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  1. This incident also shows that there are no one responsible in RLC that actually watch the cameras 24/7. If one them went crazy and stabbed the other one and then just left the apartment how would they know? If there was a fire in one of the rooms and the fire alarm didn't go off? If someone working at RLC actually watched the cameras they could have stopped the fight long before it got physical.
  2. To be fair, you can't translate 5 minutes of a fight that lasted for hours and then think you know who to blame. To make any sort of assessment of the situation from this translation is BS. I watched the whole thing from when they started being loud in the bedroom. A Russian translator said that it started with Estelle being tired of Nicole telling her how to live her life. Estelle had found out by living with Nicole this time in RLC that she knew nothing about living her own life. That's what the fight was about. NOT making noises in the kitchen. Estelle tried to stop the fight several times by going to sleep but Nicole started it over and over. After maybe two hours Estelle went to sleep in the living room. She had fallen asleep when Nicole went to the kitchen making some food and cleaning at 3:30am. This of course made Estelle even more pissed. The fight continued and in the end they had a physical fight. What Dummy1 writes up here about Nicole, oozes of fanboyism, Nicole is disliked by everyone in B1 and B2, I have probably seen 10 times by now after the fight that people think it's sad that she have lost her only friend in RLC. Dummy1 describes an angel that does not exist for others to see. In B2 Nicole have been boring the whole time, there was one party at B1 with some nude massage and that was it. Other then that it's been her and her dildo and some visits from her lover. No social life with the others in the apartment. Dummy1 also needs to know that Estelle was a friend of Nicole and came to RLC on Nicoles request. What this changed was Nicoles sexual habits. Thanks to her own wish to get her friend there to share room with. I don't put a liking to the people in RLC like many others do who say they LOOOVE this and that person. I like them for how much of a show they put on. Clearly between Nicole and Estelle, Nicole have put on more sexy shows therefor I like her more. I still conclude that Nicole have the bigger part of the blame for the entire fight and the translation here doesn't make a fair comparison. Why Nicole is to blame: Nicole have been manipulating and trying to tell Estelle how to live her life. <<< This started the fight. Nicole several times started the fight again when Estelle had shut up, turned over and tried to sleep. When Estelle went to sleep in the living room, Nicole waited just long enough for her to fall asleep before she went to the kitchen and started making loud noises. Nicole attacked Estelle. I don't see any way Estelle can have the majority of the blame here. She tried to end it several times and Nicole have been the aggressive one all the way.
  3. In Nicole and Estelles bath the camera shows the toilet as well.
  4. I think you're just frustrated to not see the 30 sec hidden masturbation. I've never seen her as patrolling the rooms to see if someone is trying to have some private time, might only be because she is chatty, social you know.
  5. If they want more action in B1 and B2 there need to be big changes. - First off NO bedrooms with two people in them. - Estelle is the first that needs to go so Nicole can get back to her sex and dildo habits. - Even with the twins looking awesome the fact that they are twins mean that there will never be anything sexual between them and they won't masturbate as long as the other twin is present, which is always. - I'd like to move Danaya to B1, she is much more playful with Irma around. She could take the twins room. Then they could get someone new inte B2. With only 3 people in the B1 and B2 apartments they would have more reason to visit each other.
  6. It works even less when you put two friends in there. All the girls need some privacy. It would probably be better with only 3 people in each B1 and B2 and instead of forcing some 40-50 year old guy onto the girls have B1 and B2 visit each other more to make some show for the viewers.
  7. Lets hope they get some nice replacements.
  8. You say Nicole deserves the bigger room in a different appartment then her own? I don't know if I agree. Nicole does not seem to be into girls, the closest I have seen her to some girl/girl action is the massage in B1. If she is going to share a bedroom with a friend it's less likely there will as much sex or pink friend action? Then again I hope I'm wrong and that both she and her friend will do some good shows in Michelles bedroom.
  9. Uhm.."Dany" has been on Karol the whole time touching her and generally being playful but Karol doesn't want to now for some reason. Just last night they sat in the livingroom sofa Dany started touching Karols boobs outside her clothes and it ended with Karol sitting on a chair at the other table. Tonight Karol went to bed early not saying a word to Dany. I don't think Dany is the one not sealing the deal with Karol it is Karol stopping her. I don't understand why you talking like Karol is more willing then Dany because that does not seem to be the case.
  10. This is the 3rd time in a row you comment on this and the 2nd time you quote me without waiting for me to answer. What I'm saying is that is seems like you feel pity on those with not so nice breasts and would rather prefer real but ugly boobs then nice but fake boobs, not related to anyone on RLC. That is why I asked if your gf read what you were typing.
  11. Does your girlfriend read what you post here? To say that real tits are better looking then fake tits just because they are real are something only a girl with small breasts would say. The only time I think her breasts look fake is when she lie down. She also have nice nips which you can easily see thru the t-shirts she wears. Kamila is young and her boobs hang like they were twice her age. Kristys small boobs looks nice.
  12. Hmm, bipolar, could be. I know Eric found a small bag of powder in their bed which he flushed down the toilet to her screaming protests once. So she have some sort of problems for sure.
  13. Anyone speaking their language watching their fight tonight? Seemed to me like he left her. Eric talked and talked earlier tonight calm like he always is, all Julia did was turning her back to him sometimes answering with one word. In the end it seemed like she got an ultimatum, he put his jacket on and was leaving, she tried to block the door crying but he left anyway. After he left Julia screamed his name out the window, pushed a couple of chairs over in the kitchen and called him on the phone. After a few minutes he was back and now they are talking again. Still he is the only one talking and she just sits there not understanding that communication is a thing. She seems to me like a stubborn childish kid who could brake a relationship just to be right. Then again I have no idea what they are talking about.
  14. Yeah that doesn't make much sense. I saw N&B visit them as well, I don't think they travelled from Russia to Italy to do so.
  15. You and your fantasies Clearly Danaya have become close friends with Karol, they have showed that every night lately. It's become Danaya and Karol and Michelle is on her own. Beware that I have had some really weird nights lately being sick and sleeping at odd hours so I might mix last night and the night before but this is what I remember: I think the rest left at 2:30-03:00 ish, nothing worth mentioning happened at B2 that I saw. When they came home Nicole had fun with her dildo in bed alone. As usual you couldn't see if she got her self to orgasm or not, I would say no. While that was happening Jessica and Irma want to the bathroom and took a shower with this guy looking 20 years older then them. (he seemed cool tho compared to mr camera guy from earlier) There was nothing really sexual about it, Jessica was topless and "surprise" Irma was nude, they washed each other but nothing sexual really. After that the guy went home and the three girls sat around chatting a bit before going to bed.