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  1. Something is up at B1 & B2. The women had that meeting yesterday at B1 and I have no idea what was discussed, but it lasted for some time. Today, they're all over at B1 again doing what looks like line dancing to me. I would have no problem with the current tenants staying for a prolonged time. After all, there are at least 4 other apartments at RLC that have had the same people in them for over a year........and they`re boring.
  2. All that meat and no potatoes......................
  3. Jess is definitely enjoying her stay at B1 and has a lot of positive input. She gets along well with everyone.
  4. At the time I'm writing this, there's a big meeting of some sort at B1 with Danaya,Karol, Irma,Nora and Jessica taking part. Since I can't understand a word of Russian, I don't have a clue what they're talking about. Something's in the wind........
  5. Nicole reminded me of Rita..........and I never cared for Rita.
  6. No. For some reason they rarely use soap or dishwater detergent. Even in the dishwasher. They just rinse everything and that's it. That's why you see them occasionally sniff a glass, cup or dish before using it.
  7. I'm glad that I was wrong about Nora leaving. My bad. That'll teach me to jump to conclusions.
  8. Looks like she may have had spinal surgery. I often wondered why she walks the way she does. Now I know.
  9. Nora's packing her suitcases tonight. I guess she's gone as of tomorrow. Too bad. She and Irma got B1 swinging again.
  10. Nice to see Nelly & Bogdan back. I doubt that those "caretakers" will ever be allowed to look after the apartment again.
  11. Jessica is now a member of the Terrific Trio: Nora,Irma & Jess. That became quite apparent with the intimate scenario at B1 in Nora & Irma's bedroom last night. Jess & Irma stroking Nora and the latter having a fantastic climax after the other two left her to bate and use her toy.
  12. Not much hope here, just like the previous tenants
  13. Danaya was commando under that outfit she wore during the "Spin the Bottle" session. There was a brief glimpse of her shaven pussy and Jess got to feel her unencumbered tits.
  14. Danaya and Karol have already laid the groundwork for a more than platonic friendship. Once Danaya gets over her current problem, which may be a yeast infection or maybe just her period, I think things will heat up between them.
  15. There was no doubt that Karol was as horny as a six peckered spider after her bath and I thought Danaya was going to get it on with her. However, I think Danaya has a yeast infection at the moment so any thought of her getting oral sex has to be on the back burner. She did give Karol kisses from neck to butt before returning to her room in frustration. Karol masturbated before pulling the covers over her head.