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    You are a very sick puppy.
  2. Zoya Fan Page

    What he said with knobs on ! Really liked Zoya, but I don't understand what a gorgeous girl like her is doing with a slob like Lev. But then again there is a lot I don't understand about the fairer sex?

    When it comes to Alan & Serena's relationship,I think that Nina had set some ground rules. I get the impression that it's like the shop sign's, 'look but don't touch'! In Alan's case when it comes to Serena it's.'touch but don't lick or fuck'. Alan has spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment within an inch of it's life & cooking. There are a beautiful bunch of roses on the dining table. Can we assume that Nina is set to return? Let me give you some advice lad. Change the bed sheets! As for the couple that were there yesterday,apparently they are called Edda & Joe and they are known to VH aficionados. For me Edda can return anytime she likes! They had a nice session on the LR couch, spoilt for me by Joe grabbing her head and forcing some deep throat action. Maybe it's a generational thing, all this aggressive sex stuff. Ropes,bondage,slapping & anal etc,maybe it's because their generation have grown up with porn available to them 24/7 on their smart phones, therefore these sorts of behaviours have become normalised? I don't know? Don't get me wrong, a woman who can perform deep throat stuff is to be applauded. But I really don't like seeing women being forced and gagging. And if there are guy's out there who don't understand the point I'm making, try this. Go to the shops get yourself a 6-8 inch salami/chorizo sausage and try sticking it all the way down your throat repeatedly and see how you get on.

    No mate, I'm not sure what is going on there either? And as I said above this might not end well? The other night saw Nina and Alan having a quiet discussion, that quickly escalated into Nina throwing Alan onto the bed followed by Alan roughly throwing Nina onto the bed, he then straddled her with his arms around her neck, slamming here head into the bed. Thank fuck it wasn't a concrete floor. It was so nasty that they received a phone call, (powers that be?) Alan got dressed and went to cool off. It worked because after his return N & A & S started their threesome. Right there is the difference between rlc & VHtv. An incident happens and VH are all over it. Their customers make a complaint, e.g. about a camera being obscured,they get it sorted. How many incidents have we seen on rlc that have been reported and ignored. I am speculating that the argument was Nina laying down ground rules for what he can/can't do with Serena & he didn't like it? I don't know? I'm not sure if Alan is wired-up properly? Very odd relationship? But as I write this Serena & Alan have a couple visiting them, and the cute girl of that couple is wearing a t-shirt,bra & pants and black this space? P.S.I would post some pics, but I am no longer sure what the rules are on that. I really don't want to piss off our Admin or VHTV.

    It seems that Nina & Alan are into their S&M stuff, and they certainly introduced Serena to their world the other night. Serena & Alan enjoyed each others company a few hours ago in bed, as he fingered her,while she blew him. It will be fun to watch as this develops, but I have a feeling that it will end in tears, and not because of the S&M stuff,but the emotional stuff between A & N & S. As for this rope-play,we've seen similar stuff with Alex & Anna with Rex & Dana at their old place. Maybe it's the area these couples have to look into when the threesomes,foursomes,swapping & orgies become boring?
  6. Zoya Fan Page

    It will be a sad day to see Zoya go! But I think we are all agreed that Lev will not be missed, he should have gone the last time he assaulted Zoya. And as for Taboo, don't get me started.

    Last night a new apartment opened it's doors. Please welcome Anastasia & Rock, and Adam & Jack. This apartment was set up by/managed by Alex & Anna. (what could possibly go wrong?) Opening night drinks happened & lots of dancing ensued. Anna took herself to bed, bearing in mind that she is pregnant. Eventually A & A went home leaving the new tenants & their female friend to have fun. Anastasia & her friend danced provocatively whilst the men folk got drunk. At that point I realised that I had developed some deep feelings for Anastasia. There seemed to be some cock blocking going on by one of the new male tenants,I'm not sure what his name is, he looks about 12 years old with a beard? I was shouting at the monitor, Oh FFS !. Go to bed you twat! and stuff along those lines. Anyway to cut a long story short, it ended up with Anastasia & Rock getting it on in the Shower, that moved to the bedroom and carried on. After a while the Girl-friend entered their bedroom whilst A & R were screwing, she got fully involved straight away ! Dayyyyyuuuummm! Threesome on their first night, what a great way to start, I hope it continues like this !
  8. what does bi and b2 stand for?

    Hiya ! We were all Newbies at one time, now I'm jaded & cynical. B1 & B2 are the Barcelona girls apartments. B1 was the original one, it proved so popular that they made a B2.
  9. Guest Topless

    I would like to state for the record again, that I have already volunteered my services to Nina &/or Kira,or any combination of both. Also that the artiste known as 'Doe Eyes' can be factored into this arrangement at their earliest convenience. I am on record on this very forum...thingy, that should Nina &/or Kira,or any combination of both ( as above etc ) require any meat in their to speak.
  10. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Oh I hope so ! Where do I book?
  11. Fan Page Ilona & Tim

    Ilona, can you send me some duty free booze & smokes....thank you, and lufffff you !
  12. Voyeur Villa

    Well played cyberleader sir ! Fantastic shots mate, thank you!