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  1. Got to be honest when i see these fellas looking awkward fumbling around the girls it puts me off and i stop watching,it might be the girls benefit financially from these visits of middle aged men but i'm not keen on seeing it.
  2. I liked Jess ,she was always lively and happy to show her body,think it would be difficult not to like the girl,hopefully she will come back some time.
  3. Must admit it wasn't something i could watch for very long.
  4. Think someones dad has his shirt off while watching the girls dancing around in their he can't believe his luck.
  5. Now thats a sight..if i had a bike i'd know where to park it.
  6. iloner i hope so man,i've just got premium again and what a way to repay me
  7. Brilliant pics,thanks.
  8. Thanks for the pics,that is fantastic,hopefully she will do it again for longer.
  9. I was fortunate to see the breast massage Irma gave to Danaya,i thought it was one of the best moments i had seen on RLC ,Irma's hands were working and kneading the breasts so beautifully i cannot believe that Danaya wasn't aroused..i certainly was
  10. I think tits are a very personal taste,i have never liked the porn star fake boobs,always preferred a more natural boob whether they hang a bit or not...but as i say each to their own
  11. Well i'd say he usually has a fairly good chance to get a good look at Irma's boobs..which is worth a visit in my book.
  12. Holy crap Dazzan you are right
  13. Must be a temptation though for a fella to just happen to pop round to the apt as when you get there the girls are wearing next to nothing and there are boobs flashing everywhere...i'd be round fixing lightbulbs and such like all the time
  14. Nicely done iloner,and agree MMMM was very cool and a great help with the cake which looked lovely
  15. Well what i remember about Irma is her big tits almost always on display...which is no bad thing so welcome back.