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  1. Gina fully nekkid in the kitchen, going for a snack. Dang what a body she got! And then Leora started bating before she was fully awake. So I've had a great start of the day! Off to work!
  2. Today I think they changed the restrictions again, or messed something up while working on the site. If I stay at 1 cam, I can watch for a certain time (haven't tested for how long) but the second I swap to another cam I'm blocked with the message - "Daily playback is limited for non-members". With playback, do they mean live? I'm confused. Anyway, only restart of browser gives new seconds.
  3. I did not understand why they brought her back for a 2nd visit. Yes, she's a beauty but she didn't offer anything at all. But I'm happy to see her in B1 this very minute - maybe not 100% in it, but she joining the fun with the other girls. And in time she'll loosen up some more. Welcome back, Jasmin
  4. Yep, the party last night didn't leave anyone out - guess Kylie just had a bad day or something when I wrote my first msg. But on the other hand, now that Lola is back, alot of what we see will be staged. We know that from last visit. Ppl acting weird, not like you get from just drinks - so not sure I like where this is going. But hey, that's just me
  5. Was this a smart move by RLC? To bring in all the "cannons" in one place? I have nothing against Lola or Polya but how will Kylie and Gina fit into this apt now? From what I've seen this evening, Kylie is left out - she's been "hiding" in her room all alone most of the time. Not sure where Gina is atm.
  6. Thought it would be lots of pictures here today, after Gina's wild "spread" in the LR yesterday evening. I better check the gallery.
  7. She seemed so peaceful lying there, like a fairy.
  8. Holy crap! Irma is back (B1)