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  1. Love the simplicity and relax way if being of this girl ! Great desicion for RLC
  2. Agree those apartments are a waste of time
  3. Jajajanice cap
  4. Boring couple, boring apartment
  5. Love this pair, they really know what is this for ! Cheers
  6. love her amazing breast ufff
  7. This guys really know why are they for in this place ! Cheers
  8. Love this pair they specially she really knows wich is this site-place for ! Congrats to them and to RLC for the selection
  9. She is amazing!!!
  10. This girl is a winner !!!
  11. She is so perfect, so open and like to show
  12. This is the most booring couple waste of time ! I do not know why they still being an active couple in RLC
  13. This is a very boring couple Waste of time, I do not know why they still being on line