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  1. Good Luck With That
  2. I know some of you think she isn't feeling well tonight, But my thoughts of why she is given everyone hugs is... she might be leaving early in the morning..
  3. Me, Myself and I were wondering if Irma got a little more then a massage last Started on the couch, but ended up in her room with this dude.... Just Sayin......
  4. Indeed, Twas a nice new outfit she bought herself today... Just Sayin..
  5. Great photo's up there guys... Always did like watchin her moves..
  6. Took forever to make a perfectly arranged plate of food so she could take pics of it and her Then ate it while taping herself... wonder who she plans on sending that Interesting....
  7. Hi Emily, Welcome to the club...
  8. Very Sexy in that outfit...... Bye Nora, Sad to see her go...
  9. Put on a scary movie, let her put her head on your lap.....and do what... *F A* ....... lol ... At the end he copped a feel but she laughed it off and sent him on his way...... Poor saps got it bad for her and might of had a chance to slip a finger in when she was sprawled out on the couch, but the fool did
  10. Yup, She took a taste and liked And poor Karol haven't it all play'd out in front of her as Nora sat on her
  11. Bloody Hell there's a GOD after all.... ME IRMA'S BACK........
  12. I wonder why she even bothers to talk to them after, "and I'm sure she knows ", them talking about how they find her annoying... Lima is obviously the better person to even keep associating herself with them.... it is a shame that she has condemned herself to her room thou...
  13. Surprised she is still