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  1. Fan Page Heidi

    True and I stand corrected. Shame as they were lovely, now they're ridiculous IMHO
  2. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Yes, great show from Kira but Nina just laid back and enjoyed, did very little to pleasure Kira
  3. Fan Page Heidi

    I wasn't waiting for an answer or having a go at you, just expressing my opinion. No, my wife does not read this forum and she does have nice boobs! I don't think any of the boobs that I have seen on RLC are ugly as I love all real ones. The only ones there I dislike are Heidi's as they are plastic and look it and as I say, her bf does not seem to like them either! I much prefer real ones of any size (I like Masha's and Nelly's and also Irma's and Danaya's) to fakes and I am at a loss to understand why a girl would do it when she knows she will have to go through the procedure again in 10 or so years time. I also think Kami's are fine, not as pert as some but they are part of her and I would be happy with them if I were her bf
  4. Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    Sloppy seconds?
  5. Fan Page Heidi

    Seriously - you don't think they look fake? I could tell 1st time I saw them and not having read it on here
  6. Fan Page Heidi

    My sentiments exactly robuk. I'd rather have real of whatever size or pertness than fakes that look and feel what they are, fake!
  7. Fan Page Heidi

    If you think the only time they look fake is when she lies down then you need specs! They are so obviously fake and look IMHO utterly ridiculous. They are far too round and far too erect to be real. I can tell they are fake now as she is doing her exercises in a sports bra as there is a visible crease at the top of them. I was having a similar conversation with someone else on another board and he pointed to this: And i don't think you're correct in your 'something only a girl with small breasts would say' statement either. Both Masha and Nelly have very small breasts and are obviously happy with them as I would be if I were a partner to either (I wish!). Not all girls (I'm glad to say) would prefer to have large breasts, only those for whom looks mean all want implants and of course the surgeons are happy to sell them and to tell them that they need them. And of course not all chaps like them, I certainly don't and if you notice Heidi's bf doesn't touch them when they are being intimate. They look fake and would appear to feel so as well.
  8. Fan Page Heidi

    She's got plastic tits, Kristy & Kamilla have real ones and are much more lovely IMHO
  9. Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    At least it wasn't Blow his nose in a tissue, put it in his pocket Put his hand in the chips bag Played with her pussy As that would have made her taste of salt and vinegar
  10. Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    They did earlier today, a couple of times
  11. Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    But for a young lady needing her protein....
  12. Guests Party

    I wonder if any of these 'friends' or 'guests' are possibles for the future. Is the recently vacated apartment also in / near St Petersberg?
  13. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    I think she's exquisite in every way, I love the lithe physique as it suits her delicate looks I think she is absolutely exquisite in every way. I love the lithe physique as it compliments her gorgeous delicate looks. Love the little moles on her body too, especially the 2 under her left breast. Yummy! I do wish she was more assertive with that waster of a boyfriend she's with. Does he not realise that it's her that is providing his living?