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  1. Absolutely agree! It is time for RLC, V V & Camarads to shape up or pack up. What a fantastic night at the Casa last night. It was difficult to choose what to watch,where & from which angle !
  2. This has come up before with different situations but surley RLC have some sort of 'Duty of Care' to this girl? If she collapses and cracks her head open on a table or whatever, and what if there is no-one around to help her then what, then who is responsible? Have a read?
  3. @CowArt & @ Bobbil have got it spot on. I am talking about interesting stuff that would benefit the forum, e.g Nicole's I said fits! A serious issue that has caused some concern for some members. I honestly don't give a flying one about Sphinx the Cat, the only reason I brought that subject up was I was concerned that it had been smuggled across borders,but that was answered thanks to @fray . I did not suggest that it should be compulsory to write stuff up,or to read it ,it's your choice. But it is a forum and the fan pages are going the same way as the Gallery,downhill. Or do we all think we should scrap all the Fan pages etc and just have a Chatbox? It would certainly make life easier for the Mods & Admin.
  4. I think it is official now that nobody knows what the fuck is going on at V V, not even them! Volga has been a shambles for a while, mis-matched or wrong choice of tenants. Nikita seems to have vanished,Greg & Inna seem to be living there, yet the apartment menu still has Mona's name up there? Meanwhile whenever I look in at V V apartments there are empty rooms,nothing going on at all. The only source of possible intrigue is GreenWood, will Ivo & Sonia and Lex & Iris ever swap partners.....probably not. V V updated their site last week and ever since it has been chaos,stuff doesn't work,people can not log in,cams don't load & it goes on & on. And V V are expecting their customers to send them screen grabs so they can try to work out what the hell is going on,but when the customers do send an email to 'support', no-one responds. They really need to get there act together and fast.
  5. I'm a bit busy with stuff at the moment, so I try drop in to see what is going on.......if anything. If you take a look down the Fan Page index you will notice that there is very little activity on most of the pages with a few exceptions. ( I have moaned about this before) Meanwhile in the Chatbox the conversations go on, but if you miss that conversation you end up not knowing the details and being 'out of the loop'. Then you have to ask someone what happened etc, people have start relaying the details, raking over coals etc...which is fine most people are accommodating and will assist. But it can be a ball-ache at times. For instance; tonight I dropped in and noticed a great piece of chat from our esteemed friend Philo about Dasha. It went like this; "Some apartments have learned how to fly under the radar. Dasha and Demid for example, attract little attention because they don't present a lot of nudity and sex but there seems to be more going on there than most for the observant voyeur. Dasha's latest male visitor has learned how to turn off the lights and to disengage the infra red cameras. I just watched a shift change at Dasha's. Male guests and Dasha have been going back and fourth to the patio all afternoon. They leave and two new guys come in and Demid goes to bed after being introduced. Dasha took a shower and changed from her classic shorts to a fresh pair of shorts with no panties. While the new guest wait, she puts on her coat and invites the two new guys to the patio. The are out there for almost half and hour. They return without speaking while Dasha goes to the bathroom without closing the door and brushes her teeth. When she returns from the bathroom, they say good bye to one guy and he leaves while the new guy beds down on the sofa for the night. As they come back from the patio, the new guy appears to be watching a replay of something on his phone while Dasha is watching something on her phone at the same time. The new guy has disabled the infrared camera in the hallway and in the bathroom at Dasha's Although Demid and the new guy seemed to be meeting for the first time, the new guy immediately took charge of the kitchen and started preparing something to eat without asking and went to get his own bed linen for the sofa without any assistance or involvement from Dasha. When he said good by to the other male guest, he seemed to be in the role of the host rather than as a guest. Looks like Demid is being cuckolded again?" A great piece of observation by Philo, I think you would agree. But I have noticed similar events by others in the Chatbox that never get written up, but why not write it up in the Fan Pages so we can all be informed & be made aware of such stuff? Thereby we can all keep an eye out for any further events,intrigue,shenanigans or fall-out etc? We can then add to that fan page with our thoughts & observations and so it goes,and so it goes,and so it goes.......
  6. So V V have updated their site, there are a few bugs that need to be ironed out. You might need to use the full address to get it to load. The Volga saga continues, Inna still there,Marna & Andy came over for evening entertainments, Greg visited her & Mona popped in. Angel has left the project......already? That has got to be a record for the shortest stay ever? New girl at Volga, Nikita, dark haired, sultry looking.
  7. Sad to say that I don't think all is well with Lilly & Gabriel. He has been spending a lot of time on his own in the bedroom. Last night, Lilly was asleep on the couch, Gabriel decides to wake her up & tell her to go to the bedroom. She declines and tries to go back to sleep, he then drags her off the couch onto the floor, she is rightfully pissed off, and resists. He then tries grabbing her ankles and dragging her across the floor toward the bedroom, she kicks him away and seeks refuge in the bathroom. Eventually he realises that he has failed & goes to bed. Lilly returns to sleeping on the couch. Another young man who needs to learn how to treat women, a young man who needs to learn some manners, a young man who deserves a good smack! PS, @camarads. I have the video evidence if you want it, I chose not to post it here out of respect for Lilly. If it happens again I will post it!
  8. I missed the first group session at A & A's last night,but saw the later one, I will come back to it,bear with.... There seems to be suggestion that Alex was in the dog-house for some reason,speculation that he had cheated on her etc etc. Two nights ago I spotted Alex and his mate Dean at Chloe & James' place. It was clear to me what their intentions were. The drinks were going down,a game of clothed Twister started. I could see that Chloe & her friend were uncomfortable with this but they were playing along. Although both girls broke up the momentum of things as often as they could. (bathroom break,smoke break etc) Chloe must have phoned/texted someone. A second game of Twister started, with various winks,nods & gestures between Alex & Dean. Dean encouraged the drinking, while Alex sat the game out but controlled the Twister spinner that directs play. He was obviously rigging the game, 'left foot red circle....oh dear Dean seems to have his face in Chloe's crotch'. The game finished and more drinks & smoke breaks. Alex & Dean are having a lads conversation, obviously trying to work out their next move. At that point two male friends arrive, Chloe looked very,very relieved! Alex & Dean knew their plans were blown and quickly left the building. On to last night. (might have been easier to do this with captions on the pics? Do try & keep up.) The Cast, Anna & Alex, this dark haired girl (DG1) who was involved in the group session earlier (see above). Another dark haired smaller girl (DG2) who seems to be a friend of Anna's, who opted out of the action. And a short haired guy (SH) who I have never seen before, but Anna clearly likes. It seemed that everyone was waiting for DG2 to go to bed in A & A's room. Once she did it quickly kicked off. Dean was with DG1 in the kitchen. Meanwhile in the lounge Anna is getting to grips with Alex & SH, and they are getting to grips with her. Just as everything is getting interesting,Dean & DG1 walk into the room, but it is clear that this is Anna's party & they leave the room & go to the bathroom, everyone trying not to wake up DG2. Maybe I am wrong but,I have seen Anna do most things with other guy's, but I have never seen Alex allow anyone to fuck Anna but him. That changed last night when Alex handed her a condom for SH. SH was screwing Anna as she sucks Alex, they then swapped. In the middle of all this Dean & DG1 enter the room, it is clear that A & A and SH don't care they are going to continue. Dean & DG1 get involved by themselves as Anna's threesome continues. Alex keeps leaving the room, Anna doesn't care she's having a great time with SH. Alex's turn with Anna, and it seems that he has a point to prove. We have all seen A & A going at it hardcore, but he starts hammering Anna, the hard slaps on her arse start going in whilst Anna is blowing SH. The aggressive fucking noises even attracted the attention of Dean & DG1 who wanted to see what the hell was going on. Alex was smashing Anna! Not sure if DG1 decided that she wanted some of that action, or if she trying to rescue Anna from the pummeling? She got involved, leaving Dean a spare part. Anna couldn't handle anymore & got Alex to stop, so he turned his attention the DG1.He smashed her as well! The noises DG1 was making I'm not sure if it was a massive orgasm, or if Alex had penetrated a lung!! SH went to fuck DG1 while Alex returned to Anna, but you could tell that the girls were done! But there was still time for an impromptu demonstration of how to deep throat.
  9. The lovely Catlyn, entitled 'Lost in Music'.
  10. Anna & Jane
  11. Rex & Dana & the red head round two. Rex,(the lucky sod), gets a double decker & shoots his load all over redheads back. Later her had a session with Dana.
  12. Not sure what is going on with Inna and her relationships with Greg and Marna & Andy? Saw Inna at Dubna getting a bag together, Marna was ranting in Inna's direction, Inna didn't respond & Andy stayed silent. Inna left to return to Volga without so much as a goodbye? So the new 'girl' arrived at Volga,don't know her name yet. One thing is for certain her & Inna have known each other before. Either that or their chat-up lines are dynamite !
  13. So Inna is still house sitting at Volga. This is to appease the folks as the latest new girl Crystal is never there? The other day the girls (jackie,Marna Iris & Inna) had a spa party at Volga, without Crystal? V V's excuse is that Crystal works two days on,two off. You would have thought that they should have considered that at the interview/casting stage wouldn't you?
  14. I don't want to get into this whole are they aren't they stuff? I think a good definition of their behaviour comes from the Urban Dictionary. Rinsing A posh upper class form of a gold digging. When a man showers a woman with expensive gifts and money for strictly no sexual flavors in return. In rare circumstances the man baring the gifts could get a 'Thank You' message left on a social networking site, but it shouldn't be expected.