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  1. I think sometimes she just gets a bit bored judging by this little routine , not sure why they have come out in the wrong order but you get the gist
  2. Love watching this girl in action
  3. Well Vanessa is finally off the computer on the sofa.
  4. Is this more enough for you rullez?
  5. Well they are off now.....although Aida is averting her eyes
  6. Not exactly Efim & Nymph but a decent start. Lets hope they have started as they mean to go on. Or is it all downhill from here?
  7. A few pics from last night for those that can't yet view the gallery, he wasn't exactly gentle with that whip.
  8. Who knocked the camera in Adele's room, at that angle it now resembles the villain's lair in an old Adam West Batman episode.
  9. I'd like to see something slightly more normal say blonde or red, but maybe as she has had pink and blue that I have seen, she may go green. The blue certainly seems to be coming out but I still can't tell what her natural hair colour is.
  10. Well ones of them has now gone, well done Nina & Kira
  11. Not sure it bothers Danaya as she was using it herself when Adele first arrived. It sure does produce a lot of vape though, it looked quite foggy in the living room last night. I saw that Danaya went outside for a cigarette the other day. Maybe different house rules for each.
  12. I think Adele is the most normal girl we've had since I got here, she just goes about her business, she has more gadgets than the other two, two phones a tablet and a laptop but she doesn't spend all day on them, she goes out, cooks, cleans, draws (see her wall), dances and eats, she likes her chocolate, and I think with her it shows you don't have to walk around half naked all day to be sexy. It will be interesting to see what happens when Danaya leaves, not too soon I hope. We might see Ilona on her own all day as Adele has gone out. I can't see her hanging around the place just to keep Ilona company.
  13. For me I open up RLC for a quick check of the thumbnails to see if anything interesting is happening, if not I'll log on here to see the latest updates. Don't tend to use the shoutbox much as sometimes it's a bit off-topic and you don't like to interrupt. I check the forums mainly, some of the stuff in these is hilarious and it's good to have access to the gallery to catch up on anything I have missed, also the older forums for the now departed participants, to see what went on there, as some of those I never saw. Took me a while to find this site but I'm glad I did.
  14. A small selection of the stills from Masha's bath just now. She sure does give Leora a run for her money. She also has the advantage of a partner who wants to have sex with her.
  15. Which one is more annoying, Paul or the dog? For me it has to be the dog, it has ruined many a Leora masturbation session with it's constant barking, or jumping into shot, has it been trained to do that? There is a time and a place and that isn't it. You'll notice that Paul never does that, well he never does anything really. It's also a bit annoying and this goes for all the pets not just their dog, that you see the motion sensor activated and you think someone is in only to find it's the dog/cat moving about the place. The only pet that is entertaining is Carla's cat, which just attacks anything it sees. I rest my case....Just when he thought he'd got her all to himself...didn't shut the sodding door properly.