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  1. Great timing for another new voyeur site. Over a one year time span RLC sucks more than Masha and Nelly put together (and these two girls do suck cock lots). Any RLC viewer (paid subscriber or free cammer) should check out this site, Voyeur-villa and to compare with RLC to fully realize how bad RLC has become. Hey, RLC owners/staff - check out these sites too - you might learn something - FFS!!!
  2. Here is a more recent video of Kiki La Chanteuse. You will notice that she has very little or no movement in her right arm and favors it. Kiki had a motor vehicle accident over a year ago and is pushing herself to recover as best she could physically, mentally and emotionally. She has lost friends due to the accident. I believe by working as she does (think this is a recent appearance since the accident - so kudos to her for not giving up) it will keep her morale up and strengthen her determination to get better. To me, she is a very beautiful girl with immense courage to deal with her disabilities (has some brain/head trauma that does creep up) and other personal issues. Must say, I love this girl and wish I knew her to be able to show support unlike people that turned their back on her. She is a very talented and lovely person. Kiki has a website for people to follow her progress.
  3. Another new video by Kiki La Chanteuse because of her big boobs. UPDATE - when I posted a third video of Kiki (look at it after the following 2 videos posted) I realized that these videos are her recent return to work performances since her motor vehicle accident over a year ago. You will notice that her right arm has very limited or no mobility. Please watch the third video of Kiki to observe her performing exceptionally well with her disability and I provided extra info about her accident.
  4. Desiree - you are too fuckin' much - always teasing us like this. Do you know how much pain you are giving us by showing off your exquisite body like this? I just want to reach out and touch you. Ahh fuck it - I want to reach out and fuck you - I don't think Raul would mind - LMFAO. Desiree - you are still one of the best voyeur teases of all the RLC apartments. With the summer warmer temperatures you shouldn't need the portable heater or bulky heavy clothes or blankets to stay warm. Matter of fact it would be more than ok with us if you continue to wear fishnet body stockings or nothing at all. If I say please would that help. Desiree - you are so sexually appetizing and bring out the wild horny animal in me. Damn - you are one solid sexy woman - AARRRRHHHH!!! Great capture Raja raju - you lucky dog. Most of the time lately I catch Desiree overdressed or sleeping.
  5. WELL SAID but I hope you have a lot of patience because over time it appears that RLC has no new thinking on how to continually improve but only sticks with past practice (apartment tenant hiring and phony dance parties, body painting, use of candles and massages). RLC hesitates getting rid of boring tenants or pathetic tenants. RLC itself has become too predictable and lacks good surprises or changes. Most of the time we are left saying WTF!!!