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  1. The massage session between Rose and Jas this past Sunday was the best yet. Very intimate and caring. Lots of kisses,hugging and some tongue at the end.
  2. Belle loves being the center of attention. She has a habit of barging in ,like last night when Rose was giving Jas an intimate massage. She was ignored and finally got the hint and returned to her room. Can't wait for Miss Botox Lips to leave.
  3. I also watched the massage session after the girls came back late on Sunday. Jas went nude into Rose's room after her bath, waiting for Rose, who only put panties on after drying off. Jas laid down on Rose' bed and the massage started. Halfway through, Belle stuck her head in the door and watched for maybe a minute before retreating to her room. It was a slow and intimate massage that ended up with lots of little kisses and some tongue. It seems to get better each time. Once Belle leaves the premises, we'll probably see more.
  4. This weekend was an unmitigated disaster. A night of debauchery that would have made a Roman emperor flinch. If RLC allows Marketa and Vanessa back in there, they desperately need to re-assess their standards.
  5. Given Vanessa's track record with RLC, I was surprised that she was given an apartment but RLC seems to be having difficulty in find new talent these days. By Friday evening, I had my doubts about V&M. Far too much casual sex, even for my liberal views. Saturday evening was just a night of debauchery. Too much liquor, too many guys, too many girls who were under the influence of too much Jagermeister and lack of common sense. A disaster in the making. If the owner of the building gets notified by the police, there's a good chance that RLC will get its lease terminated. As far as Vanessa and Marketa are concerned....you blew it, in more ways than one.
  6. Last night, Rose and Jas went into the bathroom. Rose stripped and went into the tub, with Jas sitting on the rim,wearing panties and a shirt while eating some Haagen Daz. The door was closed. Most of us figured the two were going to get in on again.Next thing that happens, Belle walks in and uses the toilet. She then decides that she`s going to get into the tub also after Jas strips down to join Rose. As far as I am concerned, Belle is miffed that she is no longer Rose`s center of attention after Rose and Jas` evening of rapture a couple of nights ago.
  7. I see Jasmin in a different light now that she has had that intimate session with Rose. At least she didn't pretend like Belle but allowed herself to release her frustrations at the hands of a willing Rosie. Hopefully, there will be more to "cum".
  8. B1 is going to have a tough time topping that.
  9. It seems that RLC is a "filler" job for Jasmin and nothing else. Waste of time and space.
  10. Dolirhume has dangerous ingredients that could cause heart attacks in some people. I'm surprised that it is available over the counter in Europe.
  11. Okay, so she's been back for two weeks and was has Jasmin done? Stayed in her room, acting anti-social and given us the occasional look at her tits. That would give her a rating of 5 out of 10 in my books. Not impressed.
  12. RLC using her as teaser bait?
  13. Stella packing her suitcases this morning. I assume that she's leaving this weekend. There will be a lot of speculating for the next few days.
  14. On top of all that, she's got a hell of a rack...........
  15. You, sir, are twisted, bent and deviant. I knew there was something you had in common with me.......