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  1. Why am I reading CamCaps stuff on RLCF ?
  2. Look-alikes. Top Knot looks like Fabien LaRouche, Amanda DeSanta's Yoga teacher in the game Grand Theft Auto V.
  3. Before I begin let me make it clear that I am not having a swipe at anyone,these are my thoughts based on what I have seen & read. I might be wrong but I think folks are reading far too much into this Masha & TK scenario,so Masha looks longingly at TK,she really gets off on the sex & wants as much as she can get.So TK looks longingly at Masha she's sexy as f***,wouldn't you!? I find it interesting that no-one comments about the relationship between Sasha & TK's Gf, the way that Sasha treats TK's Gf with tenderness. Or the other night when TK's Gf couldn't wait to get into Sasha. From what I saw of the other night/morning, it was Masha who was guilty of a 'delay of game'. As I have stated previously,I get the impression that these four people have known each other a long time. Could be back to school days,flirting with each other at the school dance,snogging in the back of cars etc,I don't know,it is pure speculation on my part. Whatever their history,I have to admit that I am jealous of their relationship,where every so often you get to have sex with a different person with the full consent of your partner, without it ending up involving tears,screaming,violence and Lawyers! They trust each others friendship,and they know what lines must not be crossed, which is why they can have their weekend get togethers and have great fun with each other. The only way you can do that is by having total trust & understanding with your partner & total trust in your friends. As has been mentioned before by others,the only way that this scene happens is if the girls are ok with it all. If there were any doubt whatsoever about the safety of their relationship with their partner, or any chance that it could destroy that relationship, or destroy the long standing close friendship within the forsome, these weekenders would not happen. So what does this pic tell us?
  4. The morning afternoon after the night morning before.......
  5. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and admit that you were wrong. To Woods71 especially,but to all,Sorry,I get it now,Nora has changed my opinion of her.
  6. I can confirm that another Swinging time was has by all at the M&S apartment. It took a long while to get going,but it did, It started in the kitchen with creative use of the kitchen chairs by Sasha & TKGF. Whilst Topknot had Masha sprawled over the on the Breakfast Bar. It then moved to the bedroom where I couldn't see anything.
  7. Just for information. Topknot & Girlfriend arrived at Mas&Sash place late last night. Hence the furious cleaning of their apartment yesterday afternoon. The foursome drank shots,laughed and joked with each other before a tired or ill Masha tried to go to sleep on the Sofa-bed in the Living room, their guests have got their bedroom again. Masha didn't get much sleep as Sasha and their friends carried on partying until 6am their time, I also think she didn't want to miss out on anything. More shots went down,much merriment and Sasha danced,sort of. I get the impression that this foursome have known each other for years,very relaxed in each others company,as we've seen before. So....a fun weekend we hope.
  8. Update! Earlier Julia played an impromptu game of 'find the trouser snake'. She started laughing! The good news is that Eric did not take this as an insult to his manhood and also laughed!
  9. I have voted for unsure because it seems to me that especially the Barca apartments are slipping into V V territory. Pre-planned,staged,scripted call it what you will,but you only have to see how many members of this site turn up when one of the Massage parties gets going. This feeding frenzy will be noted by the powers that be, and obviously RLC are there to make money & we all know that 'sex sells'. I have a problem with the sleazy,sordid 'faux-hoe' nature of the Barca girls. If you want to be a cam girl you don't need to do it here on the back of paying customers who have already subsidized the apartment you live in. Also if you want to play at being an escort,do it for real,you could make a damn sight more money than whatever RLC are paying you. I am concerned that these girls are dipping their toes in a deep ocean & one day a shark is going to rip off their legs. As for rewarding Efim & Anabel for their performances at N & B's,like other members I also have a problem with that. Clearly RLC have sent out a memo to the tenants to encourage 'sexy behaviours' to increase viewer numbers. It seems to me that the newer tenants,Kitty & Smith or Julia & Eric feel the pressure of having to perform,instead of being allowed to settle in and see what develops,which for me is far more interesting. The 'thrill of the chase' and all that. It also seems like some of the long standing 'normal' tenants feel obliged to perform or else. I also have a problem with the draconian nature of RLC towards our site (& the other place) for posting pics or vids,yeah I know it's their copyright etc,but everyone knows if you Search online for long enough you can find what you are looking for. So it seems strange that they are not happy about a 'fan' site posting pics & promoting their site. I would have offered an olive branch, 'if you are a member of RLCF you get a discount',business is business after all. However,the subscription is a lot of money,and if RLC is turning into 'just another porn site' they need to be very careful that they don't price themselves out of the game.
  10. New look Bara 1
  11. Barca 1, Then & Now.
  12. Desiree accidentally takes the radiator for walk instead of the dog.
  13. Exclusive report from our correspondent Plank who is embedded with the apartment. Earlier there were unsubstantiated reports that Julia seemed to be in a, 'good mood'. I can now confirm that this was not an isolated incident, nor was it an attack of gas due to an excess of noodle soup. Her often pensive expression turned from ,nonplussed, to coy, to a grin and then into a shocking full blown smile. We will keep you updated as this story develops.