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  1. Why don't you just subscribe instead of complaining? If you have been a free viewer for several months its the same as saying it would be normal to test the taste of a food product in you local grocery store 200 days in a row. You know what you get but you are still mooching and complaining about what you get for free? Edit: I can also use color to enhance my point...
  2. If what is true? I watched the show and there was no problems with the stream. I assume that the free stream is ok 99.9% of the time. If they have some sort of load balancing between free and paying customers the free ones will always lose. Shouldn't you get a subscription instead of complaining about what you get as a free viewer? Seeing as you have posted 635 posts I assume you have been here for quite some time and should by now know what you are getting as a paying customer. You know they could have made it so that you only got a time limited access but instead you have access to non premium cams for an unlimited amount of time.
  3. Haha, do you really think they will increase the capacity for non paying people? They have the capacity alright they just don't prioritize the ones not paying, it's not problem for the ones paying.