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  1. Both Barca apartments look like they're going to implode soon. B1 has little going for it, other than the twins when Gina comes over. Why they brought Stella back continues to puzzle me since she really doesn't interact with anyone. The body painting is getting repetitious. As for B2, it's dead. Gina spends most of her time at B1 with the twins. Belle is in a world of her own as is Angelina. Nora has to come back to liven things up. She brought B1 back from the living dead and she can do it again with both apartments.
  2. Anabel and Efim had sex last night. It started with Anabel taking her time as she gave Efim head.. He then went down on her for about a minute before flipping her over and shoving his dick into her as she laid on her stomach. After about two minutes pumping his dick into her, he pulled out and blew his load over her back. He then got out of bed. Anabel stayed on her stomach and played with her pussy, probably hoping to get off.Looks to me like Efim is a selfish lover and couldn't care less if he satisfied Anabel. Makes one wonder why she stays with him.
  3. How much longer are we going to have to wait to see Masha's sister walk around bare-ass nekkid? It seems that she's living there full time now.
  4. She's the one that's keeping B2 alive. The other two are just there as bait.
  5. Because of Smitty's attitude and the fact that hardly anyone said anything positive about the two twits.
  6. The best couple on RLC, without a doubt !
  7. And here I thought that Sasha wasn't going to shave until he banged Masha again. Wrong guess on my part.
  8. Yup.................like watching a train wreck.
  9. We definitely need an all-out bating session by one,if not both twins. I want to see them get off with a screaming orgasm.
  10. If you say so.............................
  11. *sigh*......Just like last time........Belle is all talk and no action.......Or as they say in western Canada," All hat and no cattle".
  12. Efim doesn't deserve the apartment, let alone Anabel. What a woman! She's talented in so many ways............
  13. Yes, we have yet to see a psychiatrist's report that confirms Julia being a manic depressive and manipulator.
  14. They are about as interesting as watching paint dry.
  15. This couple is far beyond their Best Before... date.