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  1. New pole for Linda.

    we all would love to see linda use that pole
  2. tereza lift the apartment ... renata got in the argument with regina and sher whatever it was about I going to hope a big cat fight would happen soon
  3. tereza went out for trip again lets see happens while she gone
  4. Zoya Fan Page

    zoya is leaving I'm going to miss seeing her jilling off I'm going to miss seeing taboo well here same pic for you guys enjoy them good bye zoya p.s. here same of taboo also
  5. Fan Page Irina

    I see irina has her boyfriend over in her bed I take it he saying the night
  6. yana and ricky was over with there friend renata there was dancing and drinking..
  7. Get Rid Of B1 and B2

    yeah lets get rid of b1 and b2 so the chat box can stop talking about b1 and b2 all they do in the chat box is make shit up or they think they know what goes on in both apartments or saying that this girl is jealous of the others wtf hay guys do you know what you call people who say the same thing over and over again you call them insane http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=insanity
  8. regina thank you for having your pussy blasted by both ladies
  9. sher had a real nice orgasm in the shower with the ladies
  10. renata came back from whatever she was doing then she started to talking about sex and porn to regina and sher then they started to watch straight porn then after that it was lesbian porn then they started massage each other with oil then kissing here and there then it anding in a shower finger fucking licking pussy but it was renata who seduce them both btw I do not care if it was scripting or stage
  11. Fan Page Yana and Ricky

    yana has same nice tits
  12. Maya Fan Page

    I hope stepan dose not found out about her boy toy
  13. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    welcome back lana
  14. sher loves her time in the shower as well by jilling off