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  1. welcome stan clowd ..sorry i am a bit sad news about btr .lets hope he turns up .he was born to ride .respect to his family
  2. a wan car lol mitsabushy whats your favourite egg? as in boil scrambled fried etc etc
  3. blue big tits or small tits
  4. you forgot the stalkers lol
  5. bell end that does not belong to me lol
  6. maya and stepans. real names in english ..mary and steven leora and paul .is leora and paul dasha and demid . is ah sad and dim ed masha and sasha are part of the boiled potato family i cant lie i made thease names up lol what difference does it make noing real names ..or made up names i would rather know .zoya and lev. rather than zoyaliavchsoski and leveloskavich i think they choos there own names.toomany stalkers to use own names
  7. rotten
  8. you are wrong.. he is a bell
  9. summit
  10. it is a box you shout in.. lol
  11. faggot
  12. i think best persons to answer those questions would be .. toolmaker123 or btr
  13. yes are you married? or single
  14. nes i mean yo dont we all? shit answer yes or no..yes Q do you have any cats ? if so how many
  15. first edition