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  1. Sure would be nice if she decided to more often. I'm sure it would be more beneficial for her for even added and intensive stimulation for her orgasm's other than just her fingers. Especially if it's the vib. type. Maybe she will realize one day.
  2. looks to be hot Rev, but that link to 108 zs shows as being an unsafe link. is there not another available anywhere such as mab or other ?
  3. For others, and RLC, and maybe eventually themselves without realizing it.
  4. Not anymore. All that has changed. She does not hardly show anything, and does nothing. What a shame, it is too bad.
  5. Well said raul399, I agree with this 100% sir.
  6. Also, if that kind of crap continues, they and she will likely clam-up and nothing interesting and hot will ever take place in that apartment anymore. then it will be just like most of the rest of the rlc apartments which are nothing but uninteresting, boring, and in no way worth paying any money for the opportunity to observe. all of the tenants in those apartments need to be replaced, have been there awhile and not in no way interesting at all.
  7. dougiestyle4u, I am aware of this as I also was a witness. it is part of what I was discussing in a round about way, and it is already up somewhere else with screen id included. they now know where to go look other than here, for in the past when they first discovered about rlcf, there was a similar change of behavior and activities, which did not seem to last as long as here recently up until this morning, and they eventually seemed to get past more quicker than lately and whatever else they have discovered elsewhere. if you keep observing this apartment enough currently, as soon as they find and see it, you will see what I am talking about.
  8. dougiestyle4u, maybe you have not checked in on this apartment recently. because for close to a month now, something has been going on to the point of the lovely one you mention, being extra reserved, concealing, and not the normal in good mood the majority of the time, usually open and more so uninhibited than not, self. no indeed. in fact, been in bad moods quite often, very concealing and staying covered for the most part, and very much inhibited. some, who also have witnessed this change, believe it to be from finding out about cap. posts to other places other than rlcf. it is known that they have been overheard discussing this around the time when behavioral changes started being noticed, and what they should and should not do concerning the matter. and now again, even though nothing has been posted here on the latest, it has been said that it has elsewhere. so, do not be surprised if you check in on this apartment, and things are not the same, because it appears that someone there is already looking to check and see if anything has been.
  9. Though her tan has faded, her beauty definitely remains. Why she has taken a path to not portray all the sexinesss she always has is unfortunate.
  10. He did not act that way with her when he was not employed for so long, but, instead acted like a little punk boy, but now that he is employed, it has been noticed that he is acting that way toward her at times again now. But still, when it comes to matters of sensuality, passion, and sex, he still and always has acted like a immature little punk boy.
  11. All it appeared to be was something about something at that desk where the pc is usually left at. I have seen him act that way with her in the past about things at that stupid desk.
  12. I've mentioned it in the past, and I'm mentioning it again. That guy in the L & P apartment has phsycological issues I am sure of it. Yesterday, she cooked and prepared a big meal for them, when he got to the apartment they ate, they then went into guest room and watched a show of sorts on the pc, after awhile they went to the bedroom and she gave him some, afterward they went into bathroom for awhile, when they came out of batroom, he went to pc desk and she went to finish cleaning and putting away things in kitchen, she then starts to go back toward bathroom and he starts yelling at her about something, and she said something back in response just before getting into bathroom, he then jumps up and walks very rapidly to bathroom and starts yelling at her again about something, then he returns to pc desk, a few minutes later she goes to spot off cam next to pc desk where she sets a lot and says something to him, and then he yells at her some more. Surprisingly, she was not yelling back at him at any time during the altercation. I feel for Leora, for that guy has some mental issues no dought. Yet she stays with his ass. Evidentily, she must care for him a lot to put up with such crap like that and she has in the past.
  13. Likely not going to happen now, or possibly ever again, for it is likely because of morons cap posts on sites like camcaps and others similar, that the change of behavior and activities has taken place.
  14. can you post in English mega_k2000 so all can read and respond if wanted to ? Greatly appreciated.
  15. hello beaf, do not know if you speak English, but I assume maybe yes you must as you come here to RLCF and post in the forums sometimes of which all is in English, so you must read English. So, it would be good if you do know English that maybe you could post in English so everyone can read and respond to any posts. It would be much appreciated.