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  1. They need to have some of their female guests start coming back around. One or two of them would show a little something on occasion. The chubby redhead who is there now goes out of her way to hide from the cams also. RLC needs to get Alina and Anton back... they fucked everywhere and their guests, whatever you thought of them, got naked constantly.....
  2. I'm guessing sister also... she cooks, cleans, walks the dog... Most "guests" wouldn't do that. Sure she's heavy compared to all the other girls on RLC - except for Beatrice - but she's not all that big compared to some other girls out in the general public. I'd still love to get a good look at her changing or in the shower. She did peel her tank top off in the living room about a month ago, but carefully kept her back to the camera dammit......
  3. Dunno why they would have had to go UM for a water heater problem... that's pretty common. Shit like that happens all the time and can be fun to watch, especially if there's water flying around. I'd rather see that than one of the tenants puking their guts up after a night out drinking. Yeah, RLC might have full control of the feeds, but are they quick enough to pick up on it? It only takes a few seconds.
  4. Yeah, but having one or more of those girls burn to death on live "TV"... that's a bit much.....
  5. I wouldn't worry about the chargers.. they take so little power that 50 of them would not overload the power bar. The heaters do scare me 'tho. I wish they'd be more careful about them.
  6. She IS cute... I've always thought so... and lovely curves as well. One of the few who are different from the sticks that RLC generally brings in to the ap'ts.
  7. She's a decent looking girl, but that huge tattoo didn't help her sex appeal. It also doesn't help that her guests don't come over much anymore and even when they did/do come over, they hide to change.
  8. The new girl who's been camping out on the couch looks interesting.... This one's got a big butt and huge boobs. Anyone een able to get a pic of her changing or showering?
  9. And just now I watched as she did her morning routine... she went AND HID IN THE CORNER BY THE FRONT DOOR to change into a bra... Neither paying members OR free members could get a look... What the FUCK?? The new owners of RLC are going to all these lengths to stifle people from seeing anything with blurring the thumbnails, limiting viewing time, banning people for posting pics or clips... and people in the apartments continue to HIDE from the cameras? I stayed up several hours later than I should... and got nothing......
  10. Tell you what.... if I was paying premium for this site... I'd be REALLY pissed... The tall, big breasted blonde guest with the glasses just went and HID from the cameras to change... What a rip-off that is. I'd demand my money back. Never get it, but it'd express my displeasure....
  11. I've been checking in regularly to this apartment... The nice looking redhead with glasses on the couch never seems to get her clothes off. She looks like she has some decent curves... Has anyone seen that naked yet? The skinny brunette I've seen change a couple of times already. She keeps her back to the cameras.
  12. I don't know why I keep watching WM24/7... Marina just changed for getting into bed... in the bathroom. Whoosh - off with the day dress, whoosh, on with the nightshirt. I swear the woman never showers. I watched the fat, chain smoking woman in the Cozy apartent have sex with her husband(?) in the pool in the dark, then they changed in the dark - she with her back to the camera while he held a towel around her... SERIOUSLY?? Then she got ready for work and changed with her back to the camera. Today she got ready for bed and took her bra off UNDER HER DAY SHIRT with her BACK to the camera and SMIRKED while she did it!!!! I mean they ARE free cams, but it's pretty sad...
  13. Yeah, the public cams didn't last long... I watched them for a few minutes and saw nothing interesting... Nothing I can't see any night of the week in town. I wonder if they had legal trouble. Marina doesn't show much either... She flash changes after slathering on a fresh coat of makeup in the morning, then in the evening flash changes again and climbs under the sheets. I've seen her shower maybe twice in the last year. A couple times a year she'll masturbate in the dark....
  14. And it keeps getting worse...Several of the cameras haven't been working and now, at the moment, NONE of them work....This is such an amateurish site...There's so little to see and it's unreliable..
  15. They could use a bedroom cam for Orit/Alin, and they need to get Tony back... She is chubby, but kinda cute. She did that sex scene in the dark with her ex-husband (?) back in February/March, then promptly disappeared.... The Bable and Cozy ap'ts might as well just go away. There's never anything going on there. If thy don't put in a bedroom or shower cam, they're useless.