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  1. I concur wholeheartedly.. that would be awesome... Maya was my fave until Julia arrived... she like Adriana has a certain captivating, screen presence... I can't keep my eyes off. Although come to think of it Dasha and Zoya have it too, but perhaps its because when I think of them I am continually reminded of their bating vids... where Dasha uses a banana and Zoya has a pen up her arse whilst flicking the bean.
  2. So who do we reckon this is then... I reckon it's Eric's dad... any thoughts??
  3. I wonder if Lev auditioned for the new Assassins Creed movie wearing this.
  4. Having reviewed the main description for this part of the forum "Site rules and information, registration help, updates, news, suggestions board." I would like to suggest that we add a suggestions board ... (If I have missed it in my haste to post a suggestion, I am going to look like a right tit... again... but anyway)... I would like suggest implementing the usage of "FUCK ALERTS" in the shout box.. to draw peoples attention to previously unnoticed action on RLC.. E.G. FUCK ALERT - NELLY AND BOGDAN Cheers D