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    When I looked in today I was greeted by Jess and the guy she was with on New Years Eve / New Year Morning in the kitchen. Jess was cooking wearing her apron braless, as she did when she first arrived but had stopped doing recently. He was getting the odd view of nipple as she moved. Irma then appeared. She was not trying to keep fully covered either but rather being the tease that she is. Of course it is for show as she knows how to keep viewers interested and hence RLC management happy but it is so natural to her. At least on RLC I don't think she is interested in guys, if she was I'm sure she could have come back with a guy like Elisa did. Rather the competition is between her and the Guy for Jess. Jess did get the guy working in return for his viewing. Nora briefly appeared. The best she could manage was a vest and shorts. She soon went back upstairs. After a while she changed and went out. As I type this Jess has changed into a vest and shorts. She, Irma and the guy are in the lounge talking. I had other things to do but did get some screen grabs.
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    I agree implants just sux and she's really good like this