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  1. Dang, just missed that - Martina left LR topless. Did anyone get that?
  2. I don't know... about her kitchen outfit, she's a lovely girl but I think she's trying too hard. She'll never be a hit unless she start to be herself. Just be yourself girl
  3. Weird to dress like this when talking to kids on video :/
  4. Cleaning!
  5. The lovely Catlyn is visiting Melany.
  6. I love the fact that she likes to wear those "gravity tops" that Elisa introduced (to me anyways) when she was at B1. They slide down for every movement, and she doesn't care
  7. New couple at M&S? Swinger couple, or introducing a couple for a future apt? I see now it's 2 females, but still the questions are valid. Anyone knows more?
  8. Well, it doesn't seem to have made any changes like we hoped. Guess it was a one-time thing, or maybe it was just too hot that evening. I was hoping she would open up to the cams. I didn't see them yesterday afternoon, did they go on a short trip?
  9. Yep, makes me wonder if that's why they are there :/
  10. She was home alone for a little while yesterday evening and spent most of the time on the couch. She kept looking at cam 1 and took her top off. She got dressed and went out for a smoke(?) and same thing happened when she returned - she looked at cam 1 and removed her top, relaxing on the couch. When Alberto returned she got dressed again. I think she like to be watched. Maybe more will come out of this. She's a pretty girl.
  11. I find this apartment a bit weird, even tho I only see the free-cam. The dudes seemed to just eat-watch tv-fuck-sleep and the girls clean-cook-watch tv-eat-fuck-sleep. Who are these ppl? lol
  12. Not to blame all on Gina, but B1 is boring and have been boring for a long time now. Time to get in fresh new faces!
  13. Like this couple too. Lana is very playful. Fun to watch.
  14. Gina fully nekkid in the kitchen, going for a snack. Dang what a body she got! And then Leora started bating before she was fully awake. So I've had a great start of the day! Off to work!
  15. Today I think they changed the restrictions again, or messed something up while working on the site. If I stay at 1 cam, I can watch for a certain time (haven't tested for how long) but the second I swap to another cam I'm blocked with the message - "Daily playback is limited for non-members". With playback, do they mean live? I'm confused. Anyway, only restart of browser gives new seconds.