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  1. Ever notice that Leora takes her sweet ass time getting dressed after her shower? And a sweet fucking ass that is!!! I am not complaining. She sure knows how to put on a lengthy show for the cameras and hard not to watch - damn. It is as if she has a butt cam following her. She really knows how to milk it by knowing how to position herself for optimum viewing with the cam locations. Such a fucking tease - and it works. Now she is on her knees wiggling that ass in my face - she definitely knows how to hurt a guy. Gotta admit - she is damn fucking good at what she does - I hate her - LMFAO.
  2. Loved Dyan Cannon with her big tits and her cute infectious laugh. Couples apartment perhaps? Why not - they are a REALLY close couple as seen so far - them fuckers.
  3. Well, looks like my guess was bang on - the foursome fuckfest happened again but not in the living room.
  4. It is obvious that Julia has issues but I also see that Eric is another Lev (unstable). Lev has a habit of scratching/playing with his cock inside his underwear in front of Zoya and I see Eric does the exact same thing in front of Julia. Fucking gross and rude to your partner. Go see a doctor or at least get help for this weird habit. They proceed to touch everything - eewwwww!!!. Never see a girl doing this even though I wouldn't mind (double standard pervert I am - haha).
  5. Masha is meditating and psyching herself up for the much awaited foursome. She is probably singing to herself the Helen Reddy song "I Am Woman, hear me roar...". She is also thinking about the two big cocks and the pussy that will be at her command and how she will devour all of it. Masha needs this sexual outlet because she is always horny as hell and I believe very soon you will hear her say "let's get ready to rumble!" This waiting is a big tease and is her style of foreplay before she goes gangbusters.
  6. Maybe RLC will instruct this foursome to perform in front of the free living room cam this time. Is it ratings week or time for increasing subscriptions? If this happened I am sure it would be a huge win for RLC. Everyone seems to like this apartment and probably have cock in hand (or fingers on their pussy - for the females) waiting for Round 2. This apartment does not disappoint and is actually one of the best ones to date. Here's hoping for a repeat performance and maybe even better (hard to beat the last one though).
  7. Nice captures. Still having issues with the gifs opening up. What's up with all the male all stars with foot-long cocks? I sure miss catching all the action since I only get brief peeks based on my bad timing. Also, at times, some room cams won't open or take a long time (my patience is running thin cause a voyeur needs to see things - lol).
  8. I voted YES and my reasons why - it appears that RLC management/owners remove tenants if they are non-performers or hide any sexual activity - some tenants intentionally perform sex directly and as close to the cam as possible and more specifically FOR the viewers - both Barca 1 and Barca 2 have the appearance of being persuaded to perform for the viewers (for example - things picked up when Nora and Irma stepped in or when Lola got the ball rolling) - the noticeable increase in sex when a male is staying overnight at Barca 1 and Barca 2 (all hell breaks loose and I suspect RLC and others influence this) -the woman abuser fuckin' Efim got an apartment I believe because viewers liked and demanded that he should have an apartment himself (sex performer overrides a woman abuser) - the chatbox and forums over the past 8 to 9 months leans towards wanting lots of sex in the apartments and anger when nothing or little happens. I believe RLC is trying to create a happy balance but sex and money talks so they tend to listen without admitting it. Way more sex on RLC today than 1, 2, 3 or 4 years ago. Sure there are more apartments but now the sex is in your face and is expected by RLC and viewers. - I get the impression that when RLC subscriptions drop off or are stagnant then miraculously there is an increase in apartment sex for a while (this is to entice the viewers to subscribe or re-subscribe) - when the script or similar type girl-events become predictable and done intentionally to tease viewers (candles, massages, baths/showers or supposed group lez fest) this can be seen as soft porn or more depending on how it progresses. Basically, everything combined has convinced me that RLC is a porn site (not the usual type that we are accustomed to watch) but more or less a voyeur type porn site.
  9. In your opinion, based on your observations, expectations and following the discussions in the chatbox and forums regarding sexual activities in all the RLC apartments do you believe that RLC is more or less a porn site?
  10. Exactly - pretty much says it all - basically has slowed down to a crawl over the last 8 to 9 months.
  11. I think Lev has crabs because of his constant scratching. Now with Zoya peeling potatoes it appears that they will be making "CRAB CHOWDER SOUP" and he looks like he is actually preparing to add some extra cream to the broth. Bon Appetite
  12. This is RLC's Theme Song which is played to any potential male tenant or guest/visitor before being allowed to appear and requires a naked photoshoot prior to being approved.
  13. A girls mouth, lips and tongue is very erotic. Don't know why - haha. Anything entering a girls mouth is a turn on. A banana reminds me of something .....
  14. I wouldn't mind taking Desiree for a "fucking" walk - that's if Raul doesn't mind. Not my fault that I am a horny pervert - was born this way ffs!!! - LMFAO. See any curves on this exquisite body? WOWWW
  15. To me this is a major sexy turn on and Julia please do more like this. See how she tries to jam it all into her mouth and then some falls down. I sure would love to be at the other end of the noodles so our lips would contact and capture all the noodles and more - fucking yummy. Still like this girl as you can tell - hmmmmm.