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  1. Thanks StnCld, A timely reminder of how Belle's 'barging in' produced some thrilling viewing. Mind you, Rebecca was very hot for Megan, and it is possible if Belle had not appeared we would have seen Becca and Megan one on one for longer - until Lola interrupted and killed the mood.
  2. Yeah Folgore, Rose was very turned on by the pussy licking porn. Her earlier massage to Jas stopped short of the pussy and the only licking was tongue to tongue. Lovely, as you say. Rose will not be satisfied with that - and my guess is that, having kissed Rose on screen, it won't be too long before Jas gives in.
  3. We pay to watch real life. But we know we are watching something structured and manipulated. If harm is happening there is a case for intervention. But normally the viewer who disagrees with tenants' and guests' behaviour should choose not to watch. However vociferous the group watching and disapproving, there may well be a larger but less vocal group happy just to watch. Different cultures have different standards. RLC is primarily motivated to keep us watching, because that drives subscriptions. So if most refuse to watch they will adjust tenants and behaviour codes to suit. Demanding changes because we do not like something is censorship. Complain when nothing is happening. The more we complain when there is action the less freedom the tenants and their management have to present 'real' life.
  4. And the nearest she has ever got to a proper bate. At least five minutes of full on clit and pussy manipulation. Did she come? Hard to tell because the night vision in her room is so fuzzy. Will it count towards her bonus ? You bet your life!
  5. Just my thoughts - WE don't know why the police came yesterday, It may have had nothing to do with the behaviour in the apartment. We do know that the complaints about the use of stimulants lead to a long dull period. Out there in non-perve society a lot of people would think the whole site should be closed down. Aren't we on an unstable platform to try to claim any moral high ground - standing in a swamp.
  6. This almost sounds like a PR agency doing damage limitation. In the olden days the police would have carted off tenants and guests to an uncertain fate and not a word would have been said. Yes, not only is RLC offering more new apartments than ever before, this actually seems like an attempt at customer service. Well I never.
  7. Four policemen and one woman arrived. So many people in so many rooms you could only follow where they were on the thumbnails. Chat suggests rape or non-consensual sex. But others who watched state nothing too forceful happened. I watched for a while last night and one girl was clearly too drunk to know which way was up - eventually she shared a bed with Vanessa and a bloke with white pants who had been hitting on her all evening. Is this an offence under the local laws? Basically it was what Julian Assange got charged with and now has case closed - but that was Scandinavian law. And perhaps worse things happen every day in Czech Republic (tho' I've never visited). My guess - those guys really should have trimmed that grass.
  8. I like Kitty's looks, but do they ever do anything interesting? Still, just now Kitty was obviously about to be fucked so I thought I'd finish a post elsewhere and watch. 2 minutes I was back and she was just stepping out of the shower, fucked and finished! Loverboy already is back in his shorts looking as vacuous as ever. If he and Kristy teamed up they could set the world record for fastest ever joint orgasm.
  9. Not only does Vanessa look completely different (better) she seems purposeful and happier. I'm still unclear on which of the other 2 girls is Marketa. And on whether any of the boys are boyfriends or just large appendages attached to ever willing cocks. Since the house will only be used until end June maybe we will never find out. I'm sure the question on everyone's mind for this first ever RLC house with a garden, is will anyone cut the grass in the backyard?
  10. Belle has been a star in her time and could be again. The look on her face when Rebecca went down on her and Megan was a priceless moment. For a while her dancing and good humour was most of the interest in the Barcas. I agree this time she has not been worthy, so perhaps the problem is when girls come back they need a better defined responsibility or structure to work within - bringing on other girls for example. This time she has been eclipsed by Rose. Trouble is, you can't structure Belle, or give her responsibility.
  11. Fuck The Customer Friday In honour of this special day of the week Lola has led the troops out for the night. Of course, she had to find Gina first since she hasn't been home much lately. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting they have gone out to find customers to fuck. We know how quickly that sort of suggestion gets out of hand. No. I merely mean that on Fridays many of us perves gather hoping to watch some entertaining flammery - body painting, dancing, flirty phone calls. After all, we are the customers here. But no. B1 has gone out. Fuck the Customers.
  12. Jas has never looked so happy or relaxed since Rose's stiff fingers brought her to orgasm. She smiles. Her eyes dance. Her tits shine and bounce - ok, they've always done that, but before she used to keep them hidden. Now Rose jumps onto Jas' bed from the end and places her body between Jas' legs so her head hovers above the pussy. Rose talks; Jas listens. Before she used to lie beside Jas. It is altogether more proprietorial. Jas grins. Like a helpless chick not yet gobbled up. Surely she will be. I was hoping tonight.
  13. Violetta is hot stuff - she just hasn't shown it yet!
  14. A rather loving development between Jas and Rose. After days of flirty but probably going nowhere behaviour they were in Jas' bed watching porn on her laptop, (first a dick fucking pussy fast then girl licking girl). Jas was hidden behind Rose's body and under the duvet, but you could see Rose stroking Jas' breasts and then during the girl girl scene commotion in the covering as she thrust her fingers in and out of Jas' pussy. The sound of Jas coming got mixed in with the quieter noises on the porn, but it was unmistakable - Rose made Jas come. Then they had a quick bath together and are now sat on the settee, Jas in bedtime cream like a white mask, and Rose calm, but caring beside her.
  15. When I started posting I thought I could resolve some of the endless 'discussions' by applying logic and detailing evidence. But then I realised we are all here to have fun, and for some fun can be had by making up stuff without any real reason. For them, logic and evidence are killjoys. So, two thoughts on calling the girls names - just maybe sometimes what is said might have cause - and when it doesn't, I might not like it but the girls have signed up to a site where that kind of shit happens, so dealing with it is part of the job 20,000 people hover in and around this site. Its like a hornets nest. Very interesting, as long as you stay calm, and don't kick it.