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  1. The only question I have is: what took RLC so long to give Estelle the boot? She was just using up time, space and food while contributing nothing.
  2. She may be pretty, but man, her circuit board is scrambled.
  3. Adieu, sweet Jessica. You're going to be missed. You were shy at first when you got to B1 but you gradually came out of your shell and showed us what a delightful young woman you really are. Good luck in all of your endeavours and I hope you will return at some date.
  4. Other than a brief lap dance, he got nothing.
  5. I also thought at one point the older guy was going to get lucky, but then I saw that he couldn't even get hard while the girls gave him lap dances and walked around with their tits out. His testosterone level must be really low.
  6. I agree that Estelle should be shown the door,sooner and not later. She has contributed nothing and I don't find her the least bit attractive.
  7. Time for RLC to realize that they have another loser couple on their hands and shut that apartment down.
  8. Put me down as saying," Hell, no!" There are all kinds web sites for the gay, lesbian and "transgendered" people. I, for one, am tired of having their agenda shoved down my throat on a daily basis. Call me a Neanderthal, intolerant or what have you, but enough is enough.
  9. Here we are on a Monday after the transgression by Vanessa and the apartment is into day 3 of UM. My guess is that Thomas and Vanessa are history as far as RLC is concerned and they're moving their stuff out. I'm still astounded that Vanessa had the unmitigated gall to screw a guy in the apartment with all the cameras rolling. What did she expect....that Thomas wouldn't find out? She may as well have announced on the social media.
  10. Danaya has put in a muted performance compared to her previous time at B1. Something seems to be holding her back.
  11. Vika left a bad taste in more than a few mouths during her stay at B1. You can put a $5,000 paint job on a old Ford Pinto, but you'd still end up with nothing more than an old Pinto.
  12. Man's eternal quest for the great hairy clam. It never ends.
  13. Nothing pretentious about Jessica. She seems to get along with everyone and it's a case of " What you see is what you get." One of the better tenants at B1.
  14. Oh, I think he found out,since he's been sleeping on the couch. As well, Vanessa had a case of post-coital regret. One of her friends was consoling her yesterday as Vanessa sat on the couch crying . Thomas wasn't to be seen on the premises.
  15. Time to stick a fork into this turkey, because it's DONE!