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  1. Poor Angelina seems to have been poorly these last few days. But when Dany came home she roused herself from her bed and chatted adorably. Body language suggested to me that at least part of their conversation was about pussy issues, and Angel touched Dany's legs a few times. I hoped for some loving together, but I guess D can't move that fast. Then the police called, and woke Dany up, and straight into Angel's room who comforted her beautifully and with patience, and was thanked by Dany with a languorous stroke on her naked bum. As usual Dany is so slow on the uptake she might miss her chance with Angel, and probably will. Angel is beautiful and want to be fun. She wants a beautiful girl's tongue between her legs. And so do I.
  2. How do you solve a problem like Maria? Nicole? Last night she danced with latest lothario on the balcony, the police turned up, Danaya threw a conniption and had to be comforted by a naked Angel, and then Nic got fucked bang in front of Cam 7. There was more excitement, action, sex and true romance in one hour of Nicole than hours of farting about with paints by the Famous Five kids in B1. Getting on with other tenants (and not having the neighbours call the police) is important. But she sure does give a show, and she loves the Spanish guys and they love her. And I missed her beating up her best friend. Damn! Solution: Give this girl her own apartment - with a second room for passing nymphomaniacs to service her cast-offs.
  3. There were some hours of body painting with one of the twins nude as well as Irma, and all 4 girls and the fat man painted front and back by all 5 of them (apart from phone breaks obviously). It was fun but not exciting, and the reason I think was because of the middle aged fat man who took part in both painting the girls and being painted, showering them off and being showered, and at the end got his hands into Irma's pussy in the shower before the girls gathered round to protect her and eventually she gently showed him the door. Chat thought he is a photographer who works with the girls. I thought he's a lucky bastard. There is hope for us all. But four beautiful dishes, however fragrant, are easily spoilt when you add a turd to the plate.
  4. Yeah, I've been learning a thing or two during the long hours waiting for something to happen, or, like now, when its more like an Infirmary at B2 with both Dany and Angel in their beds all day. So here's the Brit's guide to Spanish plumbing: Bidet - brilliant addition to hygiene. Sit with pubic area facing tap. Remove socks and wash thoroughly. Especially useful for condoms, now the Spanish economy is plumbing new depths and these expensive items need to be used several times. Pedestal toilet - for when those annoying flatmates are unsure about your choice of footwear. Ensure lid is closed; put on new shoes and gently revolve while standing on top. Allows you to check your look in the mirror before going out, and on replay the following day on Cam 9. Showers - can be taken several times a day, ideally with friends. Everyone likes long showers, especially the viewers, so the water flow has been adapted to enable the House Mum using a multifunction device called the tap in the kitchen to reduce the flow to Cam 15 to a trickle. That sweet smell in the air - encourages the girls to show their chests to full advantage by taking deep breaths. Barca has become a victim of its own success by having too many visitors. But it is not the smell carried in from the sea it is the overflow of human effluent not yet carried out. Baths - self explanatory after last entry. Now you know why no one goes swimming from those beautiful beaches. My apologies to my Spanish friends. Please make fun of British plumbing any time. There is much to mock.
  5. Nicole comes home with a guy, maybe one from earlier. I've not been around for a few weeks so not sure. She doesn't hang around. The room was plunged into darkness, you could hear them fucking, the lights came on in the bathroom to show Bf using the bidet - useful for us Brits to find out what they are for before Brexit plunges us back into the plumbing dark ages. Then darkness again. Nicole has done a Vika. Manipulated the other tenants (and the Emperor and RLC) into getting herself the best room and in the process pissed Danaya off. Then got rid of Estelle - not really much of a viewing loss. And now fucks in the pitch black to show she doesn't give a flying fuck for the viewer. I guess she knows she won't be invited back. But if she's not even going to give us a show she should leave NOW.
  6. Hi CowArt, I got a reply from SegPay which somewhat missed the point. Their answer to My Mastercard has been declined because you SegPay are regarded as high risk so what card do you recommend? Try either Visa or MasterCard. Same circle I went round last time. LOL. Neteller, as you point out, needs you to have some Internet available funds in the first place, whereas my source of funds for off-the-record purchases is cash, usually from 'down the back of the settee'. RobertParker above suggests Easier to tell the wife the truth (well, he has taken the name of a tiger), and I'm with him 100%. Robert, if you'll let me know your wife's phone number I'll fess up your secrets to her no problem. For myself, avoiding offering my testicles to a maddened woman seems a more sensible choice. Actually my wife is quite adorable, and what I'm really afraid of is that slightly saddened understanding of 'surely at your age you should have stopped ogling naked girls' followed by 'why don't I watch with you to see what you find so exciting' and finally 'but this is voyeurism - yuk'. I guess another case of completely missing the point. So I've solved the problem as before, flashed the credit card and hope to hide the statement. The declining bank has got it right - SegPay has got some customers who are devious and shifty.
  7. My 6 months expired just in time for me to MISS Irma licking Jess to a climax. Such is life. I fancied a short break from all the over-excitement (!) but now I'm ready to rejoin because eggs is eggs and because it is a bit slow at the moment RLC will slip in some not-to-be-missed event, such as a quickie visit by Aida and Megan to take the twins' strap-on virginity in a Wednesday night spectacular (don't panic - just my imagination running away with me). Once again I have found my pre-paid Mastercard card - apparently always accepted but already rejected twice - made sure it was still valid and had enough on it to pay for 6 months and .......... got rejected again. But this time there is no Ilona or Aida to panic me into getting out the credit card, so I contacted segpay to ask why the card was declined. They referred me to the issuing bank who told me card declined because the merchant (Segpay) is considered high risk because of a history of fraudulent transactions. I guess this is a reflection of the market Segpay is in - the kind of company we keep (although of course voyeurs should be considered to be true gentlemen always). So I have asked Segpay to advise me what pre-paid card readily available in the UK I could use. SirJohan's advice above is interesting but I have not yet checked whether a secure deposit credit card is available in the UK. I'll let you know progress but if by wishful thinking Ilona does turn up this afternoon I bet I'll be flashing the credit card pronto.
  8. How kind of you guys to notice I hadn't posted. I did watch from the little fuzzy windows and noted the ecstatic enjoyment on Chat. My Subs expired yesterday morning and I resolved to take a break for a while, so of course suddenly major events happen. Sods law. Now I can't view it'll pretty much guarantee Ilona will turn up for a fleeting visit and reclaim Irma's love with a passionate kiss and a joint session with her pinkie, Jess will sit on one twins' face while licking the pussy of the other, at which point B1 will be raided by Megan wearing her policeman's hat dragging Adele in in handcuffs, Danaya will fuck her arse-up on the settee with a strap-on and Heidi's designer fuck-fest girlfriend will turn up at the door asking for directions to B2 and who is this Angelina she is supposed to share a bed with. How long will my resolve last? Not long probably. But for the past few months I haven't had that sense of fun when suddenly I hear Aida's mischievous voice asking me to write a letter for her. Time for a short break.
  9. Yeah, I like Angelina. Sadly I missed her bating in the open because my Subs expired yesterday and I want to take a break before renewing. How long will my resolve last - who knows? But I have got some words for the sods law that says as soon as I can no longer view Jess comes in Irma's mouth and Angelina writhes on top of her bed in ecstasy: fuck, fuck fuck fuckity fuck, fuck me in my fuck expresses it bang on.
  10. Electricity Bill sounds like a good name for one of those monster Hitachi dildos. I think the new management asked the girls to leave lights on in the bedrooms to improve visibility for us when they are bating etc. A few of us with older eyes asked for the lighting levels generally to be brighter and I thought RLC listened!
  11. Last night's pussy licking was a restrained affair. Danaya seemed to have been waiting around downstairs and then in the bedroom while Irma flirted with a chap with a beard and then the twins, before she lit a candle or two in her room and started a massage on D with hands and tits. Dany lay passively as Irma squeezed her breasts and then rubbed her tits all over, even her feet, and then her pubic area, her breasts catching on D's pants which she pulled down a little so the pubic mound was fully exposed. Her lips first grazed the mound as she passed by, then kissed as she returned, then sucked at D's nipples, then sought into the crevice and kissed and found the clit and sucked. Not for long. D's pants stayed on and her legs closed. Her arms stirred, her body tensed imperceptibly. Irma stopped. They lay side by side and chatted amicably, and then went to sleep. Megan and Becca was a one-off. Heidi's 2 hour lesbian fuck-fest a (sadly) not to be repeated accident. This was planned, a show; relaxing, not aggressively sexual, easy for a girl half asleep later to claim I never really realised she was licking my pussy. So perhaps Jess - and eventually the twins - might find themselves sucked (!) in. Dany might try her luck with the beautiful Angelina. Lets hope its the beginning of a new standard for massage shows. Sea changes begin with a trickle, end with a flood.
  12. Jess and MMMM talked in the bath for an hour. Then they went to bed and so far have talked for another hour. What can we decide about a lovely woman and a gentle man who enjoy talking so much? L ets ask ourselves whether their relationship is really strong O r built on nothing more than physical attraction V ery often clues are given by delight in each other's company E ven though they don't kiss or fuck in front of us He is smitten. She is tempted, But another life posing as a lesbian to get to Canada also calls her. Men are simple animals. Women, even as sweet as Jess, more complicated.
  13. Nice the girls have now got a pet. Though they've all had a cockatoo.
  14. Be respectful is a rule which the Mods enforce using their common sense and, I expect, guidelines, so there is some consistency. But its a tough and thankless task, though probably a lot easier on RLCF than on CC. The Mods do a great job keeping this forum a place where we can share and discuss. Sometimes we all want to criticise and this should be allowable where there is justification, even if it is not a widely held view. I would say that making a valid point of criticism is not disrespectful. But what is interpreted as criticism is usually a subjective view. I may hold that my view is a widely shared moral good, but someone somewhere will think the opposite. But where critical comments are made and repeated with little or no justification the tenant is harmed, and our enjoyment is harmed. Same where posters are bullied because they hold a particular view. Those people who are appalled by common human behaviour, such as picking nose, perhaps want to bully and denigrate others in order to bolster themselves. But this is common too, so we accept it. We are voyeurs, interested in and accepting of all behaviours, even those as weird as our own.
  15. You have a very good "ear" for writing.