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  1. I know she leaves the apt everyday that Paul isn't there. What evidence is there that she has her dick on the side?
  2. Is there a video of Masha's sister and her BF uncovered? Please!
  3. Videos I'd love to see: Masha and her sister. Maybe I'm just fantasizing. Does anyone have a video of Masha and TK alone? Love to see that one.
  4. Seems to me that Russian men enjoy sex a lot less than the women. Admittedly a biased sample, but just going on observation. Sasha appears to be just doing his job. he does it well, but not with enjoyment. Bogdan doesn't seem to crack a smile. Paul because he has to. All of their women on the, other hand, seem to derive a great deal of pleasure. What do you all think?
  5. choo,choo,choo,choo...
  6. I am a total dunce when it comes to swinger behavior, attitudes and emotions. Is it possible that Masha and Sasha are too young and unable to divorce their emotions from the situation? Just asking.
  7. i use vimeo. easy, free.
  8. ouch
  9. does anyone know why she's crying?
  10. do you think paul understands?
  11. won't argue with that Tbird
  12. can't believe this is actually exercise. i think she's trying to entice paul to come and get it
  13. not true txt101. i like leora too. how can you not?
  14. Curious, some sites remove RLC vids due to DMCA.
  15. kinda funny how we all comment on Leora. If she's happy with her life, good for her. None of our business. If we have a beef it should be with RLC not the girl or Paul.