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  1. Fan Page Ilona & Tim

    I liked her better without the fake But she still loves her oranges....
  2. Fan Page Renata

    YUP , and Tourette’s Syndrome is the one who started it all by judging Renata... And unfortunately the other 2 slobs followed her suite and now Renata has been alienated... Don't blame her at all for leaving everyday now....why should she stay there and have to fake liking them.... Just Sayin...
  3. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    Not sure what numb nuts did this time, but Annabel's been in that guestroom bathroom for close to an hour, and idiot boy got drunk and passes out on the couch... guess he doesn't care if she is ok or not...... Just Sayin....
  4. Time To Go.

    That is a definite NO..... Like I mentioned in an other comment, Seen her given him a needle in the ass one morning... So what ever he's got...she don't Just Sayin....
  5. weed on KKK the story

    Nobody is getting their knickers all twisted up... And yes drugs are a part of life.... weed can be tolerated on cam a fuck of a lot more then the powder.. I smoked a bit in my (fuck of a-lot more then a bit.. ) Basicly if we want to continue having this site available to use in the future... Tenants need to weed out the ones that can get them the boot..... JUST SAYIN...
  6. Linda. What A Body.

    You can say that again I'm not a fan of lots of tattoo's on a lady... But I'd make an exception on her
  7. Fan Page Irina

    Isn't she the same girl that was sleeping on the couch the other week.........????? Just
  8. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    TBird, I wasn't talking about A&E as siblings The young couple that shows up there and spends a few days is the one I'm talking about.... In the chat room I seen some talking about how she kept staring at him and how much she wanted him... You know, the usual crap.... And of course nothing come out of it as usual.... That's the young lady I was talking about.. Sorry if I made you think otherwise....... lol
  9. Get Rid Of B1 and B2

    If B1 and B2 were taken out of the picture.....What would people have to complain about Those apartments are there to satisfy the customers who like watching young ladies at play....... (When their around that The other apartments are there as real life couples to live in... and yes real life can get a little boring to watch after a while... But you do have to remember that you are watching the same couples that stay there for as long as they want to...(not for as long as they make you happy,) For all you foggies out there that have been or still are in a long lasting marriage or relationship, you all know that it's not all roses 24/7 365 days a yr.. The ones that do entertain us often are couples that enjoy their sexual partners more then the other couples that are just normal... And yes there are some there just for the $$$$$$$$... it's pretty obvious.... You all say your Voyeurs, So when your watching someone in public or threw a window for example.... Do you tell them what you want to see them do...or shut up and hide so you can RLC started this site as a voyeur site to watch real couples in real life situations... Some mind you are a tad weirder then others, but all the same real couples... THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY.... To many people with to many different likes and dislikes in this world that not everything that goes on in those apartments will be everyone's cup of tea... And yes when shit goes down in the apartments like what happened last night in KKK's Apart. and in the B's apart.'s a while back is completely out of their control and thankfully someone was watching it to shut the cams down in time so they don't get shut down for illegal drugs being in their apartments... OK...I'm gunna shut up now so others can make their comments on this matter..... So Have fun just watching what you get.... Cause it might not be around in the future if shit keeps happening and to much complaint keep flowing in.... Just Sayin...
  10. weed on KKK the story

    What gets me is why the fuck is Kaley getting stuck cleaning up when it was clearly Kristy and her boytoy's friends that were there.... Just Sayin.....
  11. weed on KKK the story

    Must of been a bit more then that happening before they killed the cams... Kaley's walking around this morning cleaning up with rubber gloves and a mask
  12. who is the girl on the right with leora

    Not the first time she's been there.......I'd say a good friend, cause she don't look like her sister....... But then I could be Could even be a cousin...... But I will tell you this.... She ain't her lover and you ain't gunna see a 3' JUST SAYIN........
  13. Zoya and Lev

    I see the Slug is back...... And straight to his spot. He must have magnets in his pockets, or dam good homing skills like birds...... They always returns to the spot they got hatched at...That or he carries magnets in his Just Sayin....
  14. Fan Page Ilona & Tim

    She does look a little different, But, that could be age.... But the dimple on her butt cheek pretty much proves to me it's her... Just Sayin and Liken the new her....
  15. Fan Page Lola

    True that.... I'm sure she'll be very happy getting back to her real life after being there that long... I luv vacations, but you can only go for so long before you start longing for home.....