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  1. Fan Page Zlata

    B2 is exciting as watching paint dry these days. It desperately needs a transfusion of new blood and that can only be achieved by showing the current tenants the door.
  2. Fan Page Irina

    Irina, like Zlata, is about as exciting as Lola. In other words, B2 has been mired in the doldrums since Sofie left.
  3. Fan Page Lola

    She's waaayyyy beyond her "Best Before" date.
  4. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    It's hard to judge Efim's facial features since he's forever trying to grow a beard. Personally, I have no use for him since he's so self-centered. The thought of A&E being siblings puts them in a whole new perspective. As we used to say back on the farm," Nothing like rolling yer own."
  5. Fan Page Lola

    I can't wait to read," Lola has left RLC".
  6. Fan page Sofie

    Sadly, Sofie has left B2. She was definitely the one who kept B2 alive. I will miss her since she provided us with so much during her stay. I wish her well in all of her future endeavours. Hopefully, she will return to RLC.
  7. Fan Page Lola

    Lola is just a tease. A lot of talk and little action. Tonight, she played Sofie for all she was worth, pretending to be interested in a little girl-on-girl. It would have been a first for her. Maybe things would have been different if Vasilisa hadn't been hanging around, but the whole thing looked so insincere. Two hours of high expectations that resulted in the usual when orchestrated by Lola: one big dud.
  8. Fan Page Anna

    As of today,Anna's name has been deleted from B2. That leaves Lola, Vasilisa and Sofie. Too bad. I would have preferred to see Lola get the push to the exit door. We really didn't get to see Anna's full potential since she seemed to be in Lola's shadow all the time. Pity.
  9. Fan page Sofie

    Tonight, the lovely Sofie decided to get off at 03:00 Barca time. She gave us the best bate yet and wasn't shy about it. I hope that she will get an extension on her visa because she's the only one that's keeping B2 going.