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  1. ouch
  2. does anyone know why she's crying?
  3. do you think paul understands?
  4. won't argue with that Tbird
  5. can't believe this is actually exercise. i think she's trying to entice paul to come and get it
  6. not true txt101. i like leora too. how can you not?
  7. Curious, some sites remove RLC vids due to DMCA.
  8. kinda funny how we all comment on Leora. If she's happy with her life, good for her. None of our business. If we have a beef it should be with RLC not the girl or Paul.
  9. untoxa thanks for the translation. a bit of insight into leora's character and personality
  10. Got the feeling that the friend is a bit curious maybe even up for it. Leora may be a bit too in love...with herself
  11. re: foursome. live i could only hear her SCREAMING in pleasure. the videos was great (thanks for that)
  12. a bit disappointed. thought just maybe leora and girlfriend might get into it. oh well... that would be something
  13. if this is the first foursome, i'd say the gauntlet is down to the others hahahahaha
  14. patience watcher
  15. she really needs to dump paul and get someone who will satisfy her...if anyone can