] and until she apologises Nicole does not want to know her. Then Nicole furiously throws a bottle of olive oil and demands that Estelle leaves the kitchen. Nicole says that she had feared that when Estelle arrived in Barcelona, her behaviour towards Nicole would not be good. Nicole says that she warned Estelle that it is better for girlfriends not to share one room. Girls continue to quarrel and insult each other. Estelle said that Nicole makes noise to spite to her. Nicole says that she just wants to eat. Nicole again asks Estelle to leave the kitchen. She says that she does not understand why Estelle behaves in this manner. Nicole says that at home (in Russia) Estelle was a completely different person. Nicole says that the situation with Mark opened her eyes to Estelle. She says that Estelle does not listen to the opinion of Nicole, humiliates and insults her, constantly quarrels and argues with her. Estelle laughs and says that Nicole talks nonsense. Estelle says that Nicole has bothered her. Nicole said that Estelle has bothered her too. She says in a whisper something about the situation with Mark. Estelle says that she will fuck in the ass Mark and Nicole with him. ("To fuck in the ass" means to treat Mark and Nicole with indifference and contempt). As I [Yury] understand it Nicole wanted to stay alone with Mark and asked Estelle to leave (the room?). Estelle rudely refused. Estelle says that Nicole sat down on her neck. She calls Nicole a human-parasite. Estelle says that Nicole bites humans like a leech and sucks out all the force. She says that Nicole uses people for her own needs. Nicole says that now Estelle herself hinders the girls sleeping with her loud shouting Estelle says that she regrets that she had a quarrel with the girls [Danaya and Angelina] because of Nicole. She says that the girls were right, and Nicole is exactly as the girls said she was Girls continue to argue. Nicole once again asks that Estelle leave the kitchen. Nicole says that Estelle threatens her and behaves like a gorilla. Estelle protests. She says that Nicole does not have the life experience nor the brain. Nicole says that she knows her worth and is not going to argue with Estelle. Estelle asks: "For what price are you on sale for boys? How much does it take to show this? (raises t-shirt and bares her breasts) 2000 Euro? Five blouses, five dresses?" It was following this fight started" And some additional comments from Yury "It seemed to me that Estelle from the very beginning of conversation behaved rather aggressively. I think that Nicole had gone into the kitchen trying to finish the quarrel. Frankly, she is not making a noise so loud in the kitchen that it is worth raising a stink because of this." And about Estelle's final comment: "I want to emphasize: Estelle is not talking about prostitution (selling her body), but that the girls show their body on cameras of RLC. €2000 is their monthly salary on RLC. It is not the first time an amount of €2000 arises in conversation between the tenants." As always, all credit to Yury. And it is worth noting that this is only the last 10 minutes or so before the fight, they had been arguing on and off all day
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    Did he pay to spend the evening with half-nekkid young girls? Watching this old fart in B1 is just tragic lol
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    Earlier Jess was exercising and the twins eating at the table. Irma returned. Later Jess ans the twins were on the floor with a board and pens, maybe using Jess's phone for translation. Irma was on the sofa not really joining in. I first thought a post in the chat room was a joke but then looked and she was knitting.
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    From Lia & Mia's page. Irma comes down and into the kitchen with the guy. By the time I swap camera's she has her bra off. He then leaves. Is he Alex from the club ? Having changed Danaya comes down and sits in the corner. Irma has a dance with the twins and tries to involve Danaya but she stays in the chair. Now Danaya is up with Irma in her room. I'm out again for about 45 mins, I hope they wait to start anything exciting ....
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    It appears that the folks at RLC have so far too been to busy to add the new tenant to the apartment listing. I'm sure they will get around to it soon, and while they're at it, rename camera #3 to "Bacon's room / Kitchen". Welcome to the project buddy. Be careful though, the three girls eat healthy and take good care of their figure, but every once in a while, one of them gets the munchies in the middle of the night. If you spot one coming at you with a knife: Run Bacon, Run!
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    Mr Floppy's Visit After midnight LT last night Irma dressed and popped out (not her tits, ho ho - I mean went outside). The twins had gone to bed and Jess was twiddling her thumbs, but after 10 minutes back came Irma with a long haired layabout. Chat said he was a skater she had met in a park. Maybe. He had long hair, a smug attitude, no obvious means of support, claimed to have travelled and lived in many countries, spoke English naturally with lots of casual swearing and may have been Canadian, had lived in Barca for a couple of months in a nearby flat, got various jobs as a sort of model/greeter because he could smile and was a quick learner. He had the casual entitlement of a Trust Funded spoilt brat, and certainly annoyed all watching by his smug ........... ok we were jealous of the bastard because he appeared to have travelled the world on his wits and was clearly expecting to bonk Irma. This led me to wonder would this lead to a change of our view of Irma? Essentially she is our best hope of some girl girl, tries hard regularly with anyone to hand, and appears likely to actually go for it if any girls ever respond positively. (Heidi's 2 hour les-sex-fest appears to have been an accidental one-off, unless RLC can track down that girl and get her back to have a go at Kristy). What would it mean if she bonks this bloke? That it has all been pretense? Only that evening Irma had been flirting aggressively with one of the twins, and becoming ever more affectionate with Jess, and what about her potential tryst with Ilona from her last visit? These moments of doubt of all we hold dear and know to be true shake us to our very foundations. They spoke in English, tried to find a comedy film with English subtitles, sat as a trio on the sofa for a while and very shortly after Jess went up to bed Irma and new bloke followed to Irma's room. She had a shower. He took of his trousers and put them back on again and lay fully dressed. She came in naked, put on her sleep mask, and both went to sleep! Much gasping in disbelief from assembled chat watchers and cries of 'what a loser'. Still, he was the one in bed with a naked beauty we all adore. No sex. No stiffy. Floppy hair; floppy nature. And in the morning not much better. He got to massage a naked Irma with cream rather than olive oil! But when she turned over and I was thinking now he will prong her she clearly said 'no thanks'. And then they came downstairs. The twins seem disgruntled he was there, Jess got his numbers because she wants to go to Canada (posing as a lesbian refugee from Russian harassment), he rolled around on the carpet to everyone's annoyance and then at last was gone. Good riddance Mr Floppy. But I have a horrible feeling you'll be back.
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    Oh, I wish I was Jessica! Be still My cock Heart
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    A few grabs from this evening. They really belong to a B1 page rather than any specific girl. When I first looked in all 4 from B1 were at the table. Irma had her tits out of her top. She, Lia and Mia were drinking wine while Jess looked to be on orange juice. B2 then arrived and brought another bottle of wine. Irma was giving Danaya a tit massage, although now Danaya owes Irma two, then all went blank. From the chat room Jess moved her laptop to behind the Christmas tree at the same time as the cameras went blank. When I next looked the camera were back but B2 had left. Talking of Christmas trees and decorations, as well as the stair rail lights the plaque is still up in the corner, it is February tomorrow so time to start guessing when they will be put away this year.