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  1. It is easier to comment on drama or personality than on the tiny immeasurables that attract us to one tenant over another. So the sex and the passion (ok there hasn't been much of that), drama then, get the posts. And to achieve any of that you do need some leadership, some structure, perhaps the helping experienced hands of girls who have been successful here before. But what is good for making comments/posts is not the same as whatever makes us fall a little in love with our favourites. Of course I would love Ilona back, and some others. But they were my favourites because of who they are; the thousand indefinable characteristics of attraction. And sure, the return of a leader will make more dramas, more entertainment - but haven't we learnt this tour that parties, body-painting can end up pretty dull without some spark of sexiness to ignite them. So I would ask for new blood. The girl who looks gorgeous in underwear but stays in her room and the lovelorn drunk who fucks herself with a banana are equally likely to steal my heart. The meadow looks beautiful not because it is organised but because of its flowers.
  2. The twins are wonderful. Gina gives great pudenda. For some subscribers if there is no sex, no bating, they feel they have wasted their money. For many of us the sex and the bating, if they come, are a bonus, but we have other criteria by which we judge whether we pay or not: mine are playfulness, interaction, beauty, nudity, being interesting. A completely subjective set of values. When a girl stops being fun for me I stop commenting and then stop watching. Eventually I know they will move on and a new one come who might be fun. Its the same with people who comment in Chat or Forum. We all try to be fun or interesting, share our values, or just vent our spleen. Sometimes lavish praise, but other times lots of moaning. How we value those comments largely depends on whether we share their point of view. LIke the girls I don't watch, the comments I don't enjoy are best left to others who might.
  3. Thank you Gironimo for your friendly comment. I tried a few times to post in Chat but it moves too fast for my slow thinking and typing. Its good to share more considered views in Forum but I also start off with Chat to keep abreast of what has happened before I log on. CC tends to be too cumbersome. Sometimes a few boneheads pursue a line beyond any point of reason or evidence; this can be frustrating but if you don't let it get you down it is entertaining too. If RLC did start feeding us facts where would it stop? Most likely, the boneheads would continue with their theories regardless. I suspect our interest and fantasy are best served where nothing is certain. We are lucky to have both types of comment - CC envies us Chat. So thank you to those regular posters who keep chat a funny but informative place to visit (and mostly good tempered).
  4. One of the very early girls in B1 got pissed off with Nora and walked straight towards Cam 1 and gave it the finger.
  5. My guess is that Irma deserves the credit for last night's action with Stella even though Stella did all the work. Previously it has been Irma who gets the others off while being ignored herself, so somewhat puzzling last night that while Stella using tongue, fingers and dildo gave Irma a seeing-to that she deserved, Stella clearly did not want to allow access to herself. The action started in the bath with Irma pressing her pussy onto Stella's legs and perhaps closer - it was hard to see because of the bath sides. Then action in the bedroom was hard to see once the light went out because the nightvision is fuzzy, and the kissing was obscured by one or other girls' long hair. Long periods passed where I found it difficult to see exactly what was happening. I began to wonder whether this was just a show with no real passion from either girl's point of view. Of course it is possible that Stella actually came in the bath and so did not want any attention herself, but equally I wondered whether she did not want to receive Irma's attentions. Stella has always seemed a meat and two veg girl, no fancy lesbian eating for her, (ok she seemed to go a little further with Lola but again she held off from anything serious even though Lola did press) so all the more credit to her and Irma for putting on a convincing show. What can't be denied is that at one point Stella surfaced from between Irma's legs to wipe all the juices from her chin. After a pretty long dry period for us viewers it was galling that at exactly the same time as their show twin one lay naked spread-eagled and fingering and Gina got as close to naked baiting in close-up camera full light as she has done so far. For quite a while I had four screens showing with open pussy on each of them. I wonder if someone at RLC has been cracking the whip. A pretty good night for a change.
  6. Lack of interest in B2 seems to be blowing through these forums like tumbleweed in a spaghetti Western. Much is being missed. Though to be fair the Irma and Stella show was getting hot, and I did wonder if Gina was watching it. (No, don't think so.) Last night, a naked Gina gave a fabulous open display of herself, including some restrained rubbing to each side of the slit and a finger just parting the slit. When she got the Nivea out I thought this time she must go for it, but somehow she stopped just short of a proper bate. This girl has got some self-control.
  7. I have been trying to think about what, for me, has been missing this past month or so. Although it is common for viewers to moan that RLC is dull, not worth the money, used to be much better et cetera et cetera, we do seem to have hit a problem period. We have a mix in B1 and B2 of girls who have been here before, so we know already what is likely and what not, and of new girls who have quite clearly established that they have boundaries and they won't go beyond nudity. So we already have the answers to those questions uppermost in our minds that provide the sexual tension on the site. And I'm afraid the answer is no. We are pretty much sure that there is not going to be any sex. Apart from Angelina's bating, even Irma seems to have given up. It is the hope and expectation that these beautiful girls might form liaisons with one another or with their dildos that has kept us watching in the past. Temporarily, expectation is zero and hope largely extinguished. B1 and B2 have been an extraordinary success I believe. It is impossible to meet all the sometimes conflicting demands of the viewers. Efim tries S and M - chorus of disapproval. Alex the fat photographer hangs about the girls - we don't like it. Magic water brings about moments of real passion - but never to be repeated because we didn't like that either. In those holiday parks long ago, (that Gironimo never went to - honest My Lord), you glimpsed through the window real-life red in tooth and claw, or maybe an old auntie knitting. Whatever you saw or didn't see it was never any good moaning. Overall, the site is growing and getting better, cameras are clearer, lighting is brighter and new apartments keep opening. But RLC does like to surprise us. Their fingers on the subscription levels are more sensitive to fluctuations than a medic's on a pulse. And part of the attraction of B1 and B2 is regular change of tenant. We need to be like spiders, our investment in subs the framework to catch our prey, occasionally putting out a hairy claw to test the tension of the web we have chosen, but passive, patient, accepting of what comes our way to eat.
  8. I want to thank Gina for being often nude, especially with the twins, offering a very faint hope that one day they might actually touch each other. In her bedroom she gives us wonderful views close to camera of anus and pussy and allows us to feast. A visit in the morning light to her bedroom always replenishes me.
  9. I'm afraid it means she recognised her career as a photographic glamour model was over. Lucky for her fans here though.
  10. Much to think about here so these are my very first thoughts only: I love looking at the twins. They are beautiful, dramatic, hard-working in the sense of being usually at home to be looked at. There have been many tenants who have shown less and done less. Gina has the most adorable tits, and I adore them whenever I can. She has given open leg views in her bedroom which Megan never did. I wonder if we have mostly forgotten that in the past bating was not to be expected and when it did happen there was much joy in pervert land. Sure, Angelina lies like a log, but the tension in her body is apparent in small movements and she doesn't cover up. We all have different tastes. But I am agreeing that things have got unexciting. The voyeurs life is one of patience and inevitable disappointment. There must have been times in those holiday parks ( not that you personally were ever there of course, we understand) when the only excitement was the fear of being caught!
  11. My guess on the plush apartments is: RLC is in the entertainment business so swanky place = stage clothes Neighbours less likely to bang on the doors in the middle of the night (but more likely to call the police when things go over the top) Costs of apartments represent a small proportion of the overall costs and can be offset against taxes so actual add-on cost of nice place as opposed to hovel is small Bigger apartments give more flexibility for the future and for higher specification broadcasts It does seem a shame that Maya beavers away in her hovel with little reward, but she is weighed down by useless Stepan and those weird friends.
  12. Hi Shaka, I just checked with myself and I don't feel confused at all: I love watching naked twins dancing. But naked twins dancing because Gina has her fingers up each of them would be even better.
  13. If Vanessa does reappear I am hoping her sole purpose will be to give that Kitty a licking.
  14. Hello 90noway, I try my best to avoid my wife finding out about RLC. Maybe she would be sympathetic and understanding - and both those attitudes would make me feel embarrassed. Perhaps this is because I am late 60s in age. If she did find out maybe I would explain some of what I find so interesting, but for me the pleasure is to be enjoyed on my own. Watching RLC and posting here on forum allows me to indulge and display an aspect of myself that I cannot express in my normal life. We grew up in an age in which sex was embarrassing and pornography not really acceptable - sad for us, but I'm pleased attitudes are nowadays so much more free, in countries relatively free of religion anyway. The way you phrase your enquiry suggests that you might be willing to enjoy RLC together with your partner - if you had the right partner. (Please don't take that as any reflection on your current relationship, but only as my understanding from the way you phrase things.) For now you enjoy it on your own. No surprise. Love's a complicated business. Even when true love's thunderbolt hits we need our own space and our own fantasies. It may be different for you, but for me and I suspect many men, the only partner that truly understands our sexuality is in our head and our own hands.
  15. For crying out loud - body painting AGAIN. For a while I have felt RLC- well, B1 and B2 specifically - has become less fun, but blamed myself for becoming bored. Poor Irma - what can she do if the triplets won't drink and won't be seduced and won't even bloody masturbate. She's played out the possibilities with Stella, even making the ultimate sacrifice with the fat Photographer. Give her strong personalities like Jess or Ilona and she can summon magic from any evening. I love looking at the twins and Gina, in their own near naked world. But without magic water, parties these days are as sexless as a Revivalist Meeting. Belle's just arrived. Hallelujah!