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  1. She masturbated last night under the covers. I don't mind the girls masturbating under the covers to be honest, that's real life, but I think covering your head/face under the covers is a bit much though. I wish more of the girls would be able to be like Adrianna and just do it, no shame no hiding, just real life (cam).
  2. Cant open these are they gone?
  3. has she ever masturbated?
  4. Was there ever a video of the masturbation?
  5. I really appreciate how much Leora does it, I just hate the fact that it's not really candid and authentic masturbation. It's more like a cam show or pornstar video. The truth is we can see girls masturbating like Leora does by the millions all over the internet. What I like is to see it real and candid, for example how Kam and Kirsty used to do. I really really like how Adriana does it too (but it's rare I guess). That is the real stuff.
  6. They have started doing archived videos now, which makes it very appealing. I wish RLC would consider doing this, that would make it so much better. Currently on RLC you only get to see what you are present for, if you miss something then you missed it. The way it works on VV is that members press record when something happens, so it's not work for the site admins, just members, as a "crowdsourcing process". Have RLC ever considered doing archive videos? Also it seems (since I have been watching the last few days) much more natural than what I thought it was like. Not so much performances for the cam, More like RLC. At least it seems that way to me for now, I like it.
  7. This is a great catch! Is there a video?
  8. Was there ever a video of this? It's amazing!