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  1. Still no sign of Mona who is away at a dance contest and I don't know if she will be coming back? I dropped in earlier to see if she was back and found most of the V V Men there, Ivo,Nick,Phil & Lex had all arrived at Volga, along with a heavy set beardy bloke, a milf & an older woman who looked like management?. They spent a while looking around the place,seemed overly concerned about the lighting? They spent about half an hour there, they switched off the lights and left. It would be a shame to lose Mona, gorgeous girl and fun from what I've seen. But V V have an empty apartment at the moment which they need to do something about.
  2. Just in time for Yoga. Nowhere near Jessica's level, but everyone's gotta start somewhere.
  3. Looks like Catlyn has had her hair did, slightly shorter, and slightly lighter. Cute AF ?, yes she is!
  4. Delivery Ninja.
  5. Oh goodie! I can hardly wait for all the negative comments to start about Masha & how useless Sasha is. But all those making the negative comments will be glued to it all for hours! Whooppeee!
  6. She is the Cleaning Ninja !
  7. Re my post above about Mona, V V have posted a bull-shit poll on their Twitter page. Maybe if Mona had some other housemates to talk to,engage with,have fun with etc,she wouldn't be out of the apartment so much. Maybe the subscribers need to stop complaining about Mona & start complaining at V V management for bringing in Nina & Bobby who were not liked from their previous role as guests at Tver. And little Anna who was a fish out of water. I said on Mona's first day that she looked like a dancer,and she is at a contest enjoying what she is obviously passionate about. Other V V tenants get to go on holiday,visit parents etc, but Mona can't go to a dance contest,what a crock. She's really going to want to leave the contest & return to a boring, empty apartment now isn't she? What a shitty way to treat the girl. I hope she tells them to shove it where the sun don't shine. On camera !
  8. Is it something like James Bond 007? Agent 69, license to perv? This keeps coming up in the Chatbox,so I just wondered? Years ago I remember that there was a problem with newbies arriving and wanting access to the Gallery & asking all sorts of odd questions. I know the Mods felt that these might be spies sent out by RLC to infiltrate our ranks. But at that time there was a 'gentleman's agreement' between them and our old boss BTR that allowed stuff to be posted to the Gallery, within reason. But since BTR left us we have seen the watermarks come in and a general clamp down by rlc on anyone posting anything anywhere, also resulting in members being banned. This has had an adverse effect on our Gallery. So it can't be that, because it's been going on for a while now? Is an rlc agent something like an Estate/Property Agent a Representative of some sort? Here to sell their site to us,encourage membership etc, probably not because they don't seem to like any form of customer feedback or suggestion. (see above) I am confused because it keeps coming up in the Chatbox when certain members want to talk about one subject and others don't. If you try and change the subject or challenge a viewpoint a phrase get's used along these lines, 'are you an rlc agent?', 'you are an agent of rlc'? etc etc Obviously sent here to run a covert mission of subterfuge,to throw people off the real story/issue etc. I wonder if the ones accusing people of being rlc agents are in fact double agents, claiming that they are on our side,when really they are agents, sent by dark forces to confuse,undermine,run-static etc. Oh it's becoming clear to me now,let me hypothesise. A tactic that could be used by the double agent is to bombard the chat with a fake story until it becomes folklore, and then denounce anyone who questions that story. Brilliant! For example,Fred & Ginger are a couple,Janet & John are another couple,so make up a story that Fred was seen having a liaison with Janet.Drip feed that story into the general population of the Chatbox. Give the story details even though it didn't happen, you didn't see it, you have no pictorial or video evidence of it & more importantly, make sure that no-one else saw it. If the story is repeated many,many,many times it will become fact. (internet laws see Trump,fake news,CNN etc etc) This is where the double agent lures us into a trap. If anyone should challenge this story the double agent can be outraged that his superior intellect has been insulted by you the pleb,and obviously you are too stupid to understand the story in the first place. Then the double agent will indignantly state that it's not his place to provide evidence of this story, and will then log out in a huff, thereby not having to provide any evidence,a win-win. And should anyone suggest that this can't of happened because Fred & John might be brothers, or that Ginger & Janet might be sister's, (or whatever combination),the double agent can then play the Incest card. The double agent issues accusations that the person( pleb) that suggested this are into Incest, or have a closeted interest in incest. This will enrage the pleb enough that they will respond aggressively, because they are a pleb and don't know no any better. The double agent now becomes the injured party and gets to log out in a huff again, another win-win. For this to work successfully the agent needs to make sure that there are no Mods or Admin in the Chatbox in case they decide to intervene, thereby blowing the agents cover. If anyone has any other theories on this subject,or has been affected by any part of this post, do feel free to join in, it is a forum after all, and we like to hear divergent viewpoints. If anyone is so bent out of shape that they need a safe space or counseling, do not hesitate to contact me by PM in the strictest confidence. Have a Nice Day
  9. It's not just me then? Thanks to
  10. I am getting a little concerned for the well being of the lovely Mona at Volga. All on her own whilst the rest of the V V crews are all having.... fun times. No news on if/when there will be any replacements for Nina & Bobbi & Anna. I have no doubt she probably has a friends & interests outside the project, but I think she's trying to put a brave face on it, wanders around nude sometimes,does some dance moves just to keep the punters interested,but it can't be much fun.
  11. Of course the argument will be, these are young women on vacation, so they will have gone out to explore the beautiful historic city of Barca and will no doubt be enjoying the fantastic night-life,as you would on holiday. I absolutely agree with you, treating the customers with contempt!
  12. I had a look,the living room cam wouldn't load, kitchen cam worked. 4? girls in an apartment in Brazil? Had a look at their site as well. Looks like it's a well set up Premium rate service, got it's own Twitter page and is linked with CameraHot, yet another cam-girl site. Not for me.
  13. I think the opportunity was there but he missed it. He was sat at the kitchen counter watching the laptop, cute girlfriend was getting a little frisky,he didn't take the hint & gestured as if to say, ' I'm watching this...' She shot him a filthy look got changed and went to bed. I don't think he could see Layla & Eric and he was wearing headphones, although they were being very quiet. At one point the girlfriend got up, a bit of moody and closed the laptop and tried to get him to go to bed, he opened it again and carried on watching music videos. Eric & Layla carried on what they were doing....for a while.
  14. So Eric & Layla's friends came over again,this time the cute girl friend was a lot more daring than she usually is,normally she wears a track suit. Nice evening had by all,the girl friend didn't look bothered when Eric started to get a little lewd with Layla. Meanwhile her boyfriend was more interested in watching video's, although she did drop enough hints. Eventually everyone started settling down for the night,except the boy friend who carried on watching the laptop. The girl friend was getting frustrated by him & went to sleep. Meanwhile Eric & Layla had a very nice session of quiet,discreet,'let's pretend we're asleep' sex only feet away from the oblivious video-boy.
  15. @ cyberleader, Stunning pics mate, thank you!