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  1. Memories of the old days .. some girls were just perfect from the point of view of their appearances but when it came to actions they deserved a big shinning ZERO..
  2. Good girl.. She's proving herself very quickly..
  3. Is this a good compensation for Adele's departure ??
  4. how do you evaluate this ass then ? Rob(forum moderator)
  5. We have seen this before!! They're copying old tenants: Irma / Ilona - Danaya / Adele .. ain't weird or what ?? Anyway good start towards the target lol
  6. Adele & Aida.. Which ass is more yummy ??
  7. She does have an innocent face but her body is bullshit (I believe)
  8. She will eat her salad and I'll take care of something else
  9. Wonderful Mr. Boss.. Thanks for posting.. She is hot but her body is not so sexy.. Anyways, I don't mind spending a couple of hours with her .. lol