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  1. They do have very sweet boobs those twins.
  2. I liked Jess ,she was always lively and happy to show her body,think it would be difficult not to like the girl,hopefully she will come back some time.
  3. I like the twins,they have grown on me with their happy smiles...and of course sweet bodies.
  4. Probably best if they both cleared off and RLC brought in some new girls.
  5. To be honest if i never saw Estelle again it would be too soon,does very little to interest me.
  6. Must admit it wasn't something i could watch for very long.
  7. Think someones dad has his shirt off while watching the girls dancing around in their he can't believe his luck.
  8. She is quite a beauty with a lovely body,watched her yesterday and she was wearing black knickers that had three straps across her beautiful ass,it really was a fantastic sight to see.
  9. Now thats a sight..if i had a bike i'd know where to park it.
  10. They do seem very happy girls,i think they like each others company,its kind of sweet really.
  11. I like Julia,she is a girl who likes to sit around without knickers on..and thats no bad thing in my book.
  12. Lets be honest whether i think they are the most pretty girls or not the chance to be able to watch two twins dancing topless is priceless.
  13. Still think she has the best body on RLC..its flawless in my opinion,think Paul must just have seen alot of it and maybe its lost its effect on him.
  14. I kind of agree with you..not sure they do alot for me even as twins but as you say each to their own.They are lively enough though and make me smile as they are often wearing the identical outfits..must have been the same as they were sweet.