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  1. Nothing better than seeing bend over babes because the view is so captivating and pretty much in your face. Kinda like a game-changer - you wanna put that ass and pussy to good use right then and there - UUURRRRRHHHHH!!! Yes Plank I am very disappointed that Zoe has left the building. She will be deeply missed and was a great benefit to voyeur-villa. Her big boobs were so easy on the eyes plus she was so comfortable in front of the cams while being realistic with her housework and even with the sexual games/activities. I wish her well with her personal issues and thank her for her giving of herself to all viewers of voyeur-villa. I believe she is the one who got me interested in voyeur-villa in the first place. Good memories and mammaries. Seems like a lot of girl movement/changes with current/new apartments but hard to know or match names to the girls. Since RLC is basically RIP (resting in peace - them lazy good for nothing sleepy heads) I will check out these girls more often. I agree with you Plank that the tenants in most of the voyeur-villa apartments do interact much better together when they have group parties which makes it fun to watch. Thanks Plank and cyberleader for all the pics - they help me follow the apartments but also are good for voyeur-villa by showing others how good this site has become over time. Voyeur-house is getting good (hit and miss still with some apartments) and camarads is still in it's early stages.
  2. Plank - this could be like opening up a can of worms. Might not want to go there - haha.
  3. Speaking of "real life" - I am a self-admitted real life horny perverted male sexaholic voyeur but fuck man I want to be a big boobed lesbian. This way I can feel up and play with my own big tits and pussy but also feel up and enjoy the pleasure of other girl's tits, pussies and butts. Did I tell you that I love women. Seeing one girl is a work of art. Seeing two girls together is a masterpiece. But seeing more than two girls together is an art exhibition. Shit man - I think I need some serious help - LOL.
  4. Yes cyberleader - Marna has come a long way baby. RLC needs a few of these girls that don't come across as phony and do their daily living inside (as opposed to always away from the RLC apartment). Marna seems to be a girl looking to have fun and willing to show off her beautiful assets for us voyeurs.
  5. Just spent time watching Zoe (Tver apartment) doing some half naked housecleaning which included vacuuming and moping the floors. Big tits swaying and bent over ass viewing. That's what I'm talking about - fuck yeah!!! When Zoe's big boobs got up close and personal to the cams the only thing that came to mind was "GOT MILK" - lol. Zoe is such a good girl.
  6. Hey cyberleader - what is this shit - no nudity, no sex, a little bit of skin and girls horsing around and having fun - yet I am excited as hell at these scenes and my voyeuristic needs are getting a rise out of all this with my full blown imagination going wild. WOW - wish I saw this but perhaps my heart would have gave out from watching and enjoying this "girl bonding". Girls laughing and being sexy sure puts you in a damn good mood with a fucking boner - nothing wrong with that. These girls are doing something different - "real life" girl stuff. Would be nice to see more of this.
  7. Basically, with both RLC and RLCF Chatbox, I have been learning to TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. RLC does their own business thing that is put out there and you either accept it or not. They don't care what you want - only report about camera issues. They are always making money and that is all that matters. Why all the apartments? That is to offer a little something to try and please every type of person out there so they can grab more money from believers in their "real life" voyeur cams. Because of this I still say it is a matter of time before a gay male apartment is added. I try to watch apartments that do the trick for me but if they are brutal then I move on to other voyeur sites. I use to watch RLC for up to 4-6 hours a day but now the total tour of apartments is maybe as high as up to 15 minutes since they are not to my liking. All sites have their good and bad points. Why pay for an inferior product? What about the question related to tenants/guests having sex (real or fake)? Doesn't the pay for "replay" option answer this question? Does anyone pay this amount to just watch a girl on her phone while fully dressed (perhaps it could be a turn on for some subscribers but I doubt it)? Can't see the Chatbox ever improving since everyone has different expectations from RLC, including me. The Chatbox use to have a very clean disciplined decorum but now it is a free-for-all and does get disrespectful or includes mindless chatter. I follow the Chatbox but I just shake my head and usually say to myself - WTF!!!. We can talk about all of this long and hard but in the end we will "agree to disagree". Everyone has their own way of thinking and wants. This video is for all of us RLC constant complainers which does include me.
  8. You might want to ask one of our RLCF members here, Plank, since he comes across as our resident music affectiano.
  9. This girl is a little chubby but I never caught her without clothes. Cyberleader, you have impeccable timing again. Big naked tits always does me in. Nice to enjoy a good variety of shapes of women.
  10. If RLC had Emma and John in one of their apartments they would definitely hit a home run. Emma is so comfortable and natural in the apartment being naked that you would think that she would enjoy the nudist lifestyle. What a cutie. Thanks John, you lucky bastard, for sharing Emma by allowing us to admire her beauty and personality with
  11. Thanks Plank for the girl pics with matching names which sure helps. By the way, Inna from the Dubna apartment has a nice pair and I am not talking about her glasses or nylon stockings or shoes but rather a nice pair of BIG TITS - lol.
  12. Girls, girls, girls - love 'em all. All different looks, shapes and styles of clothing including my favorite fishnets. I tried watching but the video kept freezing or nothing opened up. Nice pics Plank. One thing that I have noticed with these sites compared to RLC is that these parties or get-together come across as more realistic and they get right into it because they want to have fun while RLC events look forced/fake/pretend/scripted or that they are just doing it temporarily for the viewers only (unrealistic).
  13. Now Nelly is topless and Bogdan walking around naked. It does appear that Nelly reads the RLCF forum posts and tries to please us voyeurs. Nelly, love your boobs and nipples - NICE. And I love when you smile - so cute.
  14. Damn!!! - those pics of the girls kissing is so hot, hot, hot and makes me melt. Just beautiful and a HUGE turn on. Cyberleader, you sure have great timing. Now only if there was lots of visible tongue action
  15. Great pics momo5768. These pics almost look as if you were in the room and this girl was posing specifically for you - lol. She is kind of skinny for my tastes but naked skinny definitely works for me because then there are features to look at and enjoy - delicious.