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  1. But I have always appreciated a neatly trimmed bush.
  2. Smith, young man , let me give you some advice. When your sexy girlfriend is laying next to you dressed in fishnets,the last thing you should be eating is food. Just saying mate.
  3. This afternoon Desi was cleaning and got in touch with her inner diva! I suppose it was a form of pole dancing? She followed it up with an excellent blow job!
  4. Yes I saw it, Alex was too drunk to funk! This couple are a lot more into it all than the couple in last weekends foursome. They pretty much did everything apart from f**k each others partner. A one point I think the girls took a double ended dildo into the bathroom and amused each other. This could be interesting to watch tonight?
  5. Other than the Carla & Mario ones you mentioned I can think of two. Nelly,sitting on the floor held up a sign to the camera saying, 'I love you Guys !' That picture seems to have vanished since the forum board was updated, unless anyone has it saved? And this one of Masha, in the middle of a rampant session looked straight down the cam lens.
  6. Even though Nina wears the trousers in this relationship. Kira acts like a typical bloke, see's her opportunity and pounces!
  7. Welcome back to Musicians Corner with Plank. Today we have a study in audience interaction. In pic's 1 & 2, notice how this enchanting chanteuse is concentrating on the music & exhibits 'gurning' as discussed whilst watching Anabel. Pic 3 shows her interaction with her audience in Pasha's Pamper Parlour. (There is no truth in the rumour that Sasha asked Pasha to cut his ears off, Masha's singing wasn't that bad considering she was singing in English.) Pic 4, shows Masha adopt the traditional folk sitting position known as the 'campfire' or the 'Kumbaya'. The final pic in this study is a fore-runner to the 'stage-dive'. However not a good idea when one is recovering from surgery.
  8. "Watch the real life of ordinary people filmed LIVE 24/7 by private cams." We've heard that somewhere before? We will wait and see.
  9. Personally I don't care if I ever see her again. Any woman that stands by & watches another woman get physically assaulted and does nothing is a c*** !
  10. So, the 'sham-pain' bottle in the middle of the table. Is it a signal to the outside world or what? I think it looks bad & gives the wrong impression to the viewers. I think this looks better. Just for you girls, don't mention it,........ it was my pleasure.
  11. Let me tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably ? Then I shall begin. Once upon a time I met a gorgeous girl. She is lovely,very good looking, a raven haired beauty.Fantastic figure,legs to die for, just one problem she didn't have boobs. Well she did, but they were very small. This had caused her problems ever since puberty, the folk around her reassured her that her boobs would fill out, 'it was only a matter of time'. they said, but the boobs never did. She was teased at school by girls & boys, she was called names such as 'tiny-tits','bee strings', 'fried eggs' & other insults were hurled her way.But she is made of stronger stuff than that, and she would often make jokes about her small boobies, such as, 'when I lay down my tits disappear'. But in reality it was an issue for her, it did affect her confidence,she said that she 'didn't feel like a real woman'. That she was envious of her friends who had a cleavage. That clothes never fitted her properly, and she was sick of having to wear a padded bra or the dreaded 'chicken fillets'. So she got a bank loan & went an had a procedure. She ended up with a beautiful pair of breasts that were just perfect for her figure, I know because she showed them to me! (No I don't have any pictures, you sick bunch of muthaf.....) The impact this made on her self esteem & confidence was incredible. She could also walk down the road and stop traffic. And in the end she married a prince and lived happily ever after. I tell you that tale because I believe this is exactly what Masha has been thinking, probably for many years. There have been numerous comments about her skinny, bean pole physique. But if you really look at her you'd notice that, she isn't a bean pole,she just had tiny tits that were out of scale with her body. I think this is why she has had the boob job. Not, as some have suggested, that she is doing it for Sasha or TK's benefit, or anything relating to either of them. She has done this for her. Yet the facile comments continue in the Chatbox, and to be honest, some of these comments are becoming tedious! Yesterday Masha was trying on underwear. A comment came up that she was, 'getting ready for TK's next visit'. Obviously the member that posted that immature comment, had not appreciated that Masha has gone up a bra size or two, and that some of her underwear & clothes will not fit, or will fit differently. Same goes for the comments today, whilst Masha was giving Sasha a BJ in the bathroom, 'she is practicing on Sasha for TK's next visit'. Pathetic ! This member I am quoting is obsessed with TK and is compelled to have swipe at Masha & Sasha every time he is in the chatbox. I for one am sick of this nonsense! The member responsible needs to consider his behaviour & maybe give his head a wobble, because something is clearly out of whack!
  12. I must admit Jessica will be missed and will go down as one of the best Barca (1) girls. I wasn't a fan of hers at first but over time she has changed my mind. She certainly took no shit from Nicole. What with her fantastic body and beautiful smile. Her enthusiasm to get involved and entertain was great,some might say staged what with the cam-shows etc, but I will miss her daily sex-ercise sessions, topless yoga, dancing and the legendary Sexy Kitchen time, an apron never looked so good! Happy trails Jess, I wish her well & hope we get to see her return some day.
  13. I would like to agree with the comments made earlier by the honourable member for Scotland. I dropped in for a look last night to see the fun with 'El Gordo',and as I have said before on similar nights like these, I find it all a bit sordid and sleazy. I have no issues with any 'sex workers' as such, we all have to eat and we all have our creditors,but these girls are behaving like lap dancers for hire, just that they have a much larger audience. I appreciate that for the girls this is relatively safe because of the cameras, rather than going to his place or some seedy hotel room. It would be interesting to know how much these evenings cost, or what goods or services are exchanged. I am not surprised by anything that Jess & Irma will do anymore, but I am disappointed in the Twins,. For some reason I thought they were better than that. I thought they would go out for the night or hide in their room,but clearly they were part of the 'package deal'. I am not a prude,far from it. and any of the B1 girls, or any combination of them, would be a very nice prospect, and yes 'El Gordo' or the Massage guy are very lucky blokes,good luck to them. If you enjoyed watching the evening then I'm happy for you, whatever floats your boat. But for me,when the bananas came into play, it was a major turn off.