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  1. A quicky before bed - maybe too quick?
  2. They're quite colorful today.
  3. "Is this part of the Yoga? Doesn't it hurt? Let me try - Ouch!"
  4. New couple - Mira & Jeka.
  5. Thanks for the nice caps, @Landais I'm adding a few as well.
  6. Welcome back, Stella. Was good to see your beautiful smile again, I've missed it Have a nice 2nd stay in Barca!
  7. I don't know where you get this from but you can't have been watching much when Nicole moved in to B1. She's a bit of a loner yes, but there was all harmony with the girls at B1. The problem started when Irma and Nora moved in. Nora and Nicole never clicked and she started to spend more time with her buddy outside the house. But it's all wrong to say she didn't get along with the girls. I have no idea what happens in B2 tho.
  8. Can't say for sure, but it looks like it's Jess that's back in the same apt (or maybe a sister??). The dude is new tho. Edit: Nah, it's not her - this is a new couple acc. to CC forum. Sry
  9. The new couple Mika and Layne is the same couple that had that maraton session on the couch while visiting Dasha and Demid at RLC a month or so ago. I find them a bit weird but seems like a nice couple. He can lit up a cig while they're having sex like he's bored or something, but keeps on going lol
  10. Bye Jess, saw you out the door at 10:05 Sat morning. Didn't get any caps, sry. Was getting tired of your routines in the end, but my oh my for a great stay you've had. Will miss you sweet Jess!
  11. Yes I agree he's a lucky guy, and he seemed like a nice dude. But it was still tragic to watch the old fart in the room. How uncomfortable they were when he got too close, except for Irma who's done it all before. Why not bring someone their own age so they get to enjoy it as well? Oh no wait, that wouldn't bring in any monetas.
  12. Did he pay to spend the evening with half-nekkid young girls? Watching this old fart in B1 is just tragic lol
  13. I don't why, but I don't like Jess with this red lipstick, it's just too much. She needs to tone it down and go for a more natural smooth look. Or go all dark. Same she wears on her camshows, she looks trashy. I'm no expert, it's just my personal opinion
  14. Some more grabs. (I have to say it - this is a weird couple)