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    99% of us may be watching for the human entertainment but realistically, the animals are on view much more then their owners. And in regards to M&S channel, those cats are hilarious and even the dog can be entertaining (when the cats try to mix it up with him). But as implied in my original post, I don't think M&S are not caring for their dog as is necessary. The dog...THAT dog, needs much more exercise or it wouldn't be eating itself OR sleeping for 18 hrs/day (you average cat & dog take short naps throughout the day equivalent to 11-13 hours).
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    Well said, Hollywood. I've come to enjoy watching Alina's cats, the way they pester the dog and older cat and how well they put up with it. The time zone I'm in, there's rarely anything happening and I can go days without seeing anyone doing something interesting. Being a cat lover, at least there's SOME entertainment value before I go off to surf other sites...
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