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  1. Membership Policy Change

    If there is complaining about the change you might consider another. I feel that if I enjoy the benefits of a forum I should be supportive of that forums' needs. $12 isn't a great expense and I have absolutely no room in my life for more welfare hunters. I hardly ever use the gallery but it is there for me. My greatest enjoyment comes from the chat. Perhaps those who grumble that the gallery isn't worth the $12 per year would reconsider the value if chat was limited for those who had not paid. It's not going to bother me because I'm going to try to support the forum!
  2. You need to have Danaya pick up the pace a  bit!  Every time I log in she's huddled up on her bed or on the couch, usually on the phone.  Not much difference that I can see from Sia other than the big titties.


    1. CowArt


      I'll send her a text to get nekkid and sexy. ;)

  3. You need top clear some space in your inbox.  I've tried to send you a link but can't

  4. Watching on a mobile or tablet

    I have a Nexus 6 which has a 6 inch screen and picture size still becomes an issue. The Only Android browser that I'm aware of that will play the flash videos is called Puffin. It plays but is awkward.
  5. Someone posted earlier on the chat room that Lara has been a tenant at RLC before... for what it's worth I searched and could find no evidence of it. There was a "Lera and Alex" apartment situated in what is commonly called the "apartment of doom" today and occupied by Elisa and Fima. Hopefully today's Lara is not the "Lera" of old. And the best of luck to you Lara!
  6. I do see a hint that you may stay around these forums even if from the shadows. You'll be missed by many.
  7. Have you been banned from the forums or something?  I get a notice that you cannot receive messages...

    check this out if you get this:  Note the author of the blog...


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. philo


      If you can read all my post, go look at April 29 and see what happened that cause me to get a warning from toolmaker for "Abusive Behavior",

    3. temp01


      I've not read your following PM's yet... opened this one first.  There has been a system update and we no longer have an "archive" function, so it is not possible to go back to April 29 unfortunately.

      Surely you haven't been banned or you wouldn't have received this.


    4. temp01


      So apparently all of your replies appeared when I opened the first.  Are you able to log onto the forums at all?  If so surely you'll see the changes made.  If you can log in and click on "browse" it will give you options to get to the chatroom.


  8. New Peeper

    Respectfully want to challenge a bit here Art... I believe Sabrina is the one known as Elvis. Throughout the apartments the "female" is the lead name and no doubt Elvis is trying not to be that! Also, everywhere else I've seen Sabrina called Elvis. If I am wrong on this shout me down loud! No harm intended... And welcome OrphanAnnie... look forward to your participation in the shoutbox!

    What would you like to change at RLC? I have the feeling along with many others that RLC is "scripting" activities at some apartments and would rather see normal life as it occurrs. "Let the pulling wheel pull and the dragging wheel drag". If two girls want to get 69 let it happen. If they want a 3some let it happen. If they want to sleep alone in footie pajammas let it happen. Add a camera to the patios where they exist. Subscribers (me anyway) resent the tenants slipping away from the cameras other than to use the toilet. Dasha and Demid's place has been terrible about this but they're not alone. I encourage them to consider allowing "free cams" in some public areas of each apartment. Living rooms, kitchen, hallways. This would give new people an idea of happenings in each apartment and entice them to subscribe. That is the very thing that brought me to RLC. Add audio to those rooms where there is currently no audio. Even when I can't understand the language I can often determine the feeling or attitude from the tone and inflections of the speech. Someone posted recently suggesting that apartments in other time zones would make likely viewing times available to more people. That idea has merit but may be a nightmare to manage. I would ask RLC to try to be less thin-skinned about criticism. The public is terrible to deal with anytime and you will always have complainers and some who want it all but don't want to pay. Expect to deal with assholes occasionally but try to remember that we're not all assholes. I appreciate your efforts even as I post my bitching when the cameras are slow or blacking out on me! I just ask that you keep on trying to make it better.
  10. Daily Free Viewing Restrictions?

    I have assumed that the "free cameras" had a purpose of teasing visitors and enticing them to subscribe to see more of what is shown in the blurred thumbs. For RLC to shut viewers off abruptly is the height of arrogance in my opinion. I unsubscribed a week or more before my time was up because I was sick of the scripted repetition in the girls' apartment but thought I might sign up again if the new ownership seemed to indicate improvement. If anything it's getting worse. Maybe Tim will think about offering early subscriptions to his upcoming site? I would rather pay him and take a chance for something better than fool with this mess any more.
  11. what apartment do you go to first

    I open the RLC site and this site in different tabs... then go back to RLC and open the thumbs... scan the thumbs and see what the discussion is in the shout box. Then it's on like donkey-kong.
  12. A very difficult choice! I would really prefer to choose two and be with each alone for a night! Never really cared for more than one in bed with me. It was a fantasy at one time... sort of like dreaming of anal until I'd done it! The ass was designed as an exit and that's what it'll be as long as I have a choice, and I'll go to my grave thinking of something to do with a vagina.
  13. why dont they work? or attend school

    I have noticed in the past that Lev is absent from the apartment several days in a stretch and during those periods Zoya offers lessons in pleasuring herself. I thought I read that he worked some sort of shift that allowed him to alternate being at work and at home for a week or two at the time. Don't really know. My "working hours" here in the USA certainly doesn't correspond with most of the apartments but I've noticed that I don't see everyone at home all the time... I believe some if not most are in fact working and some of these "guests" that show up for extended stays are in a rotational pattern with their jobs. Just my thoughts... you're welcome to clear it up for me!
  14. Your rating list / Gender Top - Bottom

    I surprised myself with the editing after my initial list. Thanks for starting the topic! 1. Nellie 2. Dasha 3. Adriana 4. Zoya 5. Elisa 6. Anezka 7. Masha 8. Sugarbonnie 9. Maya 10. Kristy 11. Kamila 12. Sabrina 13. Nina 14. Kira 15. Rita 16. Vika 17. Vanessa 18. Carina
  15. if you owned

    Lots of funny shit here! But I agree with a lot of it too... it's good to have a place to vent, if it's just to other viewers! I was surprised by the recommendations to reduce the number of apartments unless these were suggestions by representatives of RLC designed to reduce the expenses of the site? Why would the paying members of the site want LESS for their money? Makes absolutely no sense. There needs to be effort made to improve what is here now. Perhaps this change to "Flowmaster" or whatever the video system is called was a cash saving effort too. It has certainly downgraded service! Important points for me and others I've talked to in this regard are the new system is sluggish at best. Video is often diistorted and out of focus. We experience "blackouts" when there is a total loss of video for a few moments or minutes. Excessive gray polka-dots in the picture at times, I believe related to the "security" efforts to track anyone making pictures or video. The cameras are so low when changing from one to another that the person being watched could easily be completely away from the apartment and perhaps at the corner store buying some beer by the time the change is completed and the camera focused in the new room. There's many things other than changing tenants that need attention. And I don't agree that less is more...