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  1. Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    Sorry for missing picture. Keep4u deleted all nude pictures I had in my albums, even though I had marked them "adult".

    I see there's a new apt now called Barca - no freecams tho :/ Could it be someone we know from earlier RLC-visits?
  3. Fan Page Ilona & Tim

    Are we sure it's the Ilona we know? I couldn't see her face 'cause Tim was in the way all the time :/ Is this apt in Barca too? I noticed the tv was in spanish.
  4. Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    So cute talking to herself while playing videogames
  5. Fan Page Sher

    From saturday morning.
  6. Lol thanks for clearing that up They both arrived at the same time and I never found out who's who. I'll move the pics to the right topic.
  7. (Pictures moved to Sher)
  8. Saw her having company by a dude and they went out on the balcony - anything interesting happened?
  9. Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    I'm missing out on all the good stuff, but it's kinda exciting to follow these two anyway - maybe one day they'll go crazy in the LR
  10. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Nice to have this couple back, I've missed the playful Lana. Even tho the entertainment in this apt has been ok while they've been away.
  11. Fan Page Taya & Will

    Sry my english sucks Was talking about the girls in this apt - they don't have much to say it seems, totally run by the dudes.