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  1. Does your girlfriend read what you post here? To say that real tits are better looking then fake tits just because they are real are something only a girl with small breasts would say. The only time I think her breasts look fake is when she lie down. She also have nice nips which you can easily see thru the t-shirts she wears. Kamila is young and her boobs hang like they were twice her age. Kristys small boobs looks nice.
  2. Hmm, bipolar, could be. I know Eric found a small bag of powder in their bed which he flushed down the toilet to her screaming protests once. So she have some sort of problems for sure.
  3. Anyone speaking their language watching their fight tonight? Seemed to me like he left her. Eric talked and talked earlier tonight calm like he always is, all Julia did was turning her back to him sometimes answering with one word. In the end it seemed like she got an ultimatum, he put his jacket on and was leaving, she tried to block the door crying but he left anyway. After he left Julia screamed his name out the window, pushed a couple of chairs over in the kitchen and called him on the phone. After a few minutes he was back and now they are talking again. Still he is the only one talking and she just sits there not understanding that communication is a thing. She seems to me like a stubborn childish kid who could brake a relationship just to be right. Then again I have no idea what they are talking about.
  4. Yeah that doesn't make much sense. I saw N&B visit them as well, I don't think they travelled from Russia to Italy to do so.
  5. You and your fantasies Clearly Danaya have become close friends with Karol, they have showed that every night lately. It's become Danaya and Karol and Michelle is on her own. Beware that I have had some really weird nights lately being sick and sleeping at odd hours so I might mix last night and the night before but this is what I remember: I think the rest left at 2:30-03:00 ish, nothing worth mentioning happened at B2 that I saw. When they came home Nicole had fun with her dildo in bed alone. As usual you couldn't see if she got her self to orgasm or not, I would say no. While that was happening Jessica and Irma want to the bathroom and took a shower with this guy looking 20 years older then them. (he seemed cool tho compared to mr camera guy from earlier) There was nothing really sexual about it, Jessica was topless and "surprise" Irma was nude, they washed each other but nothing sexual really. After that the guy went home and the three girls sat around chatting a bit before going to bed.
  6. but she got better tits then both of them
  7. Looks like Nora is already making this more boring. All of B1 went visiting B2 but Nora and Irma left after just a short while. It seems pretty boring at B2 tonight but I don't think they even stayed long enough to figure out if it was going to be fun. Jessica and Nicole is still there and Denaya and Karol doesn't really look willing to party.
  8. Why don't you just subscribe instead of complaining? If you have been a free viewer for several months its the same as saying it would be normal to test the taste of a food product in you local grocery store 200 days in a row. You know what you get but you are still mooching and complaining about what you get for free? Edit: I can also use color to enhance my point...
  9. Not sure I get you, it seems you and some others think Nora is the queen of RLC but others have no clue why this boring person is back. Am I understanding you correctly if what you are saying is that you think Nora made Nicole come back? Sounds ridiculous to me when Nora did not do her job at all last night when all the others entertained the RLC viewers.
  10. Maybe she got more drugs? They are all kissy now and last night she was hamming him with kicks and punches, split personality much?
  11. Now everybody is home, even Nicole and her guy. Why would there be repercussions?
  12. If what is true? I watched the show and there was no problems with the stream. I assume that the free stream is ok 99.9% of the time. If they have some sort of load balancing between free and paying customers the free ones will always lose. Shouldn't you get a subscription instead of complaining about what you get as a free viewer? Seeing as you have posted 635 posts I assume you have been here for quite some time and should by now know what you are getting as a paying customer. You know they could have made it so that you only got a time limited access but instead you have access to non premium cams for an unlimited amount of time.
  13. They can do as much drugs as they want for me, I don't care. I wouldn't report it either way, some even suggest that RLC provide drugs for them, some blame the "russians", not sure who they're talking about. I just wrote what I saw and a moderator suggested I should leave a screenshot, something I don't have and then this joker that I don't know about started making up a fantasy story and you said you'd rather believe his story. So yeah I pretty much thought you were both crazy there for a whlie
  14. I have never seen any guy visiting acting as much of an idiot as this one. I mean if you go to a party and two girls are making a sexy scene you don't take out your phone to take pictures and record from every angle. That is more likely to make them to stop then anything. I'm pretty sure they hinted him to stop at least a couple of times and luckily he stopped eventually. I would have been so embarrassed if I were Michelle who brought him there.
  15. Haha, do you really think they will increase the capacity for non paying people? They have the capacity alright they just don't prioritize the ones not paying, it's not problem for the ones paying.