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  1. Yeah. Yeah. Been here before. First time Anna appeared (then much loved star of New Year day massage with Irma) with Lola (riding high as Miss Party Fixer) at B2 I remember getting worked up at the surreptitious signs they may have been lovers. Nothing came of it. Now, after being softened up by months of bugger-all happening, do I give a shit?
  2. Rose did more than most of the girls have for a long time - she made it seem that sex was possible. But, although Jazzy got the stiff fingers orgasm which was nice but partly hidden, Belle slipped from her grasp and Gina out-drank her. Her friend slept in her bed but never showed anything. Anna and Caroline joined her last night and no doubt all three are now en route to some billionaire's party as sexual bait - perhaps a spot of 'yachting'. Shame they haven't tempted Lola along too - she's a waste of space here lately. I'm afraid, much as I liked her, Rose's visit was like most else lately on RLC - a little promise and a lot of disappointment.
  3. She's alright guys. We know Nicole likes a fit - the tighter the better!
  4. Possibilities is what keeps me interested in a girl, once we have got to know her pretty well - will she masturbate? what does she look like when her control is down having sex? Gina is vivacious, beautiful, energetic and often nude. What's not to like? Well, we know she will not masturbate properly (I saw her once fingering herself briefly) and she has twice deliberately avoided sex (with first Stella and then Rosemary), not to mention resisting Lola's attentions (very understandable). So after nearly four months we know the sexual possibilities are almost nil. Shame. Lovely girl. But time to move on. Give a new girl a chance.
  5. Life without rules doesn't work as well as life with them. Mediaeval Ireland was run by a few strong chiefs who fucked all the women. I would have been near the bottom of the heap - and many of you lot too. Rules are ok with me - and we owe thanks to the Mods who make them work for us all, (Some of you may be aware there was a challenge to someone's reputation the other day and the Mods cleared it all away without damage to the site or our enjoyment.)
  6. Most girls who disappoint by doing nothing are nice to look at. What Lola has to offer is leadership. Polya responds to leadership. Gina needs leadership - she has become boring. B1 is becoming terminally dull. Come on Lola - break out the party spirit, ignore the whingeing salvation army naysayers and get FUN back.
  7. Hands up everyone who thinks new hottie Sofia has been brought in to have spicy lesbian sex with Rose? We can hope, can't we! But Rose has not made a move (or did I miss it?) on the beautiful visitor who shared her bed last night. Perhaps she is still in love with Jasmine, or still pissed off by being conned by Gina. Whatever, Nicole has seen her chance - she hasn't got a bloke to hand, and those meaty flaps don't lick themselves, so I am hopeful she is explaining to Sofia that the best entrance onto RLC is the one between her legs. I like the way that grey dress is already riding up Sofia's thigh; her wine is drunk, and those pheronomes Nicole is giving out would make Mother Theresa a lesbian.
  8. Nicole and new girl Sofia seem to be getting on well. Nic has been my main watch these last few day. Not only can she be relied on to find and roger any nearby meaty male, she has adopted Belle's open leg position on the bed for the rest of the time. Her meaty flaps hang out to cool her superheated pussy like a dog's tongue. Its a success because Replay has Nicole in 9 out of the 15 thumbnails! This girl must be due for a bonus that would make Belle envious!
  9. ITS A MANS LIFE IN THE SALVATION ARMY Owing to the resounding success of Operation Cleanup the Sally Army is appealing for further volunteers. "We have infiltrated a nest of perverts, peddling their filth. They call themselves voyeurs", said Spokesperson Roger Upright. "Well placed comments about drug use, prostitution and violence to women, all based on the flimsiest of evidence and followed up by constant threats of complaints, have effectively turned their disgusting site into a boring snoozefest you could watch with your aunty. Well done our boys!" "Now its got so boring we need new volunteers to watch it and spoil their fun." "If you like whingeing and complaining and spoiling others' fun we have a vacancy for you." "There's a tambourine with your name on. Come on boys, give it a shake."
  10. How could I have missed this? Good for Doe Eyes and the girls - after all this time. That girl must have come like a volcano; she has never even touched herself before on cam. I agree with Plank - I bet she has done it with Nina before off cam, but when they briefly shared a bed after the last bust-up between K and N there was no hanky panky at all. But now Doe Eyes has come out perhaps she will bring back that lovely little girl (she was burning for Doe Eyes) who visited only once over a year ago.
  11. Great effort from Rose last night. Devious behaviour from Gina. What a shame. A girl who loves being nude, looks fantastic, has some way of getting round the visa problem .......... ............... and she will not succumb to a little lesbian love. Polly or Belle do it as a duty - but when Stella tried with Gina she wanted her and last night I thought Rose really wanted G. Its the wanting that makes even a small show erotic. Gina has given great pudenda, but she tricked Rose last night, and us. Hard to forgive.
  12. I guess Rose has been knocked back by both Jas and Belle going, and now she is alone with Man Fucking Machine Nicole. Last night she tried to get back in the saddle with Gina, and it was both lovely and sad to see the desire on Rosie's face. Gina outdrank her, and then pretended to go off to sleep so Rose would give up, which she did. Just the way she looked at Gina's luscious body and several times leaned her mouth towards G for a kiss was exciting and I hoped Gina was getting herself tanked to do the deed. But no. Gina was devious in my view, and deliberately gave Rose the slip. Rose tried though, licking fizzy juice off G's belly - very erotic. Back to the les-licking porn for Rose. Lets hope the stiff fingers can do for her what they did for Jas.
  13. Great show from Nicole last night. One of her identikit Spanish blokes was providing able assistance while she humped dildoed and fingered herself to orgasm. He wasn't as well endowed as her usual standard, and perhaps he knew it, because he hid in the bed and would not fuck her even though she was humping his trousered chipolata like a dog on a carpet. Then she blew him off camera in the bathroom, and immediately after back in bed he kept a towel covering his erection while he pumped her with her pink digger, until at last she sucked him off while he continued pumping. She must have found him at the gym to keep his arm going for that long. A one hour spectacular!
  14. 3am LT They talked. A little inconclusive touching. Gina put out the light and appeared to go to sleep, so Rose gave up and followed suit. Then Gina awoke, finished off half a bottle by the window, got a snack from the kitchen and is now restlessly awake on her phone on the balcony. I think Rose was had. I think we have been had too. In fact the only person who hasn't been had is Gina!
  15. 2am LT Gina and Rose on Gina's bed. Rose has come so near to kissing Gina, but so far Gina ducks away and gets another bottle of pink fizz. She spilt some on her tummy and Rose licked it off - that was erotic - a taster as it were. She knows what Rose is there for ,,,,,, but isn't drunk enough yet. With Stella she kissed and eventually got on top legs apart and more may have followed but Stella had conked out. Can our capacity to stay awake outlast Gina's ability to sink bottles?