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  1. admiral, i'm not blessed with your imagination. lol
  2. i also thank "the lads" for the work they've put in on this. not happy about this , but let's see what happens.
  3. kind of funny how we're obsessed with this young woman
  4. thanks
  5. Does anyone know the ages of masha, leora, nellie anf others?
  6. masha, on the other hand, displays the ever-fashionable birthday suit
  7. not nice to make fun of a fashion handicap
  8. what's horrible that we have an extended period without leora wanking for us. hope she makes it up to us. hahahaha
  9. ...and Sasha is looking less than pleased. Verrrrrry interesting!
  10. Show of hands. Who thinks Sasha's moustache makes him look like Vito Corleone in Godfather II? Need I say Not in a good way
  11. never hurts to dream