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  1. It appears that voyeur-villa finally improved their cam quality issues. The picture is a lot clearer and could be new cams because they seem to have a slightly wide angle lens plus some cam positions are changed. Looks good so far.
  2. Maybe in your eyes but for me, with or without glasses, she is tops on my list. I prefer more good meat on the bones and she rarely, if ever, wore makeup plus she was an energetic woman who walked and danced naked around the apartment. She satisfied all my voyeur needs and disappointed that she left. To me, she was a natural 100% to-die-for beautiful woman with no fake shit about her. By the way, I also love Desiree but she has low energy and sleeps a lot but nice fucking build on her. Works for me and that is all that matters. I imagine you have your tastes in women and I also respect that.
  3. What us older members are saying is for you to look closer at the content being discussed in the chatbox. Compare the subjects or topics being discussed now or has been discussed over the last 6-10 months to that of 1 to 1 and 1/2 years ago. Only a dozen or a bit more than that are frequent chatters now. In the past we had probably over 100 frequent chatters. The old members got fed up with the bullshit chatters or trivial boring topics of discussion. Yes, boring RLC is the main reason for the chatbox to slowly die but the confrontations, useless topics and the decrease in posting images has turned chatters away. You can only complain in so many ways until you say FUCK IT. There is less respect in the chatbox also. The code of conduct should be enforced.
  4. After looking at some of Melany's pics, some of her features (face, hair and body) and seeing her mannerisms plus her being comfortable with nudity around the apartment makes me question that perhaps she could be related to Lilly in some way. Just a thought.
  5. This is dedicated to all the lovely girls of the CasdaHot apartment/house. When I see girls together and having fun (not necessarily having sex but this site happens to be about voyeurism) and getting along with each other plus being especially close it really makes me happy to see. Way too much fighting, arguing, disrespect for each other or just too much indifference in today's society which is frustrating to see and have to deal with. People can get along and appreciate each other - GIVE IT A CHANCE. Having friends and being friendly with each other can be contagious. Yes, you might need thicker skin to put up with some things but NO ONE is perfect. Reach out and make friends as best you can - it might surprise you and bring more happiness into your life. Perhaps even to the point of friends with benefits (sorry, that is the pervert in me talking - haha). So these CasaHot pictures and the two videos shows how people can entertain each other while creating good times, memories, lifelong friendships and along with it HAPPINESS AND SUPPORT AND LOVE. Eight CasaHot girls all bonding together and enjoying each other's company These CasaHot girls can't get any closer - sweet tasting friends that open up to each other (nothing to hide) - lol another video of this same song
  6. Saw a bit of Melany when she was wearing Minnie Mouse ears and clothes on so thanks cyberleader for the naked pics. Doubt anyone can replace Lilly but us voyeurs will always give other girls a look (it is in our blood and DNA and our nature as perverts - lol). With some cams now locked it has taken away from good viewing of the girls so I wander about looking at other voyeur sites to satisfy my needs. Perhaps Melany will surprise us since she is comfortable with nudity. If my memory serves me right this could be the first apartment with a single tenant which could open up some possibilities (okay - there goes my imagination running wild again as I rub my hands together and licking my lips in anticipation - oh goodie - hehe).
  7. I saw them earlier today and she was doing a major cleaning while topless. Was wondering why and thought to myself maybe they were leaving. So sad to hear. Hope she shows up again at camarads or another voyeur site. Lilly was a voyeur's dream girl to watch. Wish them well.
  8. I am an ass man (ssshhh - I actually love every inch or millimeter of a woman's body) and that girl in the red is well built - love her shape. I think I will call her CasaMama cause I seem to focus more on her when she is with all the other babes. Fuck it, they are all good - damn. The girl in black has a very nice big butt too. That CasaHot apartment is a true blessing to all of us voyeurs - one of the best, if not the best out there. It is like "show and tell" - they show us their bodies and we tell others about them and how awesome and sweet these cuties are. Big butts cause big boners - yippee!!!
  9. Still can never really understand the use of the mask. Takes away from or blocks the ability to see and admire their facial beauty. I guess with having a naked body by using the mask it gives us the chance to still use our imagination skills as to what her face looks like. I don't know. My imagination runs wild no matter what - I am a fucking pervert after all. Maybe if I jerk off with a mask on I might get more out of it - fucked if I know - LOL.
  10. Hey ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ - Don't despair and leave RLCF altogether. Just continue posting here in the forum instead of trying to deal with the Chatroom or Chatbox or whatever it has become now. I left the Chatters near the end of last year because of the same thing - too much unnecessary BS and stuff about tenants personal life outside of RLC. Who to blame for this - squarely on RLCF Admin and RLC for condoning it (this I will not debate - my opinion only). The problem is that RLC does not know how to run a good business (yeah they make money off desperate voyeurs) but they have deteriorated so bad that chatters talk about hopeful things to happen or how awesome that undercover masturbation was. Wow - what trivial conversations about nothing. ShakaZulu, give the other voyeur sites a chance while posting on this RLCF site about them. RLC has been in a downward spiral so I look at these sites since they do offer great voyeur activity for me and exactly what the Chatters are really wanting out of RLC. Just give the Chatbox a pause and bide your time watching and comparing all these voyeur sites. RLC might have been the first to set up but they are the last to change with the times and are falling way behind the others. RLCF should watch themselves too because if another site opens up that is similar to them - they will have members leaving and switching to something better. What we have here is DO NOTHING TENANTS OF RLC and DO NOTHING ADMIN OF RLCF. A common denominator. I think most of us older members will agree with this statement. With both these sites and the other voyeur sites there is good and bad but we have to admit that RLC and lately RLCF are getting stale, boring and very little or no signs of improving the product. How do you stay competitive and maintain your subscribers, members or customer base. RLCF Admin needs to be more active and interact with the members in some form and acknowledge and correct issues. ShakuZulu - hope you stay around while giving the Chatbox a break. If you leave then I wish you well. I do find the forum posting way better than the Chatbox but like you I got discouraged and do like and appreciate the full intentions of RLCF (as a social media site we are able to easily converse with people around the world - so fucking awesome and LOVE IT).
  11. Surprised to hear Lilly listening to a Roberta Flack song Killing me Softly With His Song (1973) which is a nice easy listening tune. Could be sung by Roberta (sounded like her) or a remake by the Fugees. Another song I hear playing is Take My Breath Away by Berlin. Anyways, love her taste in music from what I hear every now and then.
  12. Love seeing natural big boobs hang and if they bounce or swing - even better. These pics below are the great contributions of XYZ12.
  13. Is that what they mean when they say "behind the scenes". That appears to be a much more relaxed and enjoyable way of cooking. Working up an appetite. Best way to multitask and get the job done. Doing the dishes afterwards can be just as much fun. All this should be included as part of the recipe for the proper way of cocking (sorry I mean cooking - hehehe).
  14. There is something about Lilly I definitely like - IT IS EVERY FUCKING THING!!! She does it all. She does everything around the apartment while looking so damn hot. Every subtle move she does is a major cock teaser. Thanks to both cyberleader and XYZ12 for capturing such a fine lady. This girl is almost beyond belief as she keeps you watching even while she sleeps. An amazing beautiful person. This picture of her bent over is just a fucking killer - can't decide if I want to ram her with my hard cock or my smiling horny hungry face and tongue