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  1. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    you can delete it bud but the same name applies to you...
  2. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    I happen to have a bit of dusting that young Masha could do
  3. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Great pics Plank.
  4. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    jango11 that is exactly what I was looking at,great pic.
  5. Lola scares me and if I were a woman she would scare me even more
  6. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Man alive I've not really seen much of Lana but I've been watching her in the kitchen with a pair of blue shorts on and her lovely pert tits on show...what a lovely sight she is.
  7. need a laugh when rlc is dead

    Brilliant ones today
  8. prostitute or not ?

    Sometimes I think people get so hot under the collar about names,lets face it you are probably not going to see your daughter or sister on this site dancing naked thrusting their pussies at the the girls here are out to make money and good luck to them,i won't call them sluts or prostitutes but man these girls are not angels
  9. need a laugh when rlc is dead

    Brilliant the sodding snowman can get a blowjob and I've got more chance of hell freezing
  10. prostitute or not ?

    Kind of hope that the women who sells sex is a free women aswell and she has made the choice to do what she does,sex sells always has done and always will and as long as nobody is forced to do it then feminists shouldn't get involved but they probably will
  11. I expect RLC found it easier to rotate the girls in Barca when they only had one apt to fill,now they are looking for six or seven girls at any one time,takes some doing I guess.
  12. Another day tomorrow

    One of the problems with a voyeur site is that you can never guarantee to be online when anything really interesting is happening and with RLC you have to factor in the cost for a months membership,this site is not cheap especially if you go premium,so I can see why people get frustrated or lack patience as its costing time and money to stay logged in. Personally I am quite happy watching pretty girls walking around topless and have patience to wait for an event to happen...however I don't always have the will to pay the fees for I appreciate the gallery on here and the great pics.
  13. need a laugh when rlc is dead

    No me neither
  14. chestnut.!!

    I do agree Gironimo if any of the girls are escorting then good luck to them,i would imagine a good number of the girls in the Barca apts operate on the edges of the adult industry,we have seen girls camming while staying in the apartments,some of the girls have done modelling,and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are dancers in clubs and most seem happy to show their naked bodies,i don't have a problem with any of that as the girls are here to make money and have a good time....and I get to watch them
  15. chestnut.!!

    I've got to be honest but getting in a fix about girls being called escorts seems a bit of a waste to me when in the very nature of RLC girls are appearing on the website hoping to make money,often getting longer stays in the apartments provided they perform or appear topless/naked. Lets be honest we have all seen some odd looking men spending time in the Barca apts...maybe they are the girls uncles or dads..and maybe not.I'm pretty sure one at one time one of he girls left Barca in the past because she found a sugar daddy. As far as i'm concerned RLC is a voyeur site that borders on the pornographic scene and sells itself in that way,so the girls are out to make money here,doesn't make them escorts but sure as hell doesn't make them Mother Theresa either