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  1. Besides, all RLC would have to do is put the one called Paul in an apartment with the one called Lev or Demid and then they would already have it.
  2. Incorrect and you obviously do not know what you talk of here and must not be able to read very well or to comprehend what you read. I have had a number of pets and chose to continue to live and behave like an intelligent, rational, and civilized human being while having a pet instead of an inconsiderate and immature adolescent while having a pet, and that is called Real Life. Furthermore, if what was posted pertaining to pets is something that you do not agree with, then obviously you are someone who does not need to have a pet.
  3. Can you hook me up with that cap. of Leora's bedroom action last Wednesday when she started out with her knee-dancing with her ass towards cam #7 while watching music videos on that apple pc and ended up bating-out so I can add that session to my collection of Leora please sir ? If you could, I would greatly appreciate it and I don't repost anything I get from anyone else jugg.

    1. jugghead


      I would gladly. But I have no way to send video that's well over one gig in size.


  4. Strange, for even though I have observed they're action together in live stream, and also on most vid. cap's. of they're action together, I have never seen his pecker hard or even firm. Maybe 3 or 4 times he managed to get partially un-soft, but not nowhere near hard or even firm, even though as sexy and hot as she is, and how much of a turn-on she is, and how often she gets horny. That is why he has what is referred to as a pecker because surely it is not what most would refer to as a dick or cock, it is just a curved little pecker that he is unable to satisfy with. I believe the guy has phsycological issues when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of a woman and is possibly why he has E.D. issues as well. Not to mention the other phsycological issues he seems to be afflicted with. So unfortunate.
  5. Obama and demos say yes, but Trump says no also !
  6. Not only no, but hell no !
  7. Same old story. She always initiates anything because he is ignorant. Then, most action is performed by her while his lazy fat-ass is on his back. He is pathetic. One of the reasons why it is more interesting and enjoyable observing her solo.
  8. Aye, for he is the one and only captain caveboy. Started out when he first became employed, 6 or 7 days a week for a while, then went to 5 or 6 days for a while, then went to 4 or 5 days for a while, and now has only been no more than 4 days for a number of weeks now. Maybe he is working his way back to becoming unemployed so he can stay at the apartment everyday picking his nose while on the pc.
  9. Sure would be nice if she decided to more often. I'm sure it would be more beneficial for her for even added and intensive stimulation for her orgasm's other than just her fingers. Especially if it's the vib. type. Maybe she will realize one day.
  10. looks to be hot Rev, but that link to 108 zs shows as being an unsafe link. is there not another available anywhere such as mab or other ?
  11. For others, and RLC, and maybe eventually themselves without realizing it.
  12. Not anymore. All that has changed. She does not hardly show anything, and does nothing. What a shame, it is too bad.
  13. Well said raul399, I agree with this 100% sir.
  14. Also, if that kind of crap continues, they and she will likely clam-up and nothing interesting and hot will ever take place in that apartment anymore. then it will be just like most of the rest of the rlc apartments which are nothing but uninteresting, boring, and in no way worth paying any money for the opportunity to observe. all of the tenants in those apartments need to be replaced, have been there awhile and not in no way interesting at all.
  15. dougiestyle4u, I am aware of this as I also was a witness. it is part of what I was discussing in a round about way, and it is already up somewhere else with screen id included. they now know where to go look other than here, for in the past when they first discovered about rlcf, there was a similar change of behavior and activities, which did not seem to last as long as here recently up until this morning, and they eventually seemed to get past more quicker than lately and whatever else they have discovered elsewhere. if you keep observing this apartment enough currently, as soon as they find and see it, you will see what I am talking about.