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  1. You can see creampies very rarely on RLC (except Nelly and Bogdan) - that's a pity! What do you think about reporting it under this topic when you see a couple doing an internal cumshot?
  2. @Dazzan, I agree with you: many teenagers get their first sexual education from the internet – and it’s not easy to understand what is normal and what is abnormal (without additional information) … What they can see in porn seems to be normal for lots of them: fucking withoud condom, shooting a load of cum into a girl’s face and so on. Of course, one kann ask the question whether it’s useful to show internal cumshots on RLC. In case that teenagers get access to RLC (or reallifecamfan …) and see couples doing creampies, they could think that it’s normal to cum inside a girl’s pussy. Is it really normal? As far as I know, there are no reliable statistics about the methods of ejaculation practised by next-door-couples. However, there are lots of statistics on prevention methods. In Europe, about 50 % of married women or women in a relationship between 19 and 50 take the pill. On the assumption that most of these women/couples trust the pill and enjoy intimate orgasms I think that about ohne third of the fucking couples finish their act with an internal cumshot. If someone has statistics to that topic, please let us know … Under this condition, I believe that we can say that it’s „normal“ for real life couples to do internals. I’m sure that there are couples for which this method of ejaculation is the only one they practise. On RLC, we have a very good example: Nelly and Bogdan. I’ve never seen Bogdan pulling out. They nearly fuck every day, sometimes twice a day. And every cumshot is placed inside Nelly’s vagina. Ist that „hard sex“? Are they a role model for teenagers, or are other couples on RLC? I think that the method practised by the other couples (waiting until one second before the seed splashes out of the glans, then pull out …) is also not recommended to teenagers …
  3. As mentioned in the discussion, all three girls sometimes have boyfriends, and they fuck with them in the apartement. It seems to be very rarely. Did anybody observe one (ore more) of these girls fucking with a guy, or are there any pictures to be found?
  4. In my view, when enjoying an ejaculation the good feeling can be increased in case that cum is placed on a very intimate body place. Of course, placing the cum inside a girl's mouth feels also very intimate. But shooting the cum "only" over the girl's belly - that would be too little fun for me (as a permanent method of ejaculation). And I think, lots of girls also think so. When staying inside the vagina, you do not only have the advantage of placing cum at the most intimate part of a women's body. You feel also the pleasent pressure by the tightness of the vagina, and the pleaseant moisture inside the girl. And it's very easy to continue the movements with the penis inside the girl while shooting the cum. As you mentioned, Marco always uses a condom while ejaculation inside Stesha. When I saw them fucking first time, I was very surprised. First, Marco penetrated Stesha without condom, and moved his penis inside her vagina for some minutes. Then he pulled out, placed a condom over his penis and penetrated Stesha once more. After about one minute, he came inside Stesha (just contained). I think, Stesha does not allow coital ejaculations without condoms - she will already have her reasons. But I think it's a good way for Marco to place a condom over his shaft shortly before ejaculation. So he can enjoy INSIDE Steha - a much more better feeling!
  5. As indicated in the newsletter, Elisa and Fima are leaving the RLC project. Result is that Bogdan now is the only guy on RLC who shoots his cum inside his girl's pussy. Congratulations to Bogdan - and also Congratulations to Nelly!!!
  6. While watching RLC in recent days, I found out that cumming inside a girl's pussy seems to be an old method of ejaculation . Some months ago, there have been some couples on RLC doing creampies regularly. The only couple still doing creampies at the moment is Nelly and Bogdan. When they fuck, Bogdan always unloads his seed inside Nelly's pussy - he never pulls out. I've seen Fima fucking Elisa, also with a creampie finish - but only once, and not live but on video. Did anybody see another couple fucking on RLC within the last weeks, finishing fucking with an internal cumshot? I cannot understand why the couples do not increase pleasure by letting the juices flow from the penis directly into the vagina. Everyone who has already tried it knows how good it feels. It is very strange that even couples who have done this before have stopped doing creampies. For example, about one year ago Lev has often stayed inside Zoya's vagina while enjoying his ejaculation - dumped his full load into Zoya. Now he always pulls out to shoot his cum ...
  7. Method of ejaculation

    I've found the video - it's difficult to see, but I think that Eric has pulled out and didn't shoot cum inside Julia. It's a pitty - except Nelly and Bogdan, no other couple on RLC does internal cumshots at the Moment ...
  8. Method of ejaculation

    I have not yes seen this beautiful couple fucking. Does anybody know whether Eric cums inside Julia's pussy, or does he pull out?
  9. Nelly Fan Page

    HI Plank, no sorry - I do not mean this ... Sometimes Nelly is lying on her back after being inseminated and pulls her legs up. It seems that she tries to let Bogdan's cum flow deeper into her vagina.
  10. Does Bogdan want to get Nelly pregnant?

    Normally, Bogdan is inside Nelly without condom - and he shoots his cum inside Nelly's pussy.
  11. Does Bogdan want to get Nelly pregnant?

    Does anybody know how often Bogdan shoots a load of cum inside Nelly's vagina? As far as I know, in former times Bogdan has pulled out his cock out of Nelly only very rarely, he should be very good trained in ejaculation inside Nelly ...
  12. Since months, every time they fuck Bogdan cums inside Nelly. But on the video of September 23th, Bogdan gives his cum once more into Nelly's pussy. Then Nelly lifts her ass to make the injected sperm flowing deeper into her vagina. Does anybody know whether Bogdan and Nelly try to make a Baby?
  13. Zoya Fan Page

    I hope he will not shoot Zoya pregnant. Zoya needs a better guy. But there is a risk: when Lev fucks Zoya, he very often cums inside her vagina. I hope Zoya is on pill!
  14. Sasha has one great advantage: the length of his penis ... It's very easy to place that long cock into Mashas vagina, and if he gives her strong strokes, there is no risk that his disk will slide out of Masha. The length of his penis would also allow Sasha to place his seed very deep inside Masha. I don't know the reasons why Sasha does not do that - when he feels that his cumshot will start, he pulls out ... It would be horny if Sasha would change his behaviour and blow his seed inside Masha's vagina in future!
  15. Until this morning, this matter was not decided for me. My favorite was Bogdan. Usually he does not stay inside Nelly for a longer time, but they fuck together nearly every day. Since today in the morning, in my opinion Hector is the top-star on RLC. He did a very powerful performance with Hector. After waking up, Hector and Suzan fucked together in the bedroom, first doggy - then missionary. Nothing special, just like millions of couples do every day. After fucking about five or ten minutes, Hector dumped his cum inside Suzan's pussy, I was a little bit surprised as Hector normally does not shoot inside Suzan ... Then Hector pulled out very quickly. He used a towel to clean his penis, then he also used the towel to clean Suzan's pussy from his cum. I recognised that Hector was able to keep his erection while doing his "cleaning-Job". After "cleaning", I was very, very surprised. Suzan bend over (still on bed). Although Hector had enjoyed an ejaculation only two minutes before, he took his penis, and pushed it into Suzan for a second session ... They continued fucking for about five minutes, then Hector shot inside Suzan's mouth. For me, Hector seems to be the best fucker on RLC - I didn't see any other guy doing such a powerful performance on RLC!