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  1. Does this broad own a different shirt, or is it just the one stained, too-tight Dead Beats tshirt?
  2. Sometimes he jerks off too, but I've yet to see him shower. Too busy with the sleeping and the guitaring.
  3. It's the only explanation
  4. I haven't been around for a few days, but I came back to find Lev in his usual uniform. It's nice to be back.
  5. I've felt bad for Mario through this as well. That's always a hard situation for both parties. I'm glad they're sleeping together again so he can comfort her.
  6. I'm happy to log in and see Lev in new clothes! Did he wash his ass today too? Cheers mate on the small baby steps towards adulthood
  7. I laughed out loud at Fish Face. Poor girl can't help her face, but she can at least not accentuate the bad features with makeup. She must be so insecure living so close to Elisa, who seems self-assured and quite happy with the face nature gave her.
  8. Lev. I'm still angry that he can't be bothered to wash his clothes, let alone his ass.
  9. I have seen him be very tender with her. He even holds her protectively when they sleep. At worst he seems bored with her, but not angry. I seriously doubt he hits her, though her bruises have made me wonder. The first night I joined I saw her sobbing while drinking liquor from the bottle in the tub. She had a couple nasty bruises on her thighs and butt, which have already healed for the most part. I was really turned off by the whole thing because I suspected she'd been beaten. But then Karel joined her in the tub and helped her wash her hair and her back while talking and singing to her. Once he had her smiling again, they went to bed and held each other. I want to think he is a nice guy who is taking good care of her while she's going through a hard time.
  10. I really worry about her. She seems so damn unhappy all the time.
  11. I've finally just watched her do a cam show for someone. Suddenly I have a new favorite girl
  12. There has the be a better place for the fridge in Leora and Paul's apartment. Like, maybe not so close to the sink Paul has to do a little shimmy on the rare occasion he wants to wash a dish.
  13. It must be super strength. I didn't know he beat her, what the hell?
  14. Zoya seems quite bright, and she's creative, and beautiful. She takes care of herself. Lev's merit is that he's male.