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  1. I concur wholeheartedly.. that would be awesome... Maya was my fave until Julia arrived... she like Adriana has a certain captivating, screen presence... I can't keep my eyes off. Although come to think of it Dasha and Zoya have it too, but perhaps its because when I think of them I am continually reminded of their bating vids... where Dasha uses a banana and Zoya has a pen up her arse whilst flicking the bean.
  2. You beat me to it cowart... I noticed it over the weekend too and have absolutely no idea what it is
  3. She's my favourite too.
  4. AWESOMELY put... Bravo Sir, I salute you.
  5. Hi guys, this is not a dig at anyone and is merely a gentle reminder of the forum rules... before the comments get really bad. Please remember that one mans Julia is another mans... Leora, Nora, Jess, whoever, take your pick... So here's just a gentle reminder of the Forum rules.... about being respectful and only posting positive comments... There is a thread for frustration anger, negative comments elsewhere. D
  6. Not sure if anyone else has noticed it.. but Masha has quite the scar running down the middle of her back... what ever it was mus have been bloody painful.
  7. Say no more.. nudge nudge.. wink wink... no what I mean... are you married... your wife does she go... is she a bit of a goer phwoooaaaar
  8. @JCDogg... not likely to have been a Moderator... where did you post the picture?? In a couples forum or in the gallery. When you say banned... were you a paying RLC customer (standard or Premium) or were you just a freeviewer and they have stopped you seeing anything??
  9. Was this captured just after Zoya farted???
  10. Welcome back N and B ... I missed the exact moment... curse me having to sleep... but the place was still a partial shit hole...
  11. and a quick BJ
  12. and a quick wank, where she nearly pulls it off
  13. Eric also got to suckle her nipple in the lounge a little while ago
  14. So who do we reckon this is then... I reckon it's Eric's dad... any thoughts??
  15. I chose no... it is a site to watch people living their lives 24/7... this comes from their website: RealLifeCam is a unique website where you have the chance to observe the private life of other people in live round-the-clock. That said.. they have to the usc 18 ratings because of the nudity and shagging... which are just an added bonus and are not guaranteed
  16. Hi Spoonie... there is no ban on posting images and video from premium accounts... but as RLC are cracking down on the content and banning people from the site most premium members would rather not jeopardise their mumbership/ what it has cost them... I post many of the free view images... but due to a tiny slip last week (I left slightly too much of the dots/ watermarks visible and my IP address got blacklisted), I could not even access the free stuff anymore.
  17. OMFG... that is AWESOME
  18. Just a little video extract of the massage... enjoy.
  19. Just thought I'd try and get a new game going... for a bit of laugh. Whilst tuning in and out of RLC over the weekend, I noted that some of the more mundane things that the tenants do can/ could be quite arousing... for example Irma was shaking a carton of milk... her wrist action was superb and rather arousing... anyway I thought it would be fun to start a list going... with examples... just for shits and giggles. So I'll start the ball rolling... Does anyone else find it arousing when ... Irma shakes a carton of milk?
  20. Does anyone else find it arousing when... Maya scratches herself whist holding soap that looks like fruit
  21. Dougie... I am out of likes for the day... but I agree... she is my fave.... LIKE... LIKE... LIKE...
  22. Just caught the guest changing
  23. Just witnessed her doing this....
  24. Blue balls is back... I wonder if we will catch him later wanking into a pool of his own tears.