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  1. angle got her massage from Dayana .. I for got to say that Dayana will be leaving the 15th maybe there will be a going a way party
  2. today Dayana give angel a massage but that was about it
  3. thanks for the pics guy's the twins look hot
  4. from what I read at cc that Irma friend was over but nothing happen
  5. Jessica does have a nice ass
  6. Well over at cc same one said she will be leaving the 10th or the 15th but let's see what happens
  7. Iloner I'm waiting for your cool post tonight
  8. Tabu has a nice smile
  9. Jessica has a wonderful smile
  10. i like Irma fun personality
  11. I do wish we can tell them a part but I always call them twin 1 and twin 2 make it easy for me anyways
  12. lia and her look a like are very cute seem to be fun also
  13. Estelle jill off in the tub Friday night
  14. Dayana had a massage Thursday night from Nicole and the others then after the she went out with Irma and Jessica
  15. I enjoy the massage party Thursday night