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  1. Just for information. Slight problem there, anyone who is a member of RLC that captures any picture or video of their site, & post's it on this forum or anywhere else,is likely to be found and banned. Notice the identifier number in the bottom left of any room. Also there are a series of 'watermark' dots that appear on the screen. RLC can, and do,use these to identify the member responsible and ban them.
  2. Looks like Nina & Doe Eye's are going out somewhere nice. Kira (Cinderella) looks as though she is the designated driver. I think that Nina looks stunning!
  3. Many thanks my friend,that has cleared up several issues for me. It also explains why I have had some very strange looks from my Spanish friends. I now feel sufficiently informed & confident to return to Spain on holiday,unless the £ falls any further against the €. By the way, I voted Remain ! In regard to mocking British Plumbing,there are two key issues. Why do Plumbers never turn up when they say they will, and why do they charge you double what they quoted? Muchas gracias mi amigo, que ha aclarado varios temas para mí. También explica por qué he tenido algunas miradas muy extrañas de mis amigos españoles. Ahora me siento suficientemente informado y confidente para volver a España en vacaciones, a menos que el £ cae más lejos contra el €. Por cierto, he votado ¡Permanezca! En cuanto a burlarse de British Plumbing, hay dos cuestiones clave. ¿Por qué los fontaneros nunca aparecen cuando dicen que lo harán, y por qué te cobran el doble de lo que citaron?
  4. I think your prayers were answered. Have a look at this, Looks like @PeterGrey,deserves a 'spotter's' badge!
  5. I've been doing it wrong, I thought they were for washing my boots!?!?
  6. Business is business,these are fiscally challenging times and this is a prime piece of real estate. Looks like they got the message then?
  7. What a difference a few days can make.
  8. I didn't expect any musical appreciation from you sir. You are from the land of the 'Screaming Octopus' or Bagpipes as they are commonly known.
  9. Welcome back to Musicians Corner with Plank, part two. I can barely contain my excitement, we have a more-some going on here! A Quintet! We are all hoping for a Sex-tet.
  10. Welcome back to Musicians Corner with Plank. Today we have a different type of Foursome than others we have seen. The classic Quartet.
  11. I must admit Jessica will be missed and will go down as one of the best Barca (1) girls. I wasn't a fan of hers at first but over time she has changed my mind. She certainly took no shit from Nicole. What with her fantastic body and beautiful smile. Her enthusiasm to get involved and entertain was great,some might say staged what with the cam-shows etc, but I will miss her daily sex-ercise sessions, topless yoga, dancing and the legendary Sexy Kitchen time, an apron never looked so good! Happy trails Jess, I wish her well & hope we get to see her return some day.
  12. What started out as Yoga session turned into some acrobatic skills showing off both of their core strength. One thing led to another.
  13. I would like to agree with the comments made earlier by the honourable member for Scotland. I dropped in for a look last night to see the fun with 'El Gordo',and as I have said before on similar nights like these, I find it all a bit sordid and sleazy. I have no issues with any 'sex workers' as such, we all have to eat and we all have our creditors,but these girls are behaving like lap dancers for hire, just that they have a much larger audience. I appreciate that for the girls this is relatively safe because of the cameras, rather than going to his place or some seedy hotel room. It would be interesting to know how much these evenings cost, or what goods or services are exchanged. I am not surprised by anything that Jess & Irma will do anymore, but I am disappointed in the Twins,. For some reason I thought they were better than that. I thought they would go out for the night or hide in their room,but clearly they were part of the 'package deal'. I am not a prude,far from it. and any of the B1 girls, or any combination of them, would be a very nice prospect, and yes 'El Gordo' or the Massage guy are very lucky blokes,good luck to them. If you enjoyed watching the evening then I'm happy for you, whatever floats your boat. But for me,when the bananas came into play, it was a major turn off.
  14. Yoga with Jessica. Namaste.