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  1. Cheers to a great beginning to a great friendship........... lol
  2. Not a Bad Looker this Linda is..... Tibor you lucky Unfortunately I don't have access to the other cams, So no bath pics from
  3. It looks more like wife swapping then soon to be foursome like last Just Sayin....
  4. They've been trying long before they got married to have a child.......And can't help but laugh a little at the first comment......If your not trying to have a child.....Why the heck would you shoot your load inside Only one of 2 reasons for it.....either she can't have kids, (which I doubt, cause she tries to hold it in her.) or trying like hell to have one..... Some ladies it takes a while to get pregnant....... BUT, The most important thing of all to remember is......... They have fun And it don't hurt that they let us all watch in the process.....
  5. Yes and No Text.... Nelly still cleaning every square inch of the apt......Scrubbing down the chairs Got Bigboy vacuuming, I guess she'll be satisfied of it's cleanliness only once she's done the cleaning herself....... Don't blame her see what invaded their
  6. WTF

    The way he was all over the other girls.....wouldn't be so sure he is anyone of there BF's And she didn't looked very pissed off the way he was groping them either...... My thoughts are.... 'Those 2 have been there for a while now, and they never did to much in there to begin owners and Nora show up and the girls turn 360% and become expert titty massager's.. My thoughts are they way they have been there doing nothing, Nora and the owners decided to make an example of them and told them what to do.... Just the way Nora sat back and laughed at all this guy did tells you something....... Just one of my thoughts.... cause you can tell how fake Jess was and how pissed Nicole looked....and every now and then, Irma didn't look to happy about it either..... JUst Sayin..... The whole way threw tonight my thoughs were WTF is going on
  7. WTF

    Nora comes back and now the girls are all chummy chummy.... Irma is back and the girls are all over each other....WTF is this guy,.... He one of the owners..?? .. He sure has free play with all the girls and Nora just laughs at everything he does to the girls......... WOW......
  8. Bloody Hell there's a GOD after all.... ME IRMA'S BACK........
  9. Are we so sure bout that, According to all the experts in here, Maya got pregnant and had an abortion..... I'd say that must of been an internal cum shot, OR Stephan has super flying cum shots, or has learnt how to do curve Just Sayin........
  10. Does She, or Did she have a child.......Know what......Me, Myself and I don't really care..... SHE'S Just Sayin....
  11. Well it's about time they bring back a real woman....
  12. Not A Bad Lookin
  13. Well that SUCKS.... Oh well I'll miss her, that's for