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  1. Oh look. I found myself a nice midget girl doing burlesque.
  2. Is that Little Red Riding Hood I see? Where is the Big Bad Wolf or a girl in a wolf costume that wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood's swollen pulsating juicy pussy and engorged clit and woman handle those big boobs? Actually the wolf pack (all the girls together) should gang up and give Irma the full lesbian treatment that she seems to want (Irma still appears to hold back for some reason).
  3. Nice pics cyberleader. All these pics show why I love girls - just so fucking beautiful to watch, admire and wish I was there (but not in front of the cams - lol). Finally, your pic of the new tall black haired girl with red panties showing her big beautiful boobs is the first time that I seen them besides being squeezed inside bras. Nice seeing girls being playful and naked in the apartments as if the cameras are not there (more like being a real life voyeur as opposed to observing fake shit that RLC tends to promote).
  4. Hairy pussy and ass pointed at the cam priceless. Great captures cyberleader - a hairy pussy always gets my full attention (boingg!!! - lol). This former RLC guest now a tenant of VH is not shy and should be worth watching. Love the ass pics. Refreshing to see these girls not acting like spoiled immature high-on-themselves RLC girls.
  5. Not having much luck accessing any apartment cams (times out). The odd time one will open but very limited or intermittent. No problem accessing voyeur-house cams. Oh well.
  6. I added this for those that might be bored of RLC or are in bad time zones that limit your viewing or are desperate for some different teasing by some very beautiful women. Enter at your own risk but sorry no porn here (I keep hearing that RLC is not a porn site). Some of us voyeurs like big beautiful women or Asian women or black women or somewhat fat women that are easy on the eyes or skinny women or mature women or just any type of woman. With BURLESQUE you can enjoy the beauty of the female while she performs to music. It is not full nudity so it leaves you at the point of wanting more (the tease). This old fashion style of stripping is still awesome to watch and still exists to this day. I enjoy seeing this because it excites me and works for me EVERY FUCKING TIME. I would like to add that the late great BTR (Born-To-Ride) had a passion for women with some meat on the bones and I know there are others like BTR and myself that enjoy BBW so I included quite a few videos. BTR is sadly missed because he was a good intermediary or go-between with respect to RLC and RLCF which has deteriorated noticeably. Feel free to make comments or add your own favorite video of a girl doing a Burlesque performance . Please keep this post related to only BURLESQUE so it will stay to the topic. The videos will vary and some you will really enjoy, some you will be neutral about while others you might be grossed out by. Everybody has different tastes so hopefully there is enough for everyone to observe and find what they like.
  7. It is obvious that RLC relies on after-the-fact information based on video replays, customer complaints and/or customer supporting video evidence. I guess no one at RLC can watch their own product because they know it is just like watching "fake news" - haha. RLC sure not protecting themselves for potential liabilities.
  8. I have found RLC stuck In a rut and stumbling around trying to regain the magic they had before this last year. It was more of a voyeur site then plus the chat room now becomes too demanding for the tenants to "perform". Personally, I like the teasing here at voyeur-villa and to some degree because it appears like a normal/routine daily life. Sure there is role playing sex but it is done in a way that it doesn't appear "setup" like RLC has a habit of doing. All the girls appear average and have great features that peak my interest. I love Desiree but she is covered up too much while Stesha and Adriana are never naked in the free cams. Some RLC tenants are too predictable or come across as forcing themselves in your face in a way that it detracts from the enjoyment of being a voyeur. Voyeur villa is a NICE change for now and I always like a variety of women and lots of them. RLC time zones are not too good for me and VV action up to 3:00 am their time gives me a few more hours of being a pervert (usually RLC goes quiet after 1:00 am their time with a few exceptions). Love the fact most tenants (male and female) walk around naked or half naked in the apartment living a real life and doing daily chores in the apartment. Another important factor - no aggravating chat room banter about these apartments (at least not yet). Basically, pull your pants down (or get naked) - grab hold of your big meat between your legs - and wank off until the cows come home - LMFAO . Just sit back and enjoy this site if RLC is boring or you like this site much better. This site grows on you and I find myself spending more time checking both VV and VH.
  9. Stella has big melons so I have to watch them.
  10. If the girls are NOT to use the toilet for a piss or shit because of the cam location then why is RLC Staff condoning the use now? Who the fuck is minding the store at RLC? Obviously - they don't give a shit about the tenants/guests or personal private matters (no pun intended - haha).
  11. This blonde girl is very much doable too. I fucking love women. So much nice variety of girls here at voyeur-villa and
  12. Watching a different very tall black haired girl in the Tula apartment. Oh my, she looks nice and appears to have what I like - big tits. She kinda has the gothic look plus milky white skin and she is awesome to watch even though she is not showing her sweet things. YUMMY!!!
  13. Used "plank" and "woody" on purpose to see if you would catch it. Yes, I also liked Carla and Mario - they were fun to watch but Mario was fragile. Carla and Desiree both could look dumpy and homely but also sexy as hell. I am a total sucker for big boobs. Maybe Carla and Mario should visit Desiree and Raul for a possible foursome (subtle hint to RLC brass). Carla was sexually playful and nice to watch. Actually miss Mario too because he was quite the character and not boring like Raul.