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  1. So who do we reckon this is then... I reckon it's Eric's dad... any thoughts??
  2. I wonder if Lev auditioned for the new Assassins Creed movie wearing this.
  3. I concur wholeheartedly.. that would be awesome... Maya was my fave until Julia arrived... she like Adriana has a certain captivating, screen presence... I can't keep my eyes off. Although come to think of it Dasha and Zoya have it too, but perhaps its because when I think of them I am continually reminded of their bating vids... where Dasha uses a banana and Zoya has a pen up her arse whilst flicking the bean.
  4. Having reviewed the main description for this part of the forum "Site rules and information, registration help, updates, news, suggestions board." I would like to suggest that we add a suggestions board ... (If I have missed it in my haste to post a suggestion, I am going to look like a right tit... again... but anyway)... I would like suggest implementing the usage of "FUCK ALERTS" in the shout box.. to draw peoples attention to previously unnoticed action on RLC.. E.G. FUCK ALERT - NELLY AND BOGDAN Cheers D