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  1. Hans (on D's page) got me thinking a bit more about Danaya and Karol. I'm not sure I can make sense of the way they are with each other. Translation says Karol prefers girls to blokes, and Dany regularly hits on girls but says she has never had sex with a girl. Maybe they are working to an RLC script - but I never like to give that idea too much credence because we have never had any evidence of such things. My view - if they really want each other they only have to reach out and touch - at the same time of course!
  2. Hi Hans46458, It is hard to fathom out who wants who between Karol and Danaya - each blows hot and cold. I got on site at midnight LT hoping for a further episode in their own (non)sexual soap opera and find all three girls fast asleep in their own beds. I doubt K and D plan to be up early in the morning to see Mich off so perhaps I just missed the fun. Does Nicole deserve the big bedroom? - I think she does. Not only for her tireless work with Fernando and her pink friend, but I'm hoping she will bring a girlfriend with her just as horny as she is. Might she give another girl a try - I hope she might! Then afterwards perhaps they'll share Fernando, or get his cousins to visit. Just possibly Karol has set her sights on Nic, and so now is stopping Dany sealing the deal, as you say above. What I am sure of is she will work hard and entertain us. I'm sending you a PM as well.
  3. Great screen grabs delta10 illustrate your argument very well. I agree with you about Jess. And think all the more of her for doing a good job for herself and for us. And I agree there is something brewing between her and Irma. I'm beginning to wonder whether Ilona has decided not to return and so Jess is being cast as the new Ilona .......... Sob sob
  4. Shame she wasn't around during the long dull period before Xmas to toss Lima over the balcony and jump start Lara and Melissa. Although I don't find her particularly engaging to watch. Personal taste that's all. I'm hoping she will continue to be around in the background to nudge the new girls into inter-action.
  5. Hi delta10, Jess is wonderful. She has a great sense of duty, and accepts teaching - note how she hangs back listening to Irma or Nora, willing to learn, experienced camgirl though she is, showing gratitude for the way they have promoted her into their lives. Jess is thorough in her fun, with that sense of still being in control - she has to give herself permission first. This mature responsible willingness is not the same as spontaneous FUN. So sometimes it is possible to enjoy watching her and at the same time not be completely carried along that she is enjoying herself. She is doing a job - one that she obviously enjoys - but as you say she is a Showgirl. Compare her to Ilona (oh, my beating heart) who has to be the centre of attention and needs to throw herself into the centre of things even at the expense of the other girls. Ilona is needy, yes, but the fun is genuine and she makes me smile inanely. Both Jess and Ilona have a steely commitment to doing a good job. Both smile readily, join in easily. Much as I love Ilona, Jess is probably the nicer more balanced person. I agree with you Jess won't take the lead. But when the chips are down and Irma is coming at a supine Jess with dildo fingers, Jess, having made her mind up, will carry through.
  6. Nora's away so the cats can play. They set the pattern 2 nights ago with naked massage and then Nora, left alone, came with a dildo. Is tonight Jess' turn? - after midnight LT please so I can be watching. But Jess doesn't have a dildo. No problem, Irma was watching Man Mountain attentively as he brought Jess to climax with his fingers. And she had a little practice on Nora's pussy, just rubbing up and down the labia outlines. Will Jess allow Irma's fingers in the sacred portal? She has changed recently - much more overtly sexy. While Nora was orgasming she did a short legs open show for her phone knickers off. Maybe she will. But even more than Irma bringing Jess to ecstasy - because if it is predictable it will be tainted with the artificial - I would love to see Irma take advantage of Nora's absence to build emotion between her and Jess. Jess is lovely, and has decided to be willing, but I would love to see her abandon herself to Irma's fingers not because that's the plan but because she wants her.
  7. It didn't look like she was clearing out - no tearful send-offs. And her name is still on the room. My guess is she'll be back in a few days.
  8. 1 Jessica 2 Karol 3 Arrival of resuscitation unit
  9. Michelle has been pretty damn boring for weeks. Yes, she's adorable to look at. Like a great view though, you tire unless something interesting happens in it. Perhaps I've missed recent cam shows, but ever since Candy left Mich has let the unfolding story between Karol and Danaya do all the work of making the apartment interesting. Not enough in my view. She's supposed to be the big star. But aside from those cam shows she has proved a disappointment - her ego more inflated than a two foot dick.
  10. Dany certainly gave Karol's breasts a good long licking during the game at the B1 party tonight. This must have sent a message to Karol to hang on, Dany intends to catch up. Even if D has not had sex with a girl before she sure wanted to seduce both Ilona and Adele. And she's pals with Rebecca but nothing ever happened between them ????? Rebecca hung back from seducing Megan until Megan gave her the go-ahead under the influence of happy juice. Next day Rebecca wanted more but Megan avoided her. So perhaps Karol is really keen but waiting for D to be good and ready ....... ........... and we all know how long Danaya takes to get ready just to go to the shops!
  11. I like Dany, but she has had a few opportunities to seal the deal with Karol and thus merit the big room for 2 in a bed romps and hasn't done so. Meanwhile, Nichole has been a regular, often twice a day, with both Spanish dick and the pink friend, and I bet most of us are hoping she and her friend will get it on with each other on the same schedule. Nichole entertains us - she deserves the big room!
  12. They're for me. Thanks Jess. But I missed you doing them - could you do them again!
  13. Jess is one to fall in love with. Especially now she is having such a great time. She really feels she fits. I'm sure she will be coming back - especially since she has put such effort into ensuring that happens too.
  14. Enjoyable bating show last night in white pants which gradually got pulled and pushed ever tighter over the clit. as ever she dived under the covers to finish. When she first got home she joined a naked Danaya on her bed legs akimbo and seemed to be asking advice on how to masturbate. K made a clearing the head gesture (beneficial aspects of orgasm) followed by rubbing fingers together (universal symbol of getting money in bonus) which I took to be the 2 reasons she was giving Dany for wanting to bate openly. They watched something that surprised them - fisting I thought, because Dany then showed 2 fingers with a 'this is the most I've ever put up' gesture. Of course, I may have completely misunderstood. Dany knelt on top of K (open pussy into Cam 14) and joggled about, tits were fondled and sucked, but Dan seemed so laid back that K got up and left, had a bath and then did herself as above. And she left the light on for the white pants show - so any shyness is disappearing, but I did feel the need to keep shouting 'TAKE THEM OFF'
  15. I voted yes. Nudity and sex are why we pay to join. Nothing wrong with RLC being a porn site - oh, except for the disapproval of society in private while mostly consuming porn in private. Lets get rid of the hypocrisy. Ancient societies accepted sex as life. Religion is what fucked it up, and lets hope that irrationality is dying off.