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  1. cant understand zoya and lev he is useless ans she is beautiful at least she doesnt care about waiting for him to take action gets it done herself just fine
  2. ty nicole thatwas a lovely bate sssion even if it was quick and facing wall still enjoyed it
  3. a littleless underwear and bit more rubbing be nice
  4. looking lovely laying on bed today
  5. beautifully finished hehe encore encore
  6. time to start on myself haha
  7. love watching leora touch herself wish she was thinking of me
  8. mmmmm off those panties lets get wet
  9. love to taste her sweet pussy
  10. prefect ass swaying has made me forget y i opened my laptop
  11. @dstern not the least bit interested in u or anyone else here how long u have been onhere is on ur profile dick wad
  12. no not sentence structure einstein . because u added it to forum as a 1st person statement .so u didnt think about it and y r u even thinking about it u r the waste of time (please observe the correct spelling of waste not waist)
  13. really u r candy well thats incredible u been here commenting for over a year and watching the cams before even going into b2
  14. I may have misread ur comment I do apoligise
  15. well said on both last in sights i woke up to see them in bed if i was was someone else i could have imagine what had happened or i could have wildly guessed all kinds of queer shit depending on what gets me off hahahahaha