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  1. I've created several Albums and attempted to upload videos to. When I do they don't work. The page states that the albums will accept "mkv" or "mp4" files. But then they won't work. May as well delete the albums instead of wasting people time and their frustration on them
  2. Jan 12th, after all that sex, still enough energy for Dancing (oh to be young)
  3. And round two shortly after
  4. A little Tver House guest action Jan 12th
  5. Masha getting rubbed back in Nov. a little warm up for her and a little warm up for Sasha
  6. Stacy from awhile back.
  7. Iris having a little playtime in the tver house Girl sure knows how to skip rope
  8. Yes and lately RLC is a big disappointment in the free cams, especially since Elisa left Nelly's not around, can't seem to catch Leora doing anything anymore. Desiree, I don't know what happened, the same with Masha, etc . etc. I don't know what RLC's criteria is for these folks, but the way it comes down I think after awhile they don't have to perform and/or they don't want them to. ??
  9. Here's My (Our) girl on Voyeur Villa (cont'd) she's sure does like to air that baby out!
  10. Here's My (Our) girl on Voyuer Villa
  11. Thank Guy, I Appreciate the information, I to was wondering about that and I know I push the max on making a gif. But hate to cut to much out. It is true that a gif file is larger than an mp4. strange that they don't want mp4 on thse pages.
  12. Apologizes for the blank gifs. If I load a gif and it doesn't work I can't remove it. Here's the last ones of this set (I hope)
  13. Tver house togetherness.
  14. Last attempt to post tonight, computer or web site just not co operating. a another of Iris Later people
  15. Some of Iris in Tver House. I don't see much of her in free cam, in fact haven't seen much of them at all since these gifs.