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  1. This time, Sofie wasn`t interrupted as she laid on her bed, casually caressing her boobs. She then pulled the covers over her waist and began to masturbate for the next ten minutes. She certainly had some satisfaction since I could hear her mewling over the music. It started 00:09 Barca time, in case anyone's interested.
  2. Friday evening was party time at B1. For some reason, Sofie was either not invited or chose not to attend since Lola and Anna were there while Nicole was MIA. As usual, lots of food and booze and everyone seemed to have a good time, Meanwhile........Over at B2, Sofie was languishing on the sofa watching television while her open alluring white peignoir draped her bodacious frame. As she watched the screen, she casually caressed her body and nipples. After about half an hour, she got up and walked around B2, frequently walking into a light so that we could get a hint of her body under the peignoir. At one point, she was in the kitchen getting something from a drawer, bending over with the housecoat falling open,giving us a close-up view of her unfettered breasts and nether lips. She also walked out onto the balcony in the nude before returning to the living room where she danced to the music. Final score: B1 with the party:- ho-hum. B2 with Sofie in all her glory:- WOW!
  3. Last night, two unknown males ended up at B2 to join five girls celebrating something. Lola, Anna, Nicole, Sofie and Helen from B1 ate, drank and had a good time. The two guys obviously thought they had died and gone to heaven with all that good looking pussy at their disposal......at least, so they thought. Helen left before 2:00 a.m.,Barca time. Eventually, the one male ended up with Nicole, who eventually took him to her room where she had unprotected sex with him. His performance was not stellar, by any means. Anticipation, fueled by booze plus an obvious hair trigger left Nicole less than satisfied. However, she seemed forgiving and understanding.He even got to spend the night. The other guy, referred to "Mr. Hat" by members here, tried his luck first with Sofie, who was slightly amused but obviously didn't like him. He then tried Lola, who wasn't interested either. Anna went to bed. Mr. Hat ended up on the couch by himself. Question: why would Nicole take the chance of having unprotected sex with someone she barely knew?
  4. Damn! I missed that....................
  5. There's no doubt about that. Olivia sure likes to have sex- any time, anywhere...
  6. Wow....that's a fair sized baby!
  7. Gina can stay in Spain as long as RLC wants to keep her as a tenant due to her possible dual citizenship where she needs no visa. Lovely to look at, nice demeanour, but she's not adding any zest to B1.
  8. Nothing will happen as long as Nicole is still there. She's become a recluse since she had her epileptic episodes and RLC hasn't moved her out. I thought for sure that she'd be history as of July 1, but she's still at B2. I'm of the opinion that none of the other girls feel up to having a blow-out party due to Nicole's condition.
  9. So now Lola has been installed at B2, which begs the question........why? She's doing the same thing at B2 that she did at B1, namely nothing.....zilch..........nada... Walking around in her underwear or topless is mundane to those of us who have been around for the past two years. If she's supposed to be in a leadership role, it certainly doesn't show.
  10. Is Anna going to breathe any life into B2 while Nicole is still there? I doubt it, since no one will want to party since they're all aware of Nicole's condition. Will Anna and Lola get B2 back into the swing of things? Hardly, since Lola has done bugger all at B1 during the time she was there, other than the one night when they made enough noise to piss off the neighbours. Only time will tell what the future will be for B2, and for that matter, B1.
  11. We all know that Nicole has a serious illness, epilepsy. She's had three bouts of it that we know of. A friend of mine is a retired surgeon whose specialty was head injuries. He's of the opinion that someone like Nicole should be in a hospital and carefully monitored since these seizures are caused by ,as he so casually put it, the brain "misfiring". I personally don't want to see Nicole having another episode. RLC should have made provisions to send her home or to a friend or relative who would look after her once the company became aware that one of their tenants was seriously ill. Perhaps Nicole wants to stay until the end of the month so that she can collect full payment . Maybe RLC is having a problem finding a replacement or Sofie doesn't want to stay in the apartment alone. Who knows...........
  12. Kristy had a boyfriend satisfy her tonight. he even provided the condoms which he really didn't want to use. However, as far as Kirsty was concerned, it was a case of wear a condom and get laid or don't wear it and you get nothing. He was bright enough to make the right choice and both enjoyed the sex. At first, Kirsty wanted to have sex under the blanket, but they got so carried away that she ended up riding him. She had to put her hand over her mouth to stifle her screams of pleasure.
  13. It's after 3:00 a.m., Barca time, as I write this. Neither Nicole nor Sofie are home. Earlier, both got dressed to go out. Has no one told Nicole about how precarious her condition is? Partying, especially imbibing in alcohol right after an epileptic episode is not on the list as recommended behaviour, unless you're determined to party until you drop.....permanently.
  14. I'm at a loss. Clearly, Nicole had an epileptic episode. This means that she may have another one at any time. There is no cure and the causes are unknown. Constant medication can keep it in check. So why hasn't Nicole been sent home where relatives and doctors can keep an eye on her? Instead, RLC has put her in her former bedroom by herself. Not the best of ideas taking her illness into account.
  15. Hopefully, Nicole is getting the medical attention she needs. If Nicole does have epilepsy, she has my sincere sympathy.