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  1. Layla is a keeper. Love this girl. In my eyes, she is the perfect package. She has her priorities set right - always take care of your man even if he is busy - he will love you for this - and he will return the favors. Obviously she has a horny side to her. Wish I was beside her, inside her and enjoying her backside. What a cutie.
  2. Plank, you voyeur pervert, you must have been standing beside me and seen the same FUCKED UP action. You described it much better than me. The ASSHOLE should be long gone but the girl (she looked pretty damn cute) seemed to be too aggressive also. The girl having sex was nice to watch. These sites don't give any history or info about tenants/guests to really follow what goes on within the apartment. I do know a fight when I see it. Hate to say it but the culture of some countries seems to be more disrespectful to each other or they have an increased frequency of alcohol related issues.
  3. After watching a couple arguing and fighting in the Chloe and James apartment (Voyeur-House) a few minutes ago now Lilly and Gabriel are arguing about something. He had his head on her lap and then tried to get close and hold her but she pushed him away in a rough way. They talked in a quiet tone. They both looked pretty distraught as they were talking and kept looking at or trying to avoid showing anything to the cams. By the body language and tone of discussion I get the impression that somewhere along the line he fucked up (maybe something to do with a girl that stayed the night?). Love Lilly's big natural tits. Nothing like real life voyeur drama (read my post in the voyeur-house forum).
  4. Well, just watched a couple in the Chloe and James apartment arguing which included pushing and shoving, slaps and arm tussling plus things thrown. Watched as the other couple did absolutely nothing to settle things down. Just kept going on and on. The escalation finally involved the other couple with yelling and crying. These owners of all these voyeur sites do a damn piss poor job of monitoring their sites and tenants for bad behavior especially with the amount of money they take in. Nobody minding the fucking store. How sad. Maybe real life is too real and a fake voyeur site is better. NOT!!! Owners need to be more involved with their business and screen possible tenants better with a trial period off cam to see how they interact and what kind of life they really live. There should be zero tolerance for bad behavior and the apartment being shut down immediately at any sign of rules being broken. Why is it after the fact. Owners - time to get real and get off your damn ass. Don't you even care about people's safety or your own liabilities - FFS!!!. Sooner or later - someone will get seriously hurt (physically, mentally or emotionally) and the site will be liable. Case in point - the Vanessa and Marketa apartment of RLC.
  5. I'll come back with a "like" later (keep running out of likes for the day because of cyberleader posting awesome pics). Yes, agree for her sisters and friends visiting and having a naked party. The chubby sister getting naked works for me because I am not a "selective" voyeur. Anything female naked is okay. WTF - maybe a shemale or tranny will do since there is some kind of female anatomy and I do get desperate for some action sometimes (especially when RLC is slow - LMFAO
  6. Been there - done it with fake boobs and mostly a major turn off. Only one girl I knew had great results and it was very difficult to tell so I kept feeling, squeezing, feeling, squeezing, feeling, squeezing and enjoying myself for a long time to finally tell her - "nope, feels real to me - so great boob job" - lol
  7. At least these bums do shit - LMFAO
  8. Posted 3 hours ago · Report post choose your favourite butt.i am going to be greed and ave da lottt Can't blame you. Who in their right mind would refuse any one of these girls. I will take one of each and enjoy my buffet - " CRUNCH 'EM, MUNCH 'EM eat 'em by the bunch'em! And no cracks dieters, you know no diet works without 'em". GOTTA LOVE A SQUATTING ASS especially when it is over my face
  9. CORRECTAMUNDO !!! - I believe this is Spanish. She does have a solid shaped butt
  10. All these pics are supporting evidence of why I love women's asses - always did and always will. Just fucking ASStounding. The girl with glasses at CasaHot is quite sexy. Fuck - all the girls are adorable.
  11. By the way, earlier today I watched Iris (Greenwood apartment) chase and play with the cat around the apartment while she was naked - it was fun to see this.
  12. Exactly - sex is always nice to see but the relaxed everyday living and moving throughout the apartment/house naked or wearing skimpy clothes or tightfitting outfits is exciting to watch. To see them vacuuming or doing the dishes or ironing or cooking or cuddling or watching tv or horsing around or playing games or sexual teasing/touching each other is nice. It is like being a fly on the wall or looking through a peephole or two-way mirror or peeking through a slightly opened door or being invisible to them or hidden cam or any other means of being a voyeur. To observe is to get excited with appreciation and the thrill of thinking they don't know we are watching (even though they do this voyeur site for us). We get to see them in all their glory with maybe some extra thrills as we continue to watch. Kinda like our prayers or desires are being answered by these girls. When girls bend over in front of the cams - ooo-laa-laa
  13. Something about a girl's ass - EVERYTHING!!! I can be a major ass kisser when it comes to females but I am much more than that - a fucking ass licker - ssllewwrrppp. These girls sure have optimum shape butts. Pretty girls, naked girls, fun girls - i'm happy. RLC is slow moving with very little action and commenters keep complaining for more but these other sites offer exactly what they want. They need to give up on the "not a porn site" rationale and go where you get what you are looking for. Case in point - Masha, Sasha, TK and TK's woman - a fuckfest waiting to happen (but it is not porn - who you fucking kidding?). They want lesbian action - well we just saw these girls partake of some pussy juice.
  14. Maya - it is time that you start doing your housework and craft job totally naked for our viewing pleasure. You have a wicked ass body and it is a real shame that you keep it covered so much and all too often. You sure would get a lot of hits from voyeurs looking for such a beautiful woman like you. Also, sweet talk Stepan to have uncovered naked sex in the living room. There are female viewers itching to see Stepan's big cock. As a couple, you have been fairly quiet and sad to say not to active with any nudity. You were one of my favorites but I like to see girls teasing with nudity or very skimpy outfits and you haven't done any of this for a while now. Why? You are better than most of the other female tenants but new subscribers or cammers don't get a chance to really appreciate you. So I have one word for you P-L-E-A-S-E
  15. Second time now that I seen a guy with a similar disguise leave the room to the left of the kitchen cam. Maybe these are landlords or stay there to maintain the apartment/house or voyeur-house reps to monitor the girls or technicians for the cams. She looks like a thief caught on cam - lol.